PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X/S – Year One Retrospective – Digital Foundry

1 : Anonymous2022/01/02 15:53 ID: ruceg0
PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X/S - Year One Retrospective - Digital Foundry
2 : Anonymous2022/01/02 19:06 ID: hqyv85s

I copped my Ps5 back March 2021. Ps5 games were fun to play and the dualsense feels good. I’m excited for the more games to implement it.

ID: hqzo60i

The surprisingly coolest feature about the PS5 for me are the adaptive triggers. It really enhances games in unexpected ways, like feeling the triggers get more stiff as you nearly overheat your blasters in Guardians of the Galaxy, or having to press hard to fire your revolver in Far Cry 6.

3 : Anonymous2022/01/02 17:47 ID: hqyiahk

looking back I'm really happy with the PS5.

I remember the main concerns back in the day were backwards compatibility, performance and cooling.

And what did we get?

Full PS4 back compat with a lot of games actually performing better on PS5 than PS4 Pro.

Despite having variable clock speeds, "only" 10 terfaflops and supposedly no "full RDNA2" it is running like a dream. The fact that a next gen Engine like UE5 seems to run just as well on PS5 as the competition ended the power narrative for me.

No issue with cooling at all and no widespread console failures that I am aware of.

So the hardware turned out great in my opinion. And when it comes to software I guess it comes down to personal taste but I enjoyed what has come out so far and am still catching up with upgraded versions of PS4 games in my backlog. Looking forward I expect a lot and think it's a bit unfortunate that cross gen extends into 2022 but if the games turn out great I can't really complain.

ID: hqz28vf

I've been a part of console launches since N64 and the power narrative is USUALLY a moot point since folks tend to forget about hardware capabilities barely a year into the console cycle and are focused more on what's important - the experience of the console on the whole.

People may not realize it right away but the current console cycle we're in (PS5/XSX) is a much more significant jump from last gen (PS4/X1) than the previous few transitions. The capabilities of the consoles are only one part; new concepts, new API levels of hardware access and the way engines are interfacing with many (some seemingly nuanced) aspects of the hardware have changed and are continuing to change to give developers better access to functionality that has previously been more esoteric or difficult to access for smaller or more nascent developers.

The first batch of titles have been absolutely amazing; we have had the honor of working on a few of them. Each of these teams worked their fingers to the bone (and then bone to marrow, ouch) to push the console as hard as they possibly could (within the time they had) to maximize their hardware utilization as needed by the game. But we are still all learning about the TRUE capabilities of the hardware; even though these are spelled out at a detailed level (much of which is available to the public), I find our teams frequently reconsidering how we interface with the hardware from every discipline.

Now, we are seriously revisiting pipelines, workflows and other processes across all disciplines to maximize development efficiency and hardware utilization in a different way then we have previously. The direct result of this will be changes to everything you interface with as a player - gameplay, audio, visuals and many other intangibles.

This is one of the most exciting parts of development for me - new hardware is out and we are really breaking our own rules to push it as far as it can go to give developers the capabilities to break their own boundaries. Combine that with the heavy research that's going on in more esoteric areas of technology that feeds back into realtime update of a frame and we're going to be seeing some wild shit over the next several years.

TL;DR: This console cycle is just beginning...

ID: hqyllqu

I got both PS5 Digital and Xbox Series X. There’s no bad choice with either. I haven’t had a PlayStation since the PS3, so the PS Plus collection was great.

I seriously doubt I’d see any graphical difference between the two.

From the “next gen” games I’ve played, GoT, Kena, Forza 5, it’s never been a better time to play games.

ID: hqzdh63

I seriously doubt I’d see any graphical difference between the two.

The post-processing is so, so good at this point that it honestly takes tech breakdown videos like the ones from Digital Foundry to really isolate the differences between machines.

ID: hqzm3ue

Good times ahead. Horizon Forbidden West, Gran Turismo 7, and God of War Ragnarok next up. Sony have more games in development than any other PlayStation generation. Think about that. The PlayStation showcase this year should be something special. A proper glimpse of the future. First party games, the evolution of PS Plus/PS Now, Virtual Reality, continued studio growth, proper next-gen bangers.

ID: hqynmsc

Yah it's been really nice to see Xbox carve out its own space while Sony stuck to what really worked for them. Now every platform has some really solid stuff to play.

ID: hqyzihm

My same setup. Play Xbox Game Pass and PS exclusives and then whichever platform the third party games play better on.

ID: hqyw0pv

The looks have grown on me a lot too, at first I was not into it, but I finally got one and think it looks awesome in person!

ID: hqyp1qy

I have both, and I like both quite a bit, but Demon’s Souls for the PS5 is simply the best looking game I’ve ever seen. It blew me the fuck away.

ID: hqywfx0

I'm getting a PS5 this week as I finally found one for online order and its the first PS I've had since the PS2. So looking forward to trying out a lot of PlayStation games I havent played yet.

I've had the Xbox consoles since switching to 360 and both consoles do exactly what is said on the tin and both are great. They have their own positives and thats fine. Competition is good.

ID: hqyumlj

think it's a bit unfortunate that cross gen extends into 2022

Agreed. I think it could be alleviated a bit if they have another entry in God of War and HZD this gen to have a true PS5 version but I also know that would be a stretch for dev time.

ID: hqz40fl

I think that's entirely possible. A lot of Sony studios made two or more games during the PS4 generation.

ID: hqz5jey

Forgot one of the main worries: no space on hard drive.

4 : Anonymous2022/01/02 17:26 ID: hqyf21c

This sub introduced me to DF and I have to say their channel is just exceptional, the level of detail and discussion in their videos is just phenomenal.

ID: hqyky5o

What I love about DF is that it isn’t console war bullshit, they’re teaching you the basics of real-time 3D graphics and showing you how the tech evolves.

ID: hqynejw

DF is that it isn’t console war bullshit

Yeah that's just in the comments (on YT and Reddit)

ID: hqz454o

Yea been watching them for years, easily my favorite tech oriented reviewers on YouTube. Their retro stuff is amazing too

5 : Anonymous2022/01/02 17:27 ID: hqyfa33

Both consoles are great. Both consoles don't have enough games.

ID: hqyi8ms

This. Managed to get a PS5 and I've been using it a lot to play... PS4 games with upgrades or better performance. And my wishlist has more PS4 games.

ID: hqyjg3i

Same, in fact the main thing that pushed me to get a PS5 was to be able to play Insurgency Sandstorm with acceptable graphics and frame rate

ID: hqyiwvo

I'm completely in the same boat. Literally spent this afternoon finishing off the platinum for Untitled Goose Game.... On a PS5.

ID: hqyrsua

Not a bad thing. Been playing Ghost of Tsushima. I slept on it during the PS4, glad I waited for the upgraded version. Looks great and is 4k 60fps.

ID: hqykft6

tbf that's every new console generation. I remember thinking the same about PS4, Xbox One and the Switch as well.

I'm glad that this time around we have backwards compatibility and next gen upgrades to tide us over until the bulk of next gen games start dropping.

ID: hqyo8dr

I still generally think that about the switch

ID: hqzjo3v

Shit - N64 only came out with 2 games for what seemed like a year.

ID: hqz0hde

First year had a lot more games than launch year of the last two PlayStations did for sure. Plus the added benefit of being able to play last gen games with better performance.

ID: hqyl92l

I really don’t understand this argument. PS5 had the best launch year for exclusives, probably ever, and they’ve all been good. Plus all the third party games, plus the backwards compatible games. Expecting any more is just being unrealistic. Xbox had some great exclusives launch this year as well, plus game pass speaks for itself. I think both consoles had a hell of a first year.

ID: hqypqyt

Yah in comparison to anything other than the switch's first year, ps5 has been incredible. Excellent first party titles and very few flops that you'd find in a first year lineup. Xbox had very little at launch but as of Psychonauts 2 on, they hit thier stride.

Go back to 2013 to 2014 and tell me ps5 needs more games.

ID: hqylgtx

“Enough games”

Me looking at my entire backlog.

ID: hqz3ndy



6 : Anonymous2022/01/02 17:53 ID: hqyjb0r

I have both systems and they’re both great. It just depends on which ecosystem you prefer, controller, where your friends play and exclusives. But in order to enjoy everything, get both.

ID: hqyqzuf

I agree. I play my PS5 more but I love my SX as well.

ID: hqyn664

I’d also say this generation has more divisive hardware than before. Your points are totally valid in that I went for the PS5 due to preferring the exclusives and symmetrical joysticks.

However, it’s one of the ugliest things I’ve ever bought. It’d maybe be a cool building but that thing fits in nowhere in my house.

ID: hqynqno

I have both too. I play the Xbox X more at the moment as it’s in the front room and the game pass keeps me busy.

They are both excellent. I prefer the PS controllers and I’m really excited for GoW but also thoroughly enjoyed playing the new Halo Infinite.

ID: hqyotaz

I’m playing Infinite at the moment as well and am really enjoying it. Afterwards I’ll play Guardians of the Galaxy. In PS5, I’ll get back to GoT and keep playing FIFA 22. In my case, the amount of game time depends on what I’m playing at the moment.

ID: hqyoszm

How do you feel about the home screens and UI of both consoles. I have the Series S and it just doesn’t seem as snappy as the PS5.

But holy shit do I love Halo and Forza right now

ID: hqyp1em

I prefer the PS5’s UI and fresh look. I really wanted the Series X to come up with something that made it feel “next-gen” instead of an on-going system.

7 : Anonymous2022/01/02 18:12 ID: hqyma61

My verdict of one year with PS5:

60 frames per second are awesome and there is no going back.

ID: hqyxiao

Eh, it's the choice is awesome imo

I'm currently playing Control at 30 fps because the difference is gigantic in the way it looks with RT. I admit it took me a while to get adjusted, but it was very worth.

My verdict of one year with PS5:

Native Resolution is overrated, and reconstruction technics are the future (and hopefully allow us to get more 60fps games that benefit players like you. Choice is awesome after all.)

ID: hqzrk68

Did it really look that great? I switched around a little and the RT mode didn't look that spectacular to me. Performance mode was already much prettier than the PS4 version and boy did it have a nice flow. Completely different game from when I played it on release.

8 : Anonymous2022/01/02 19:51 ID: hqz2m6m

I absolutely love my PS5

9 : Anonymous2022/01/02 21:10 ID: hqzfwe2

As someone with both consoles...

PS5’s controller is a game changer and is absolutely amazing. I really hope more games take advantage of the adaptive triggers and haptics cause they are outstanding. I’m a Sony guy to begin with, but the controller is truly revolutionary when it comes to feeling while playing a game.

The Series X’s backwards compatibility is excellent and I’ve been playing favorites from the XB and 360 era and I’ve played some titles I missed from the XB1.

Really hope Sony ups the PSX, PS2, and PS3 offering on PS5, as being able to play older games with nearly no load time has been amazing. Likewise, I hope Microsoft updates their standard controller to add haptics and adaptive triggers.

10 : Anonymous2022/01/02 20:42 ID: hqzb1hf

Have the PS5 and series S. Love them both.

ID: hqziecp

Me too and me too

11 : Anonymous2022/01/02 23:31 ID: hr010pe

idk why people in this thread act like buying a ps5 early is a bad thing. with how hard it is to get one it's basically an investment, so when games come out like hzd you're ready to go, not still trying to get one for the launch day

12 : Anonymous2022/01/02 18:54 ID: hqytdw3

Looking back, I'm... very, very happy with the PS5.

Is it LITERALLY silent? No, but it's definitely quiet enough that I can't hear it if just about anything is happening in game.

Does it play EVERY playstation title? No, but full PS4 back-compat + a steady stream of games means I've damn well not come close to running out of games to play, and goddamn do I buy too many games.

Do the latest games look and run brilliantly? Well, yeah. Sometimes, frames get dropped. Sometimes, ports aren't perfect. But in the grand scheme of things? The PS5 has been a great investment.

13 : Anonymous2022/01/02 18:03 ID: hqyksa8

At this point I just need the 1440p support on PS5 and this thing is perfection. If I had the money and time I’d love to get an Xbox but it’s just not worth it at this point, wish I could play Halo still

14 : Anonymous2022/01/02 18:14 ID: hqymnl3

I just got a ps5 few days ago , I'm coming from a base ps4 although I also have a gaming pc , Ryzen 5800x+ Rx 6700xt , so far I am playing miles Morales and ratchet and clank rift apart I must say coming form a decent gaming pc , the ps5 is mindblowing I can not believe how good ratchet and clank looks and there is no way it would run this good on my pc . Can't wait to see how horizon forbidden West looks like .


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