Final Fantasy XIV Devs Will Share Plans for Post-Endwalker Future Before Patch 6.1

1 : Anonymous2022/01/01 20:34 ID: rtruyk
Final Fantasy XIV Devs Will Share Plans for Post-Endwalker Future Before Patch 6.1
2 : Anonymous2022/01/01 21:30 ID: hqupt6p

Hopefully the answer is literally anything but NFT integration.

ID: hqy8h14

What is Nft?

ID: hqy830o

It’s only a matter of time before every major online game introduces NFTs

ID: hqyao40

Perhaps, but we have the power to choose not to play them.

3 : Anonymous2022/01/01 21:29 ID: hqupnum

Can I play the game yet?

ID: hquxpuo


ID: hqv1w0y

The zerg has subsided.

ID: hqvwhd3

Tried looking for it on the psn store earlier, still can’t buy the base game on ps5.

ID: hqxzsgd

So? Just buy the PS4 version. It’s a free upgrade to the PS5 version anyways.

ID: hqxa80u

Can't you just buy a unopened base game from ebay?

ID: hqvcw5x

Can I buy the game yet?

ID: hqymhcu

Not yet.

ID: hqx15tx

If you own it yes, granted queue times can suck

4 : Anonymous2022/01/02 03:43 ID: hqw4pbk

I'm an MMO noob; I know the base game is free, but can I pay something to get a 'short-cut' where I am thrown immediately into the world and not have to do the tutorial and new playe

build up before the game opens up? Or is that not a thing? For example, I want to meet and play with a friend that has already been playing the game. Can I pay to just suddenly appear next to them? Or must I play to reach a certain level before I can freely travel around?

ID: hqwaji0

Later content is moreso locked behind how far you are in the main story (commonly referred to as MSQ). Outside of a weird gap close to level 50, you're usually overleveled vs where you're at on the MSQ. You can pay to skip the base game and expansions up to Endwalker, but I think it's like $70 or something ridiculous (on top of paying for the full game). Your friend can run early content with you and their level will scale to the content you're on.

A lot of people say the base game (A Realm Reborn) is boring (and I'd agree) but it has the building blocks for the rest of the game's story. Honestly if you hate the content in A Realm Reborn and Heavensward (which is all free), I don't think you'll really enjoy the rest of the game.

ID: hqxodog

Your friend can always go back to the early areas and play that early content with you. They probably have some job they’ve been wanting to level anyway, so they can level that together with you.

You totally can buy a micro transaction that levels you to what the previous max level was and that skips past all the story so you can immediately jump into the new stuff, but I wouldn’t recommend it. For story, you’d be lost because you wouldn’t know any of the characters, or the world, or the previous story threads that lead into this story. And for gameplay, you’ll be thrust into content that, if you’re playing the game normally, would only be vaguely challenging, but you’ll know nothing about the combat system or your job or even basic game mechanics. Especially if you’re not an MMO veteran who’s already familiar with similar combat and game systems.

ID: hqwa3wt

You need to finish certain MSQ threshold (basically ARR and then every expansion in order) to have access to areas of the next one. You can buy story skip up to Shadowbringers i think but it's... questionable to recommend, as XIV is story driven game. I know people who did that and are happy but these are mostly interested in endgame raiding. Otherwise it can be kind of overwhelming. Also free is base game plus first expansion, Heavensward, but even then you have to finish ARR to have access to HW. Plus I'm not sure if they already allowed back new player access.

ID: hqwm3xe

If all you want to do is meet your friend, you can actually do that really early, if you do the msq, after just a few quests it'll spit you into 1 of 3 starter cities and you'll be able to see and interact with all the other players in that world, you won't be able to travel to other continents until around level 15 but your friend should definitely be able to teleport and meet up with you well before that.

If you want to be at the same level doing stuff like them, you could buy one of 'tales of adventure' books that skip you through the story and level you up, but I think the lowest one skips you all the way through heavensward which would make you level 60 and I'm pretty sure you'd still have to go and manually travel to all the places you want to teleport to first anyway.

Personally, I suggest just playing through normally and having your friend queue with you for the dungeons and raids as you go, that way you can enjoy the story and you can still do content with your friend.

ID: hqwar0z

They have an item called skip books, for both jobs (the class you want to play) and story (what would throw you right in to the current expansion without having played anything prior). They are individual purchases on the item store you could buy once you’ve created a character but i believe without a sale they are around the $20 range.

While I wouldn’t personally reccomend to do it, so that you can get a sense of your job you want to play properly, and feel the amazing (after ARR I can understand that, and Stormblood, are not the highest points of story overall) build up to “The End” to have the weight of the feelings for it on you.

You are still able to buy it at extra cost if thats how you do you. But if you go in to something not knowing your job then you could come across those assholes who will talk crap especially if you were to mention you bought a skip as it’s a divisive topic among the players/fans.

Even without any of the skipping friends can play with you at lower levels, and hell even with the NG+ they can go through the story with you (even though they’d still be maxed leveled if they are outside of sync’d content such as dungeons or trials)


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