Until something more fun comes out…

1 : Anonymous2022/01/05 02:55 ID: rwc7vg
Until something more fun comes out...
2 : Anonymous2022/01/05 03:10 ID: hraz6dz

I've got my Ps5 around March, tbh it's been exactly like this so far. Can't wait for GT7

3 : Anonymous2022/01/05 08:05 ID: hrbv0kn

The PS5 is the best PS4 I’ve had. It’s plays PS4 games better and finally I get to play those games in silence

ID: hrc2sg3

wait, you telling me you didn‘t like the airplane takeoff while playing?

ID: hrcpwiz

Except for the disc drive deciding to start whirring and check the disc is in every 30-45 mins.

4 : Anonymous2022/01/05 03:03 ID: hray6n4

Same concept of upgrading a graphics card and CPU in a pc. Might not be a new game, but sure as hell runs better. Worth it!!!

ID: hrcyys0

Especially going from 30 FPS to 60 FPS. The 30 FPS cap in most PS4 games meant that I only ever used it for PS exclusives, and I wouldn’t even really go out of my way to do that. Running everything at 60 FPS makes me actually want to play those games, and I hardly ever even use my gaming PC anymore.

5 : Anonymous2022/01/05 06:46 ID: hrbo8hw

In silence. Worth the money

6 : Anonymous2022/01/05 03:00 ID: hraxvww

I got my ps5 a month or so ago, looking at my playstation shelf I have 12 ps4 games and 6 ps5 games. Probably 75% of my time has been on the upgraded ps4 classics (horizon, gow) with a few ps5 upgrades (no man's sky, ff7). The 30fps on previous gen always turned me off. My ex had a ps4pro in the house but I never even bought games for it over 3 years. Ive really been enjoying the 60fps on the ps5 and diving into these great games. Only real ps5 games with more than a few hours are sports(mlb 21) and ratchet and clank.

Excited for the next few months though, give me sweet new horizon and gt7!!!

ID: hrc4mlb

Dude, if you like challenging games, try Returnal! Great PS5 only game to add to your collection.

ID: hrc5whe

It's on my shelf lol, only like 3hr of playtime. I haven't been a console gamer since ps3 days and even less of a 3rd person arpg gamer. I have loved what I played so far but I needed to get through other easier games like ratchet and ac valhalla before I felt competent enough to really give returnal a serious try.

7 : Anonymous2022/01/05 09:46 ID: hrc320z

*Laughs in Returnal

ID: hrcypna

...*but also cries in Returnal

(I finally picked it up last week. It's a blast, but holy crap am I bad at it!)

ID: hrczgae

You'll get better. It took me a few runs till I clicked with a weapon. From then on it was a sweet ride.

8 : Anonymous2022/01/05 07:48 ID: hrbtmg6

Playing at 60fps is a godsend, so much that I cant back playing 30fps anymore

ID: hrc96lv

The frames were more astounding to me than the resolution. I started Miles Morales and just experimented with the settings, you go back to 30 and it’s like watching a slideshow. Legitimately messes with your brain trying to watch it after seeing 60, and I was wondering how I dealt with it lol.

ID: hrchwyn

Yet film people will argue that 24fps is more cinematic. Even though that is only a standard due to the days of physical film. 24fps uses half the film of 48fps, which was chosen as the ideal fps. In the digital age, there's no legit reason to keep this archaic format.

I hope one day all media will be 48fps+. Everything is better in a higher frame rate. It's just a matter of getting used to it.

9 : Anonymous2022/01/05 13:00 ID: hrck4w8

First thing I played again was Ghost of Tsushima, 1080p 30fps to 1800p 60fps was glorious.

I'm gonna replay God of War closer to Ragnaroks release. I finished a replay of Horizon literally 3 days before they dropped the 60fps patch.

I've been meaning to replay tlou part 2. Days gone and death stranding I played for the first time on ps5, currently playing demons souls and AC valhalla

So my ps5 has got quite a bit of use on both new and old games

10 : Anonymous2022/01/05 08:35 ID: hrbxgtq

Playing Cyberpunk 2077 again on the ps5 is more enjoyable. Playing on the ps4 was a shitshow.

ID: hrdh7qm

I'm waiting for the PS5 patch that will hopefully be coming soon.

ID: hrcarbk

I played it on PS5 first and then played it on PS4 and I had the opposite experience. At least, in terms of crashes where I would crash every ten minutes on PS5 and never on PS4.

11 : Anonymous2022/01/05 05:59 ID: hrbjp5d

Witcher 3 and all the DLC have been in my library for ages, I've probably played a total of 2 hours. I'll finish it when the upgrade patch is ready.

ID: hrcdp84

Been waiting for tw3 patch for so long

ID: hrd5a4e

I didn’t even know one was coming. I really enjoyed tw3. I’ll look for a replay.

However my wife and I have since lost a baby as a stillbirth (not for the same reason as in the Witcher quest obviously) so that particular piece of plot may little tough to play though…

12 : Anonymous2022/01/05 08:42 ID: hrbxyki

I mean, honestly... Yeah. I want to play Warframe without being on a 5 minute loading screen, just to leave the hub

13 : Anonymous2022/01/05 09:52 ID: hrc3gew

The controller alone makes it worth it. The ps4 controller feels like cheap knock off third party shit in comparison. Then the ultra fast speed and upgraded graphics makes it worth every penny. Returnal, Ratchet and and clank, Demon souls are literally the cherry on top

ID: hrdqqsf

It's crazy how much better the Dualsense is than dualshock 4. Better than any other gaming controller I've ever had honestly. I don't think I could ever go back at this point.

ID: hrdvmhx

No kidding the new controller is amazing

14 : Anonymous2022/01/05 03:02 ID: hray5r4


15 : Anonymous2022/01/05 07:07 ID: hrbq3wc

My justification for buying PS5, is because of the SSD and backward compatibility.

I have half of mind to change out the old PS4 HDD to SSD, but buying a 1TB/2TB SATA SSD.... is abit less than half of buying entire PS5, and PS5 also comes with bunch of graphic upgrades and it is still faster than PS4 with SSD. I don't particularly care right now it do not have that many PS5-only games, as long as I can keep playing PS4's and games keep coming for it.

16 : Anonymous2022/01/05 09:43 ID: hrc2r42

still worth it for the sweet 60 fps and faster loading times

17 : Anonymous2022/01/05 13:22 ID: hrcmlsz

Can’t play Returnal on a PS4

18 : Anonymous2022/01/05 13:37 ID: hrcoeiw

Why I don’t buy a ps5

19 : Anonymous2022/01/05 13:44 ID: hrcpa8c

I got my ps5 early in 2021 and honestly I’ve barely used it. I played Miles Morales and then that’s about it.

Once I’ve played Horizon, I’m thinking about selling it while they are still hard to find and replace it a few years from now. I really enjoyed my ps4 when I bought it late in its life and had tons of games to play through

20 : Anonymous2022/01/05 14:57 ID: hrcz28p

so true. still think Warframe is one of the best games on the ps4/5. and its free! it has plenty of replay value unlike most games around and nothing on the PS5 has actually blown me away yet. Spiderman had some fun moments, ratchet and clank was visually impressive, and hitman III is not bad. nothing has had me go "wooooah" like I got on Ps1-ps3. ps4 had some moments of "woahhh" but not many for me. just my personal view. im either stuck in some old ways, or i genuinely believe games were better overall in the 90's compared to today. they were just more fun and had loads of replay value. now games feel like theyre all about the graphics and not much else. also just a repeat of games now (sequels, trilogies etc) ,with slightly better engines (but lose a certain something) with each generation.

Theres no games im actually excited about anymore. i guess through a little hypocrisy I'm kinda looking forward to a new GTA (a real one) and maybe the new time splitters? other than that i feel dead with gaming now. cant seem to last more than 10m without getting bored slightly. this even included the "God of War" game that was voted one of the best games ever!!! i finished it and it was fun. and had some really captivating moments. but thats what they were. a moment or two. i have zero interest to play any more of it after the storyline..... i can still bust out an emulator and play for hours though of old Amiga, snes and Ps1/2 games. i just think they were so much better. games also were much harder in my opinion (in general) specially when you only have a password as a save lol.

21 : Anonymous2022/01/05 16:08 ID: hrd9qa8

I feel personally attacked...

22 : Anonymous2022/01/05 16:17 ID: hrdb81x

Metro Exodus/Enhanced is a ball and only available on the new consoles and RT capable PC's. It's a PS5/PS4 bundled version purchase, and was or still is on sale for like $16 or something.

Also Returnal.

23 : Anonymous2022/01/05 03:52 ID: hrb4t4m

Still irritated ESO got the PS5 update but fallout76 still looks like a pentium on it. Load screens I've heard are much faster though.

ID: hrbya9c

They can update ESO for PS5, but still not worth playing again unless they have better servers, imo.

24 : Anonymous2022/01/05 09:29 ID: hrc1ps4

This is why I can't justify buying one yet. I don't replay many games as most just don't have replayability to me. I'm not dropping $500+ bucks to play a bunch of old games and maybe a few new ones.

However, if others wanna do it, let them. Enjoy video games how you want to.

ID: hrcb563

There are plenty of new games. Miles Morales, Maneater, Control, Rift Apart, Sackboy, Far Cry 6, Catlateral Damage, Bugsnax, RE Village, Freddy Spaghetti 1 & 2, and Security Breach all came out since the PS5 dropped.

Either way for me I replay games if I don’t have all the trophies or if they have PS5 trophies to get now. It’s the reason I got Spider-Man Remastered and finished Fallen Order!

25 : Anonymous2022/01/05 08:13 ID: hrbvp2y

Literally bought PS5 just to get rid off jet engine lol

26 : Anonymous2022/01/05 07:24 ID: hrbrn4x

Same thing PC bro's do every 6 months

27 : Anonymous2022/01/05 07:35 ID: hrbsjio

Totally worth it for me

28 : Anonymous2022/01/05 03:39 ID: hrb344z

You know I had a ps5 and I had thr same exact thing. Thought to myself might as well just keep using that old PS4 warhorse. So I sold it to my brother in law at cost. Now when GOW and horizon come out I’ll try for another one.

29 : Anonymous2022/01/05 13:07 ID: hrckyfz

I wait until the first significant price drop or revision to buy a console and have done so since the PS One Era because there are always a bunch of legacy titles I want to play first and I am cheap. At this time l have close to a 1000 game backlog going back 40 years and at least a dozen systems so I do not see myself buying into this generation into the next one is well underway.

30 : Anonymous2022/01/05 09:49 ID: hrc38mn

Just sold my Ps5 for this reason...Ill get another when mid 2022 then I may be impressed.

ID: hrdhm4t

I haven't even thought about doing that!

I might consider it, though with the limited number or new games right now. I'm just not into remakes or games I already platinumed on PS4. I'm getting a lot more mileage out of my XsX and PC this past year. I could buy a lot of gamepass ultimate for $500. Thanks.

31 : Anonymous2022/01/05 09:27 ID: hrc1khk

I just want to find one to buy in Europe D:

32 : Anonymous2022/01/05 09:48 ID: hrc35uu

i replaced my PS3 with a PS5, so yes im playing old games, but they're new to me

33 : Anonymous2022/01/05 10:17 ID: hrc5e0s

I'm in this meme and I don't care. (currently playing GoW)


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