PS+ Games for January (Persona 5 Strikers, Dirt 5, and Deep Rock Galactic) are live for and ready for download!

1 : Anonymous2022/01/04 19:09 ID: rw22sx
PS+ Games for January (Persona 5 Strikers, Dirt 5, and Deep Rock Galactic) are live for and ready for download!
2 : Anonymous2022/01/04 19:15 ID: hr8zxa2

Deep Rock runs like a wet dream. Rock and stone!

ID: hra1nrc

I have hit a couple of bugs with the UI. Sometimes the triggers don’t move the menus over and I have to click first with the cursor.

ID: hragz64

There is definitely issues with the menu for changing settings.

None of the buttons work really but you can use the stick as a mouse cursor and set everything.

ID: hra85d8

It definitely does, after reading up on the game I got excited and downloaded it on game pass for my OG Xbox One. Ran like absolute ass but the PS5 version is smooth as butter

ID: hrai6bl

Did somebody say rock and stone!?

3 : Anonymous2022/01/04 19:19 ID: hr90jj1

Deeprock was up at like 4am for some reason.

ID: hrafptw

I think because it was released as a PlayStation Plus title, it was free from the get-go when it came out last night or whatever

4 : Anonymous2022/01/04 19:16 ID: hr903fn

pirate flight (VR) also free for a few weeks

5 : Anonymous2022/01/04 20:34 ID: hr9c647

Deep rock galactic has haptic feedback adaptive triggers and motion tracking aiming. Pretty cool stuff.

ID: hr9g6yn

Shame the motion tracked aiming adds significant input lag to the camera

ID: hr9iu3f

Yeah but the controls in general are pretty smooth. I never play with motion tracking aiming but I can appreciate that while not great, it is useable for folks who like it.

This isn’t really a game you need snap aiming for anyway.

6 : Anonymous2022/01/04 20:03 ID: hr97cjr

Quickly played Dirt 5. Having adaptaive trigger support is awesome.

ID: hrcn9j1

I agree. I decided to try out the ea play subscription and dirt 5 was the first thing I played. I'm not a huge fan of racing games but I thought the graphics, visuals, gameplay, and of course haptic feedback was great with this game. Especially for a ps+ game.

7 : Anonymous2022/01/04 19:14 ID: hr8zpnd

Rock and stone

ID: hr9f6o2


ID: hr9qoyx

If you don't rock and stone, you ain't coming home!

8 : Anonymous2022/01/04 19:20 ID: hr90mih

Does this version of dirt 5 come with the ps5 enhancements

ID: hr9134d

you get both versions

ID: hr94aeq

The haptic feedback and adaptive triggers in this game are phenomenal! Finally a game which isn’t astrobot that properly uses these features

ID: hr963vr

The haptic feedback on Ratchet and Clank is amazing though.

ID: hr9cisb

I just tried the game and holy shit you’re right the haptic feedback is crazy

9 : Anonymous2022/01/04 20:53 ID: hr9f6t1

Anyone want to squad up for deep rock galatic? I cant figure out where to go in the mines

ID: hr9t2y7

My best advice is if you see floor to ceiling dirt walls, break through it.

ID: hr9rfx8

It takes some time getting used to. Open the map using the touch pad button... It's helps. I'm not sure why the game doesn't have a minimap though.

ID: hraejo0

It's part of the game design. Navigating the caves is supposed to be a challenge you learn and improve at.

They also do that thing where every important UI element can be seen in game, so the character is actually pulling out his map device.

10 : Anonymous2022/01/04 19:42 ID: hr940s7

Dirt 5 is a perfect PS Plus title.

As a standalone game, it's disappointing: Beautiful, yet shallow and way too easy. It's a great title to play with your kids or to wind down after work for a race or two. But it's not a game you'd buy at full price or even with a 50% discount and not feel like you could have spent the money better. Add that it's a wildly different game than Dirt 4 or Dirt Rally, and you can't even get fans of the franchise excited.

But for free with PS+? Awesome. I returned my physical copy due to the issues mentioned above, but now I'm looking forward to playing it again, even if it's just for an hour or two.

ID: hr9jdkv

Yeah it doesn't actually feel great to play, I think that's why the dualsense is such an aspirational achievement and milestone in gaming, it brings a new perspective and sensation to something old.

It single-handidly revitalized gaming. I mean racing games come out every year but this controller can make tired and generic game feel like a new experience.

Dirt 5 alone? Absolutely meh. Dirt 5 with Dualsense? Absolutely engaging.

ID: hr9vu6g

This is real. I'm having loads of fun driving around with the dual sense. It feels alnost like an arcade machine. I never liked racing games but the controller singlehandedly makes it fun for me.

11 : Anonymous2022/01/04 19:17 ID: hr904r9

People who’ve played wreckfest, how does dirt 5 compare in terms of gameplay, handling and campaign progression?

ID: hr90t8a

Way different. I love both, but it’s a totally different style of arcade racer. It reminds me more of the true “arcade” race cabinets I used to play in the 90’s.

ID: hr95ixw

Interesting, I haven't played any racing games in years except Dirt Rally 2.0. Dirt 5 must be very different, in might have to give it a try.

ID: hr9pio0

Dirt 5 is very vanilla. It doesn't have much nuance in terms of the handling and it also lacks any arcady mechanics to spice up the gameplay. If you just want some simple racing with pretty backdrops then you might like it. Personally I find it pretty dull.

Wreckfest doesn't have the same visual variety but I think it's a much better game overall.

ID: hr95hbx

its a great looking and fun arcade racer

12 : Anonymous2022/01/04 19:10 ID: hr8z5hi

So I just finished starting up Dirt 5 and it was pretty uncanny because you have to scroll through two screens; one is EA's terms of service and the other is their privacy/cookie use agreements, and without exaggeration it took 20-30 seconds of scrolling through walls of text on each page to reach the bottom and click accept.

ID: hr909zk

I hate the ones that make you scroll through it. Like I’m not reading it regardless. Just let me accept

ID: hr95g09

Modern Gaming; I've seen this with a lot of games lately, especially if there is a heavy online component.

ID: hrafeuj

I just started Resident Evil. 8 and they had a super long terms and conditions list you had to scroll through slowly. They keep talking up but I genuinely have no idea where that would factor in to this single player game. Like the reason I like this one and RE7 is they’re nice isolated singleplayer experiences

ID: hr99eu0

Why do some games do this and others don't? Like I've never understood why those terms are needed, shouldn't buying the game be enough?

ID: hr9f4of

Some crucial information regarding to online store item/credit and online community are needed to be informed to their customers.

The reason why they force you to scroll down is so they can claim that you already read the term and ok on whatever they throw at you or take from you in the future, so you can’t sue them.

ID: hr9x5dt

I was just about to say the same thing. It kind of makes me not want to play it seeing if all laid out. Maybe ignorance is bliss. “Scroll through all this bullshit and agree to let us do all of this stuff to play this game you paid for”. Privacy and cookie policy? I really need to read this giant wall of text to know what kind of nonsense they are getting up to. I just wanted to see how it looks.

13 : Anonymous2022/01/04 21:27 ID: hr9kozg

Nice to see racing games getting some love on PS+, we got wreckfest and now dirt 5

14 : Anonymous2022/01/04 21:35 ID: hr9lvql

Does Dirt 5 show up on the storefront twice for everyone? Trying to see what the difference is between the two that are there.

15 : Anonymous2022/01/04 22:04 ID: hr9qgg0

Solid line up to kick the year off.

16 : Anonymous2022/01/04 19:22 ID: hr90wie

Do we need to play Royal before Strikers? Does the story assume that you’ve played the extra semester in Royal?

ID: hr91zr8


ID: hr94x95

What if I haven't played it since the game came out, do I need to remember the plot in detail or just remember the characters?

ID: hr920ey

The extra semester from royal does not play a part in strikers. But the base game is needed.

17 : Anonymous2022/01/04 21:39 ID: hr9mh80

I was debating on buying strikers on sale but never did. I’m glad I didn’t cause I got the notification it’s the game of the month

18 : Anonymous2022/01/04 21:36 ID: hr9m1yq

Deep Rock Galactic seems like my type of game but I cant seem to figure out how to play it after the tutorial mission. Struggling to find the resources it wants and run out of ammo fighting off bugs while still looking. What am I missing here? Do certain stones replenish ammo such as the red ones that restore health or something?

ID: hr9rwuz

Yeah I felt the same way after tutorial. It takes a couple of missions to get the gist of it. The red mineral that you can mine called nitra... If you collect 80 of them, you can respawn a resource pod that will give you ammo (by pressing the bottom dpad twice to select it).

Just stick with it a bit and try all the dpad buttons to know your abilities and what you can do.


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