AccountNGT claims Tom Henderson has heard of a PS5 event set to take place soon

1 : Anonymous2022/01/09 10:18 ID: rzopeq
AccountNGT claims Tom Henderson has heard of a PS5 event set to take place soon
2 : Anonymous2022/01/09 11:16 ID: hrwha5b

It’s not like Sony doesn’t have plenty of projects to show off.

I’d love to see what BluePoint is working on.

ID: hrwp95t

I think whatever Bluepoint is working on will be my next hype, especially if the Bloodborne rumors are true.

ID: hrxlpdg

Yeah hopefully they are working on bloodborne remastered for the ps5 and the pc port

ID: hrx3m2h

I’d love to see what BluePoint is working on.

They'd only be a little over a year into whatever it is, so dont get too excited.

ID: hrx5fyx

All i ask for is to know what they be working on. i don’t even need a teaser just a synopsis.

ID: hrxh8qp

A lot of studios have most of the employees working on one game, and a small number of staff (<20) working on the next game contemporary to that, and as the first game nears completion more and more staff move over to the next game. So they could easily be up to the stage where a CGI trailer and some very basic in engine stuff could be shown, for a release date in 2023. There were only 2 years between shadow of the Colossus and Demon Souls from Bluepoint

ID: hrxy50t

Bluepoint like Insomniac is very efficient. They made Demon’s Souls remake for a new hardware with no experience in only 3 years after Shdow of the Colossus and that with Covid.

ID: hrwq5ft

Please let it be mgs

ID: hrwxn5m

another remaster? I'm too old to bother replaying old games...

ID: hrxsbln

This event will almost certainly vocus on VR.

3 : Anonymous2022/01/09 10:41 ID: hrwel4z

For the people who aren't that much in the leaking bubble, AccountNGT leaked Star Wars Eclipse before the official Game Awards reveal.

Honestly, I also think we will see an event soon, maybe mid February before the HFW launch. PSVR2 is rumored to go into mass production soon and famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says it will start shipping in Q2 this year.

ID: hrwfjas

Good to know the source is somewhat legit. I hope there's an event soon on psvr2 as well. I wanna get my hands on that as soon as I can.

Doubt it'd be close to hfw launch. You wouldn't wanna steal the thunder of one their biggest ips. Maybe like 2 weeks after.

ID: hrwhdh7

this, I also wonder if it's going to be "Playstation Experience" that they trademarked like 6 months ago

ID: hrwj1pr

I would love a Playstation event that lasts longer than 30 minutes but that’s just wishful thinking on my part.

ID: hrwvgj7

I can't believe PSVR2 is so close. I feel like if you told me it was coming mid 2023 or even 2024 I would then believe you. But like, mid way through this year? We might get this thing by the Fall? That seems completely out of the blue.

ID: hrx3ww2

Why do you feel that way?

PSVR1 coming like halfway through the generation was not ideal at all. Always made sense that if Sony were gonna do PSVR2, they couldn't wait around too long for it. Give it a nice long generation to build up an install base and developer support.

ID: hrwxj44

so close? psvr1 is positively ancient by now, 5+ years in the market with tech from PS3...

ID: hrxq0az

Seems like they are trying to get more in line with console launches. 3 years after PS4, 2 years after PS5, I could see as little as a year after PS6 for VR3

ID: hrwn68d

Can’t wait to fight the scalpers for one /s

I hope retail stores or Sony has a plan to combat them.

ID: hrwxmmr

I feel like Valve's approach with Steam Deck would work. One device per account, account has to be older than a few months, deposit required, deliver in order. Job done.

ID: hrwtj8c

Off course there is going to be a State of Play for Horizon. Sony has had a State of Play before every single new release. It's probably also going to include GT

These leakers are lazy and at this point scrapping the bottom of the barrel now.

ID: hrwx7vl

I've been waiting for psvr2 for a whole 2 years. It is time, I just hope I can get both PS5+psvr2 before scalpers...

I think the lineup of games available to play in VR will be very impressive, including GTA V, GT7, RE8, Hitman 3, NMS and Dying Light 2 among many others, like the Horizon VR experience...

4 : Anonymous2022/01/09 12:29 ID: hrwnio1

Well we all know there's going to be a Forbidden West state of play by early February, and with the pandemic "event" could mean anything.

The first Horizon got like 30 trailers lmao. They also teased more information on Call of the Mountain soonish.

5 : Anonymous2022/01/09 10:23 ID: hrwd898

I really hope we see Factuons 2 if it's true

ID: hrwglxt

For me that's ALL they need to show! My body is ready to drop all these mp games I play to get back on the throne in Factions! Absolutely loved that game mode. That being said I wonder if they would do a survival BR. I always thought that world would be perfect for it before every other game jumped on the hype! Imagine PVE BR in factions where u rely on sound and other people getting chased by clickers rather then jumping from a airplain and building blocks to defend urself. Not crapping on any other br because mostly they're great but still. One can hope !!!

ID: hrwirzs

Well yeah, it would suck if it's Pubg but with Tlou2 mechanics.

Would love dynamic hordes, weather and lots of concealment.

ID: hrwobm0

If TLOU VR was announced I would buy VR2, I wouldn’t expect it to be the full game or anything, but to play in that world in VR would be absolutely insane

ID: hrwhhwq

Honestly i am surprised that we haven’t heard a single thing about Factions yet beyond the fact that NaughtyDog is working on it.

6 : Anonymous2022/01/09 10:22 ID: hrwd6g8

A rumour about someone hearing a rumour about the event. You know what that means....


ID: hrwi4rc

ID: hrxjrvh

It was already being speculated by many for awhile, since Sony has so done some big feb events before and the developers and Sony execs keep saying real soon and the lack of any news for awhile now on anything.

7 : Anonymous2022/01/09 11:33 ID: hrwim5p

I assumed there would be something in Q1, they have Gran Turismo 7 and HZD Forbidden West coming, I'd guess they'll also want to promote GTA E&E seeing as they have this 3 month deal with Rockstar, all of these games are due March/April after all being delayed.

So if nothing else they'll want to show these off and no doubt start giving previews of games coming later in the year.

8 : Anonymous2022/01/09 11:48 ID: hrwjxc6

hopefully it’s only PS5 related news, it feels like it’s been ages since we’ve had a dedicated PS5 event.

9 : Anonymous2022/01/09 11:33 ID: hrwinyb

A random twitter account has said he has heard another twitter account has heard……

…. Yeah sounds legit

ID: hrx12kj

No no you don’t get it. This particular burner account guessed right once, that’s how you know it’s legit.

10 : Anonymous2022/01/09 13:31 ID: hrwts4z

My mind is being sent back to the summer where there was a rumour every week of a playstation event and it went viral every time.

11 : Anonymous2022/01/09 11:46 ID: hrwjocp

Hopefully its a real playstation event.

12 : Anonymous2022/01/09 13:59 ID: hrwx1zp

ill believe when i see it officially by sony

13 : Anonymous2022/01/09 14:00 ID: hrwx6bg

If it's a horizon skin on a ps5 case special edition I'm about to be freaking piiiiiiiiiissed

14 : Anonymous2022/01/09 14:11 ID: hrwyi8w

News about Ps+ levels of subscription for sure

15 : Anonymous2022/01/09 14:15 ID: hrwyxh6

Psvr2 reveal would be nice

16 : Anonymous2022/01/09 16:36 ID: hrxjccc


17 : Anonymous2022/01/09 13:37 ID: hrwuhwg

I hope they announce FPS Boost.


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