Death stranding 2?

1 : Anonymous2022/01/08 23:41 ID: rzdjqm

I absolutely fell in love with death stranding but after beating it and playing a bit more after beating it I thought “could there be a sequel?” then I thought I would ask you guys what your thoughts on a sequel

2 : Anonymous2022/01/09 01:26 ID: hrurnc1

I used to think that a sequel would be unnecessary but I read all of the interviews during my most recent playthrough. There are a lot of things that a sequel could explore. However, it wouldn't have much to do with the death stranding itself, and more to do with Bridges

The only reason I'm saying this is because I genuinely believe a sequel is being worked on and this is the only way I can possibly justify it

ID: hrwocmk

Doubt it, Kojima did say that his next project would be a movie, not a game.

ID: hrx2sm9

Not really dude he’s working on two games right now

ID: hrz3e04

It’s kind of incredible how you literally stated a fact and got downvoted four times for it. These people are ravenous nowadays.

3 : Anonymous2022/01/09 07:21 ID: hrvyfo7

If death stranding 2's map is not the actual size of America I'm not interested.

Jk: but I want to walk from New York Knot to LA Knot in real time.

4 : Anonymous2022/01/09 00:23 ID: hruipec

No. It’s a fully contained story and in an age of franchises being milked for every last drop, I think it’s fine to let Death Stranding stand on its own. Wouldn’t mind DLC expansions that add new regions tho.

ID: hrw7lct

Norman Reedus recently met with Kojima to discuss a Death Stranding 2. I personally think it would be cool barring DLCs.

ID: hrx5qe0

He looks so much like Sam Bridges it’s a perfect fit.

ID: hruiwwd

I agree DLC or a new region would be fun

ID: hrx4lb9

I'd live it if we got a chance to reconnect Europe and the rest of the globe, if anything is left of it to the UCA

5 : Anonymous2022/01/09 01:11 ID: hrupjkr

I think it’s perfectly possible. Fastforward a few years and play as Lou. Something has happened and all kinds of strange beaches are bleeding into the world. Maybe Clint is part of it? It could be done potentially.

ID: hrwohh0

Cliff got closure bruh, he finally crossed to the other side. There's no reason for him to come back.

ID: hrws3bt

But he wasn't around just because of the lack of closure. When Amelie brought baby Sam back to life, he was caught up in that change to the natural order (hence why he also has the + scar on his torso), right? So he became something more than just a BT and it seems to me it's not impossible to bring him back as a result.

ID: hrvsl10

Who's Clint?

ID: hrvz6cv


ID: hrwe63h

Ugh autocorrect. I meant Cliff.

ID: hrw2f4s

He means Ridge

ID: hrwbbq5


6 : Anonymous2022/01/09 07:51 ID: hrw120r

I don't want a sequel and the story doesn't warrant one. However, I'd love an entirely different game that expands on the traversal mechanics introduced in DS.

7 : Anonymous2022/01/08 23:57 ID: hruevx0

Never say never .. it’s Kojima-San. His brain is unique.. however… it’s built like single game and mostly like dlc, expansion. Whatever above said is true. You have all answers. It’s Kojima-San idea for a game which he wanted to do .. can it be extended? Yes, but not part 2 as the final is enough..

We want more.. we do .. that just shows how good his art in gaming / films is. True talent

8 : Anonymous2022/01/09 06:52 ID: hrvvteh

There definitely could be a sequel where you play as Lou however the cause of the death stranding is contained on a beach so what threats would be present? we see at the end of the game that time-fall reverts back to regular rain so it can be assumed that BT's have vanished as well. If BT's still exist what's stopping the now completely united UCA from pooling knowledge to eradicate the rest of the BT's, weapons to deal with them have already been created in the form of EX grenade's 0,1, and 2 (Also can't forget guns with hermetic ammunition's). Considering that BT's seem to feel pain when these grenades are used if the UCA wants to take the side of ethical eradication they could even use the cord cutters. The only threat left would be MULE'S and the remaining terrorist camps by mountain knot city, since the death stranding is contained theoretically no more voidout's should happen leaving the far more powerful UCA the ability to eliminate terrorist and possibly capture and rehabilitate MULE's. You can't make an enjoyable experience out of a game if no conflict is presented, there is no more death stranding, no more human or possible in-human threats, the only thing left is an entirely united country which now has information from a variety of specialist, not to mention all the career fields of people held within city's (we've all seen the estimated population count when entering any of the city's) There is nothing left stopping any further development or rebuilding of the county to happen. The only way a new story for a second Death Stranding could happen is if they decided to investigate the status of other country's (using Sam or Lout) but still, the Death stranding stopped once Amelie was confined to her beach so it should have stopped around the globe. Additionally I can't see Kojima making a sequel for DS, ofc I don't understand what he thinks (does anybody?) but we've seen in the past his absolutely incredible attention to story and detail (MGS, Snatcher, DS, etc) so it stands to reason that he would also think of the things I've mentioned here and understand that no second game is needed. I do agree with the multiple other people in this comment thread stating that DLC would be nice, but what would that even entail? the whole of America is already explored there's nothing left to discover. Plus the things left to discover have already been covered in the directors cut. Shoutout to

for mentioning the possibility of exploring stuff covered in interviews like bridges but if this were to happen it would have to be through DLC and it would also have to be after the presidential inauguration of die-hardman (it could 100% be in the 2 weeks before the inauguration but I don't think the past of bridges should be explored before then because in the 2 weeks leading up to the inauguration why would Sam now suddenly question the origin of bridges to me it doesn't make sense but again it could happen in the 2 weeks) The whereabouts of Higgs's could also be explored but if the UCA knows he's gone and contained on a beach why would they care about finding him, at most they could assign a unit to maybe track him down and keep tabs, but this is unlikely because he was in Amelie's beach which is now self-contained, even if he ended up on another beach I doubt he could be found since it's taken however many try's and Hearman still can't find his family. Also could people even travel to beaches anymore since the death stranding's gone, to BB's work any more because the other side should be cut off right, Do people with DOOMS ability's not have them anymore (sorry my knowledge on DOOMS is rather short) could Sam still repatriate? either way this concludes my thoughts on this topic, hope those who read this enjoyed, maybe I'll make a post with all these reasons because DS is one of my favorite games who knows. Sorry for lack of punctuation it's never been my forte.

9 : Anonymous2022/01/09 05:09 ID: hrvkzf6

Feels like a one time deal but they could do something where they rebuild back society if that’s even possible in this universe.

ID: hrw0xsb

I like this idea because it would be cool to see the world and it’s locations change based on your deliveries.

“Thanks for bringing us these industrial grade antennae Sam. It must have been tough getting here. Now that you’ve brought these, we can finish the broadcast tower and get more installations connected to the network”

And then a while later when you return to that city or depot, you’ll see the structure they mentioned in the background/non-playable city area.

10 : Anonymous2022/01/09 05:42 ID: hrvoohe

I think the main question remaining is BB28s history before Sam, not sure if they could make a game out of it either with Sam or Lou as the protaganist searching out the classified information of its past

11 : Anonymous2022/01/09 05:47 ID: hrvp7dc

The death stranding is over at the end of the game.

ID: hrwhml5

Only delayed per Amelie, it will happen with no way to stop it, just not now.

12 : Anonymous2022/01/09 08:33 ID: hrw4kdb

I wouldn't want a continuation of the story, but i wouldn't mind another game showing how other parts of the world are dealing with the stranding.

13 : Anonymous2022/01/09 11:30 ID: hrwidyt

There has been speculation about a second one. I think kojima is still trying to figure out what he wants to do. I agree it could stand alone. But they did leave it open to a sequel and honestly I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t interested in one.

14 : Anonymous2022/01/09 12:38 ID: hrwob0n

According to Norman it's happening. I want more but I hope it's fresh and exciting.

15 : Anonymous2022/01/09 17:53 ID: hrxvls8

I don't think there can be a sequel, because of the end, but maybe a prequel?????

16 : Anonymous2022/01/09 18:57 ID: hry6hep

I would play it. The first one got called a walking simulator a lot and that was my favourite thing about it. I found it very relaxing.

17 : Anonymous2022/01/08 23:42 ID: hrucoll

the death stranding literally ends at the end what would a sequel be about?

ID: hrvahkd

Didn't end simply pushed back it will happen just not right now

ID: hrwc4j0

yeah but next time there's no stopping it

ID: hrvsolu

It doesn't end, it's just delayed.

But I still don't want a sequel.

ID: hrucu95

No I mean like could there be a sequel

ID: hrucvm8


18 : Anonymous2022/01/08 23:43 ID: hructnk

The death stranding can’t happen anymore, the cycle of surviving it and moving on is stopped, Amelie is cut off for presumably forever to postpone it forever

ID: hrwhhfh

Ah, see Amelie stated that that it was only temporary. She said that it only delays the Last Stranding and that it will happen eventually and there is no stopping it when it comes. Paints a grim ending to the game in retrospect.

ID: hrwy596

I think it’s mean to be seen as a away of saving humanity for ever by postponing it forever, because time moves different on beach, her beach Gatta be slow af

19 : Anonymous2022/01/09 06:55 ID: hrvw35j

I believe instead of sequels, there should be prequels but it wouldn’t be a strand type game I think. Connected story but totally different genre if it will be a prequel. Maybe tell the story of America before it became UCA

20 : Anonymous2022/01/09 08:40 ID: hrw54s6


21 : Anonymous2022/01/09 21:53 ID: hrz0ef4

I hope so - absolutely love Death Stranding. The story ended with regards to the extinction of the human race but rebuilding and reconnecting can remain a theme for a sequel. We also witnessed the introduction of Lou(ise) who could grow up to have more impact full characteristics in comparison to Sam "feeling" BTs.

Storyline summary: 20 years later the presence of BTs significantly decreased in the USCA since the the country has reconnected. Though the presence of BTs is growing throughout the world. The President has met with world leaders who have requested support to reconnect. The Presidents advisor Die-Hadman asks Sam for his help and expertise - though upon entering Europe is captured by BTs and remains trapped in their world. Lou, now an adult can't stand by and watch Sam suffer a dier fate. Reluctantly, Die-Hardman convinces the President to allow her to help and rebuild, reconnect Europe. Upon her first encounter with BTs she realises she can traverse between the two worlds, thus becoming the only one who can rescue Sam.

Just some fun guys!

22 : Anonymous2022/01/09 05:43 ID: hrvor0j

I feel like the gameplay has a lot of opportunities for a sequel to improve upon
I liked the game a lot, but its one of those things where looking back, its a bit obvious what should be done differently, and I think with a few changes to the gameplay loop, a sequel would be phenomenal

23 : Anonymous2022/01/09 18:57 ID: hry6f0k

We should stop asking for more of a story from a game that had a good ending. Just like the last of us. The second one is dogshit compared to the first game. All because people can't let a good story go.


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