EA Director of Comms for Shooters Comments on Battlefield 2042 Silence; Says Expectations Are “Brutal”

1 : Anonymous2022/01/07 18:10 ID: rydr6n
EA Director of Comms for Shooters Comments on Battlefield 2042 Silence; Says Expectations Are "Brutal"
2 : Anonymous2022/01/07 18:26 ID: hro3y2q

Imagine blaming people's expectations when the real issue is DICE putting out yet another shitty launch product.

Not to mention DICE themselves were the ones hyping the game as a "Return to form" for the series and "the biggest battlefield ever" when really it's a completely different game to what people enjoyed about Battlefield.

They built an MTX vehicle and didn't put enough care or attention into making it a fun one.

ID: hrpc43g

They literally dropped the whole campaign to even focus on multiplayer and they couldn't even do that right

ID: hrprtyj

AND they had 4 or 5 teams working on the game (delaying the release of other games) to make sure 2042 would be ready and STILL it came out hot garbage.

ID: hrpl9kp

DICE have a habit of this. With the Battlefield V controversies, they decided to slander and attack their fanbase rather than admit to any mistakes on their side. BF1 was the last gasp of old DICE.

ID: hrrobhm

“If you don’t like it, don’t buy it” was probably the best advice they have ever given

ID: hroau9j

Great way of putting it. MTX vehicle with an average at best game attached to it.

ID: hrprcnn

It's just such a bastardization of what it once was and the amount of cut content is just frustrating as hell. They removed the entire campaign. It's completely different structure (destroyed classes, created heroes or whatever they call it) to the franchise. They killed all of the movement system built in previous examples. Basic movement and gun play is just bad. Got rid of 80% destruction. No support for mics. Game is glitchy as fuck and runs poorly.

Look, I get it. Gamers can be entitled. But if I were to list my expectations, they would be a battlefield game... Basically the movement and gun play consistent with previous titles, destruction, mayhem. The only thing EA got was the chaos, but it's not really as fun with 128 players; it's so chaotic it feels like it hurts the gameplay. It's very hard to impact the game even if you use your entire squad of 4 people (which is too small for 128 players).

The reason expectations are brutal is that EA doesn't understand the community They produced something objectively is poorly made and smaller than previous titles, objectively less content. Subjectively it doesn't feel like previous titles. It was a mismanaged game that falls short of the bad ideas they targeted. Whole thing just pisses me off so much.. partly because I really love battlefield franchise and partly because it's like the 5th AAA game that was a steaming pile of shit upon release. I mean it feels like they do stuff specifically to piss people off- like why would you make portal and then make it give you no EXP? Why would you get rid of rush? It's like they are constantly sticking a finger in fans' eyes.

ID: hrokq7p

They pulled a similar thing with the operators, basically saying "trust us". They don't hold themselves accountable at all, that's a huge red flag for any business.

ID: hrpppaq

Trust us. We’re confident in our ability to convince you that you like a design change we made expressly for the purpose of selling you skins.

ID: hrooyy7

Not to mention DICE themselves were the ones hyping the game as a "Return to form" for the series

Well, it launched just like Battlefield 4, so that was certainly a return to form.

ID: hrp2idk

Except Battlefield 4 was at least a great BATTLEFIELD game even at its horrible start, BF2042 I can't even get a sense of battlefield fun and excitement.

ID: hrptnkr

They built an MTX vehicle and didn't put enough care or attention into making it a fun one

This is everything that comes out of EAs umbrella. Every last title.

ID: hrpgja4

They change in direction would have been an easier pill to swallow had it launched in a polished state

ID: hrqaut9

That’s the problem. They built a mtx game and used that a premise.


Building a triple A game then adding mtx to it where it doesn’t impact gameplay

The short version is they were instructed to create a mtx pit for consumers.

ID: hrpdcru

Exactly the expectations are the ones they set, no one was asking for this game. This is the game they hyped up. I just want Bad Company 3!

ID: hrpl0mn

Given that their current track record and fact they say they don’t understand why bad company worked or why people liked it. I don’t want them to ruin it so no hope they dont make bc3

3 : Anonymous2022/01/07 19:29 ID: hroed4o

Basic features = brutal expectations.

The guys are literally from behind the moon.

ID: hrom6d0

His comment is not about the negative feedback in general, but about people complaining that the devs didn‘t work through the holidays to fix it. I am completely with him on that point. The devs are not at fault and shouldn’t be punished for the management‘s failures.

ID: hrp1zu7

Fact is EA chased all their senior staff away. They fucked it up, not all these new guys who have no clue how to run this franchise. Imagine all these people just hired or only been there for a year at most trying to live up to BF4/BF1 and what not sales wise and gameplay wise.

4 : Anonymous2022/01/07 22:03 ID: hrp2yui

lol the game has 3 modes, 6 maps, no game chat, and no profile/stats page. I guess basic features of a game are brutal now. fucking cons

5 : Anonymous2022/01/07 18:13 ID: hro1pi9

I completely agree that they have breaks and should absolutely do no work during this.

But to even create a game as poor as 2042 is baffling in the first place. Quite literally everything is worse than what Dice made in 2012. There are no excuses. It comes down to arrogance, poor management and out of touch developers.

ID: hro4xv7

"out of touch devs" seems to be the thing here. Like, the community, fans and everyone else in between have been very vocal in what they want. DICE, instead of giving that, delivered Specialists. Why?? No one asked for this. We just want traditional classes, more destruction, more of what made BF3/BF4 great.

ID: hrodorp

Thank God atleast someone is rightfully blaming the devs too instead of the usual "poor devs! management is to blame" which always gets thrown around.

ID: hroqvvm

To me, a lot of AAA studios take the wrong lessons from games like Fortnite, Apex or LOL. These games are successful because they’re stable, devs make ongoing tweaks and they often let the community guide the meta. And above all, they’re cheap!

Give us a $20 Battlefield game. Deliver it working and with fundamental features that people want. It does not need to the biggest, most elaborate game. Focus on the user experience, with the priority being the ability to quickly find a game solo or with friends. Give us 3 or 4 good maps to start off with. Give us two dozen guns. Iron out the quality of life bugs. Then start to add shit. They prove that they can make a stable, fun game? We’ll spend money on expansions.

ID: hroax9d

I don’t care when it comes out. Just don’t release it if it’s not good

6 : Anonymous2022/01/07 19:45 ID: hrogzob

Why don’t you like giving us money? Isn’t that fun enough?

7 : Anonymous2022/01/07 18:14 ID: hro1wna

All my friends that purchased the deluxe edition sacked the game off completely after just two weeks.

ID: hro28bf

Unfortunately, that counts for nothing. Just more copies of the game sold and numbers to put on their quarterly progress reports.

ID: hro62pd

Yes, but a quarterly report is just a few months. Well all know these games make far more money with expansions and micro-transactions. Q4 might look great, Q1-Q3 not so much.

ID: hro8lbl

It counts for a lot actually. Purchases with poor player engagement/retention set off a lot of alarm bells at game studios.

8 : Anonymous2022/01/07 21:15 ID: hrovbvf

It might be time to give this franchise to a different developer...

9 : Anonymous2022/01/07 18:34 ID: hro57rl

Just don't fucking release it until it's ready then, i'm paying full price and i'm expecting AT LEAST a game that works. "Brutal expectations" yeah right ffs i just want a scoreboard how difficult can that be

10 : Anonymous2022/01/07 19:04 ID: hroa8h9

The only expectations that happened with BF2042 was DICE expected to pull the revenue that Respawn pulls.

DICE expected MTX profits.

I will never get over how stealing dogtags became monetized in BF2042. The classic first person immersion removed to sell the exact same 3rd person call of duty style executions.

ID: hroomqs

I will never get over how stealing dogtags became monetized in BF2042.

What? How?

ID: hropc2u

Remember stealing dogtags in first person? That's gone in bf2042.

Replaced with a call of duty 3rd person execution from Warzone. No longer are there separate animations depending on if you were laying down or snuck up while standing.

It's now a repeat animation, based on what melee weapon you use.

11 : Anonymous2022/01/07 20:31 ID: hroocjd

These people are so stupid it’s actually shocking. When you call people wanting a game that works properly out the box with basic features as “brutal”, you’re clearly too far gone and shouldn’t be in the gaming industry. That tweet truly sums up how little EA gives a shit about its player base. I mean we always knew it, but to finally get the proof of how out of touch they are is still so shocking.

12 : Anonymous2022/01/07 20:36 ID: hrop7jl

Corporate gaslighting. Don't release a shitty unfinished product if you don't expect people to moan.

13 : Anonymous2022/01/07 19:20 ID: hrocvmm

This game just sucks, why can’t they admit their faults and go back to what BF used to be 12-13 years ago. Trash after trash since.

ID: hroj5jp

The real issue is that everyone is expecting these games to not be trash. Y'all haven't learned your lesson??

-EA probably

ID: hropb9w

This but unironically. People on this very site will buy Battlefield and COD every year, pay for dozens of MTX, buy Destiny's DLC, then complain when the companies make unfinished products, remove features, or whatever, as if they haven't been doing that for years.

At some point, you need to make better purchases. All the evidence points to mistakes being repeated, but sure, the companies are the ones at fault for following the data. The consumer enable them at the end of the day.

ID: hroj9ff

I just want bland characters without special abilities. Classes of course but not a sniper that can wing suit halfway across the map

14 : Anonymous2022/01/07 18:55 ID: hro8snp

Given the context I completely agree with what he’s referring to. Everyone needs time to just unplug and not think about work.

But, you guys are a AAA studio coming off of a previous title that wasn’t exactly embraced by traditional Battlefield fans. The bottom line is, because of your greed, you released a mediocre product. You should’ve done the right thing and waited until it was complete. Again, you are a AAA studio!

But I do really feel bad for devs and the programmers. They really are overworked. And I understand they answer to stockholders, which is unfortunate, because in the end the customer suffers.

15 : Anonymous2022/01/07 19:12 ID: hrobl85

Love you guys but these expectations are brutal. The things you want take time to scope, design, and execute.

This is such an unbelievably tone-deaf comment that it genuinely baffles me that a senior communications manager posted these tweets.

People are sick and tired of DICE once again releasing a game in an awful state. Our expectations are not brutal. All we want is DICE for once to release a good game on launch day. But they pretty much never do. And that's why people are upset.

16 : Anonymous2022/01/07 22:33 ID: hrp7nu1

Battlefield 3 was the best.

17 : Anonymous2022/01/08 14:04 ID: hrs0byy

I still think bf2042 was supposed to be a standalone battle Royale. Then they randomly just tacked on bf elements.

Fundamentally plays likes f2p bf flavor Royale instead of a true bf iteration. Nevermind the bugs, imbalance, and lack of polish.

18 : Anonymous2022/01/08 15:42 ID: hrscxcc

I don’t think the expectations are brutal because if they simply kept to the formula people love: squad combat and roles, useful destructive terrain, large maps with good action points but opportunity for sneaking, then people would love it.

They’ve hit this formula many times in the past

19 : Anonymous2022/01/07 18:47 ID: hro7ggw

Expecting a feature complete and functional product is indeed quite brutal.

20 : Anonymous2022/01/07 21:54 ID: hrp1lsl

The big problem with this, besides the state of the game itself, is the releasing of unfinished and broken products, for the holiday, and then wondering why everyone hates you....

Don't release shit over the Holidays if it's not complete, simple as that. People pay money for things now, these aren't future investments. So don't be surprised that, when you turn in an incomplete project and charge people for it, that they might demand you finish said product, no matter what time it is... Because you decided to release it as it was when it was.

Just fucking wait til after the holidays, and we all win. Instead, only a billion dollar company wins, and consumers are left with an incomplete thing and being demonized for then asking for it to be what was advertised to them.

21 : Anonymous2022/01/07 20:20 ID: hromi40

"don't fuck it up" is not a brutal expectation, its the bare minimum. Goddamn EA cannot hire a good spokesperson to save their friggin lives.

22 : Anonymous2022/01/07 18:15 ID: hro23ep

DICE doesn’t care and will never see themselves as being in the wrong. All the remaining good devs left during BFV this studio is a shell of its former self and the best thing that could happen is DICE being shut down and Battlefield being handed off to a more competent studio.


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