Why there can’t be a DS 2

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Tl:DR I posted this entire thing as a comment in a post asking if there could be a DS 2 thought I'd make a separate post for this, feel free to share any idea's or thoughts on this topic as I love all things DS and always love to see the community's idea's. OG post:

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There definitely could be a sequel where you play as Lou however the cause of the death stranding is contained on a beach so what threats would be present? we see at the end of the game that time-fall reverts back to regular rain so it can be assumed that BT's have vanished as well. If BT's still exist what's stopping the now completely united UCA from pooling knowledge to eradicate the rest of the BT's, weapons to deal with them have already been created in the form of EX grenade's 0,1, and 2 (Also can't forget guns with hermetic ammunition's). Considering that BT's seem to feel pain when these grenades are used if the UCA wants to take the side of ethical eradication they could even use the cord cutters. The only threat left would be MULE'S and the remaining terrorist camps by mountain knot city, since the death stranding is contained theoretically no more voidout's should happen leaving the far more powerful UCA the ability to eliminate terrorist and possibly capture and rehabilitate MULE's.

You can't make an enjoyable experience out of a game if no conflict is presented, there is no more death stranding, no more human or possible in-human threats, the only thing left is an entirely united country which now has information from a variety of specialist, not to mention all the career fields of people held within city's (we've all seen the estimated population count when entering any of the city's) There is nothing left stopping any further development or rebuilding of the county to happen. The only way a new story for a second Death Stranding could happen is if they decided to investigate the status of other country's (using Sam or Lout) but still, the Death stranding stopped once Amelie was confined to her beach so it should have stopped around the globe.

Additionally I can't see Kojima making a sequel for DS, ofc I don't understand what he thinks (does anybody?) but we've seen in the past his absolutely incredible attention to story and detail (MGS, Snatcher, DS, etc) so it stands to reason that he would also think of these things I've mentioned here and understand that no second game is needed. I do agree with the multiple other people in this comment thread stating that DLC would be nice, but what would that even entail? the whole of America is already explored there's nothing left to discover. Plus the things left to discover have already been covered in the directors cut.

Shoutout to

for mentioning the possibility of exploring stuff covered in interviews like bridges but if this were to happen it would have to be through DLC and it would also have to be after the presidential inauguration of die-hardman (it could 100% be in the 2 weeks before the inauguration but I don't think the past of bridges should be explored before then because in the 2 weeks leading up to the inauguration why would Sam now suddenly question the origin of bridges to me it doesn't make sense but again it could happen in the 2 weeks) The whereabouts of Higgs's could also be explored but if the UCA knows he's gone and contained on a beach why would they care about finding him, at most they could assign a unit to maybe track him down and keep tabs, but this is unlikely because he was in Amelie's beach which is now self-contained, even if he ended up on another beach I doubt he could be found since it's taken however many try's and Heartman still can't find his family. Is the beach still accessible by any means? if that's the case then the chiral network shouldn't work at all!

Also could people even travel to beaches anymore since the death stranding's gone, to BB's work any more because the other side should be cut off right, Do people with DOOMS ability's not have them anymore (sorry my knowledge on DOOMS is rather short) could Sam still repatriate? either way this concludes my thoughts on this topic, hope those who read this enjoyed, Sorry for lack of punctuation it's never been my forte.

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Before I even read this Norman Reedus has already hinted about taking to Koji Pro about DS2 multiple times. I feel like this is just people's overwhelming desire to not get another job/universe simulation from Koji Pro. If you're open minded we can start by remembering that a DS2 would be more of the same but likely 5-10 times more epic, if you follow how much shit changes between one Koji Pro game to the next. Just think of the leaps made between every single MGS entire.

DS2, Sam is a repatriate he can still reach Amelie. How do we know the job in DS2 is going to be delivery? If anything the US after the Death Stranding can go interstellar with the insane tech brought on by the DS but none of the BTs to fuck it up. Sam the astronaut explorer? Looking for Amelie in the universe?

BTs on different planets with open world mechanics that are only possible on next gen consoles. DS2 is absolutely in the cards, your just not dreaming big enough darling.

ID: hrw8g6y

You know what darling, I appreciate the criticism and I agree with your points. I didn't know about Norman Reedus hinting at that, thanks for cluing me into that! I didn't mean for this post to completely disregard the idea of a DS 2 (Wish I could change the title now) I think a DS 2 could be cool and I guarantee that I would pre-order it if it was announced. I hoped with this post to convey my thoughts on a sequel. I think my points were valid and reasonable. If your open-minded you can ascertain that my statements made sense.

I'm pretty sure anything kojima makes is 5-10 times more epic then his previous project and I can't wait for the next thing his studio pushes out.

I think a space exploration game could be fun! One thing you got wrong in your comment though is this statement "I feel like this is just people's overwhelming desire to not get another job/universe simulation from Koji Pro." Now when reading my post did it ever occur to you that I was indeed a huge fan. I have no desire for this in fact the desire I do have is for him to continue to make those types of games! Expanding his self-made genre would be fantastic to see.

I get where your coming from and I think your idea's of Sam the astronaut, while ludacris, could happen as you say! (ngl i chuckled imagining it, the concept art for that would be fantastic to see!) If you would like to continue this discussion of a DS 2 or throw idea's around and encourage me more to "dream bigger", I would be happy to continue in DM's. Talking to fellow fans is the point of communities like this isn't it? Thankfully I'll always be happy to talk to someone as passionate as me ^^

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100% man I love talking to people that can see the depth and beauty in these massive projects that Koji Pro works on. I would love to see this would return. And I can see the focus being the twists that Bridges the company makes to push Sam into space. It would be interesting the gear we would have to get to be interplanetary. Prepers on multiple plants with different physics for each. And more jobs and gear to do them. When I played DSs game loop I thought myself.

A perfect platform for this would be a procedural world line No Man's Sky (obviously scale cut down for depth) yet the loop is multiplayer Death Stranding.

My dream strand type game would being vehicles within vehicles gear within gear. Survival elements in each planet. BT dimensions you can slip into for more than just one fight. The repatriation mechanics being in a team of 4 and some characters will have to be die to bring shit back from the other side to solve puzzles. Upside down worlds, and real traditional team of anime meets action movie baddies with fighting mechanics that are like MGS with a DS twist, There's a perfect 10 in here as a DS sequel for sure.

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There will be.

4 : Anonymous2022/01/09 07:42 ID: hrw091v

paragraph division

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Sorry about that. Fixed it.

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Yeah you need to edit that format and do a TL:DR.

No one is going to read that wall of text...

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Is this any better?

6 : Anonymous2022/01/09 08:04 ID: hrw24v9

It wouldn't be the first time in history a sequel has been made when they thought it was impossible.

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That is true, but after reading my stance can you tell why it would be at least hard to make a sequel? well kojima could do a MGO3 and explore the past. Thoughts?

ID: hrw2lij

I did not read your stance.

7 : Anonymous2022/01/09 18:17 ID: hrxzn1e

He made 4 sequels to Metal Gear Solid and a bunch of side stuff too, I wouldn’t underestimate Kojima’s ability to deepen a franchise.

ID: hry3gve

It's also a well known fact he wanted to end the series after MGS2. Many would say he only or mostly continued with the series because of Konami wanting him to. Not sure if the last part is a fact but for sure he intended MGS2 to be the end.

ID: hry3u6b

I understand if the desire wasn’t there, but the ability is.

8 : Anonymous2022/01/09 18:32 ID: hry28bt

In DS, much like in real life, the thing about fighting against extinction is that it’s sort of a lost cause. The DS wasn’t stopped but delayed. You can’t stop the inevitable, only defer it. There will be a sixth mass extinction event or Last Stranding. It might take a a few thousand or hundreds of thousands of years but it will happen no matter what. That’s the whole point about existence in DS. It’s like the universe is trying to return everything to the nothing it came from. Matter, let alone life, particularly human life, shouldn’t exist based off what happened during the Big Bang when matter and antimatter clashed and should’ve canceled each other out, leaving nothing. Therefore, the universe appears to have an asymmetry that it attempts to restore back to balance from time to time. The restoration of this balance involves the nothingness/void or rather, antimatter returning everything back to the source. Mankind is the species to be sacrificed on the altar of survival. So there’s actually lots of room for some kind of sequel when you think about it.

With that said, I personally wouldn’t want a sequel. The game is like some ancient myth, or koan. A sort of creation story that expresses why we shouldn’t give up fighting a battle that’s a lost cause. You can’t ultimately win against that void of nothingness that is space—victory, per se, just isn’t in the cards. But that doesn’t mean we just lay down and die, because what good is that? It’s almost an inevitable existential truth that humans need to contend with, the fact that we’re all destined for oblivion. And not just that of the mortal coil but the cosmic coil too. We as individuals will some day die and so will our species. And maybe even earth and the universe itself could go extinct too. Like when the day comes our sun is “extinguished”. But the point is to “keep on keeping on”. You rage against the dying light because to give in to the void just leads to nihilism and even more suffering - like with Higgs.

So although we know there will be another Stranding, that’s ok because we see in the game that humanity will continue to fight against it until the bitter end. Conceptually, this leaves room for a sequel, but I think it doesn’t need it. The profound message of the game has been laid out and we understand humanity will keep on keeping on. It doesn’t have to be repeated all over again because we already know the ultimate fate and what humanity will do and what happens.


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