A PS5 version of Apex Legends has been spotted on PSN

1 : Anonymous2022/01/14 12:14 ID: s3qzj8
A PS5 version of Apex Legends has been spotted on PSN
2 : Anonymous2022/01/14 13:19 ID: hsmi1jr

Fucking finally

ID: hsmmz8s

My thoughts exactly. The console launched in 2020. It's now 2022 and Apex is the only big Battle Royale game that still has received zero enhancements.

Hoping they'l manage to get 1440p120fps or at least dynamic 1440p120 going. And 3D audio.

Edit: personally I'd also like gyro aiming to be an option. It's available on Steam and the Switch version but the Switch is so incredibly underpowered when it comes to running this game...

ID: hsn1m4k

Fortnite’s the only one with a native PS5 version.

PUBG, Apex and Warzone still haven’t received PS5 versions yet.

ID: hso0wo9

it launched in 2020 but november it's only january 2022

it's really only been released for 1 year, 3 months

ID: hsmnb4t

Cough cough warzone

ID: hsmoism

Cough cough PUBG

ID: hsodl5g

Those stats are a bit misleading. Yes it came out in 2020 but at the very end of the year, also it is barely 2022, the PS5 has been out a little over a year, but you are trying to make it look like it has been 2 years.

But yeah I’m not sure why it took this long to make a PS5 version of Apex since Apex is on Pc and they could just use the Ultra settings and have called it a day.

ID: hsmsnly

1440p120 should be easily doable. My 3060Ti on jacked out setting easily does that.

ID: hsmx1ik

LOL this is exactly what I said as I was opening the thread

3 : Anonymous2022/01/14 13:51 ID: hsmm2q7

Was hoping for some better kraken utilisation for a smaller install size, a hefty size for a game I won't want to delete long term.

4 : Anonymous2022/01/14 13:09 ID: hsmgubq

Fingers crossed improved voip too. Crossplay is painful.

ID: hsmr62e


5 : Anonymous2022/01/14 12:45 ID: hsme7jt

please, I want a ps5 mp shooter other than bf2042

ID: hsmijhw

Idk if Deep Rock Galactic technically falls in that category, but it’s a pve, team based fps about dwarves mining rare minerals on a bug infested planet and it’s completely free rn with ps+. You should definitely try it out it’s so freakin dope.

ID: hsmizaz

Do I hear a Rock 'nd Stone?

It also has gyro aiming.

ID: hsmjblo

This game should always be an option. I mostly play AA/AAA PvP games, but DRG is the only game my friends and I give ongoing consistent attention. 300hrs+ clocked up each, and no signs of slowing down.

ID: hsn25o4


ID: hsmfkdk

Call of Duty BO Cold War and Vanguard, Destiny 2, Rogue Company, Rainbow Six Siege, and Doom Eternal all have PS5 versions.

6 : Anonymous2022/01/14 15:13 ID: hsmxnmt

Cant wait to be reminded about the lack of back buttons on PS5 games.

ID: hsnovgj

They need to just allow DS4 support for PS5 games which have adaptive triggers & Haptics as optional.

Like sure, it should be DualSense only for games like Astro’s Playroom but it’s ridiculous for them to make us use Dualsense ONLY for games like Battlefield 2042 PS5 or eventually Apex Legends PS5, as those games the features are optional.

Really wish Sony would be as consumer friendly as Microsoft.

ID: hsnshkq

Yeah its really stupid which make it even more stupid is that if you remote play from your smartphone you can connect a DS4 controller to your phone and use it to play ps5 games -_-

7 : Anonymous2022/01/14 14:39 ID: hsmslmy

I actually prefer the PS4 version so I can use a DualShock with the back button attachment. I’ve never understood why Sony didn’t release back buttons on the ps5 on day 1

ID: hsmzx2t

Just buy a 40 dollar paddle kit from ExtremeRate and do it yourself on a dualsense. Saves you the money from buying a 3rd party controller and you get back paddles. Best investment I’ve had so far.

ID: hsn0zax

I didn’t know about this, I’ll check it out! You have it and no issues with it?

ID: hsn048g

You can actually have paddles on your dualsense. It just takes a bit of tinkering.

Edit: forgot to link the paddles, lol.

eXtremeRate Kit de reprogrammation Rise 2.0 pour manette PS5 BDM 010 BDM 020, carte de mise à niveau et coque arrière redessinée et boutons pour manette PS5 – Manette non incluse

8 : Anonymous2022/01/14 12:26 ID: hsmcc4k


9 : Anonymous2022/01/14 21:43 ID: hsomam7

Now if only Warzone would follow suit.

10 : Anonymous2022/01/14 12:56 ID: hsmfeqz

Need this to go live asap

11 : Anonymous2022/01/14 13:43 ID: hsml3b0

Anniversary is coming up so maybe with the next season.

12 : Anonymous2022/01/14 12:45 ID: hsme81n

I prefer Warzone to Apex cause I’m just used to COD, and I’m terrible at Apex. But man at least they have FOV slider, can’t wait for this

ID: hsmlpqm

Practice makes perfect! It's different pacing and such but Apex is a blast. Especially once you start getting the hang of it. Don't give up!

ID: hsmmdqa

Man the difficulty curve is sooo steep on apex. But it's hella fun

ID: hsmj64p

I’ll switch to apex specifically because of the fov slider if they add it

Edit: brb switching now thanks lol

ID: hsmjbug

It already has it

ID: hsmjcoq

Apex already does have the FOV Slider

ID: hsmsx2k

I migrated from Warzone to Apex and it was one of the bestg decision of my gaming life. Apex is GOAT, such a great game.

My only complaint is WE's map design and the new tripic map being too big.

ID: hsnj01u

COD just feels so clunky after going to Apex. Feel like im fighting the controls and sluggishness instead of opponents when playing CoD.

13 : Anonymous2022/01/14 13:52 ID: hsmm8ns

Whats the difference between ps4 version and ps5 version ?

ID: hsmqojl

Faster loading. Better visuals. Better performance.

None of that helps if the servers run like spaghetti is fueling them.

ID: hsn5rfi

Does faster loading even matter with this, since you have to wait for everyone else before the match starts anyway?

ID: hsmph9x

Usually just enhanced performance.

14 : Anonymous2022/01/14 15:14 ID: hsmxwmw

If matchmaking wasn't trash and the sounds actually worked, I would return to this game but from what I've been seeing, there are some issues.

ID: hsn7rq9

O the audio. The fucking audio

15 : Anonymous2022/01/14 12:28 ID: hsmci8z

Hopefully it will have gyro aiming finally.

There is no reason not to add it.

it is Better and makes the game more accessible

ID: hsmgd6z

PlayStation has had gyros for 15 years and almost no games use it. Not sure why you expect that to change now.

ID: hsmgmm5

It has become more common.

It has gained popularity.

Last of us part 2 has it, deep rock galactic has it. Enlisted has it.

It just needs 1 mainstream fps game and it will become standard in every game on playstation.

And as an option it doesn’t hurt anyone it only makes the game better.

ID: hsmfx3g

Honestly baffling how most games omit this feature, yet the controller is fully capable of it. Same could be said of the previous gen...

ID: hsmgp01

Gyro aiming?

ID: hsmivx2

Motion aiming

This is basic video conparing mouse/gyro/sticks


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