Dying Light 2 Won’t Feature Crossplay, Cross-Gen Not Available at Launch, Story Can Be Completed With Up to 4 Players

1 : Anonymous2022/01/14 13:19 ID: s3s7n6
Dying Light 2 Won't Feature Crossplay, Cross-Gen Not Available at Launch, Story Can Be Completed With Up to 4 Players
2 : Anonymous2022/01/14 15:57 ID: hsn4eoh

My only concern (as a huge, huge fan of the first game--I bought it day one and have loved it for years) is that the focus in the sequel *looks* to be more on human-on-human combat, which was far less enjoyable in the first game than fighting zombies was. I really hope they've improved the enemy human AI combat mechanics.

ID: hsnxozu

I'm totally taking a stab here, but it seems like the story is adapting more to the "civilization after the outbreak" kinda deal since it's 25 years after the first game (I think?), where the focus is more on how people survive day to day and the dealings that happen in that civilization, rather than dealing with zombies popping up everywhere out of the blue, thus why we see much more human to human combat. Don't know if it has any real merit or if I'm completely off base, but that might at least explain why the focus isn't as much on the zombies this time around. Again, total guess.

ID: hso7gu1

Yeah like how the walking dead had become after the negan arc and Rick disappeared.

ID: hsnrkuk

Zombies were way too easy in the first game (at daytime at least)

ID: hsnyekn

That's pretty much on purpose and I hope they don't change that. People who want dumb zombies can play daytime, people who want challenges can play night time.

ID: hsodcts

It’s an exploration game, if the daytime zombies were too hard it would inhibit exploration for a majority of players and make it less fun. It’s not survival horror it’s an action adventure game with a horror theme.

ID: hsnag8p

Yeah, I noticed that as well. We've seen very little of the zombies in most of the promotional stuff. It does seem like the focus is more on humans here, and the zombies are more of a mild inconvenience between points on the map.

ID: hso418q

They’re focusing on humans because they’re leaning into the story and how it’ll have “choices” and faction alignment. In the most recent trailer, they show zombies and what looks like a beefed up volatile.

ID: hsne2fq

Have you not seen the gameplay trailers the human combat was VASTLY improved like way better so it will actually be fun fighting them to

ID: hsnf3zc

I've seen quick cuts in the trailers, but very little sustained combat. I'm just saying, I *hope* it's really good. I dunno either way. It's hard to say based on trailers.

ID: hsonl5h

Isn’t this how most zombie games end though? You always start fighting zombies and by the end you’re usually taking on mercs for…reasons. It was certainly true for Dying Light and I think even Dead Island. Dead Rising did it too.

3 : Anonymous2022/01/14 13:25 ID: hsmispn

I feel like 2 player co op is the sweet spot. Will play with a buddy for sure.

ID: hsmyh8y

It harkens back dead island. 4 player coop was harder to organize than 2 player sure, but it was fun.

ID: hsntexa

I had a three player co op on dead island going. God it was so much fun

ID: hso0ady

I miss that game. I always stay up really late so I managed to match up with some Australian guys. They were so funny I lost hours playing with them. Anyways dead island had an endless zombie mode and we knew all the glitches so we would get far enough where it would crash the game. Good times

ID: hsno2qf

I have 2 siblings so it’s really easy to sit down in the same room and play it all together in 3 player coop. I can never coordinate anything with my friends let alone play a whole story campaign lol. Definitely looking forward to this game! I hope there’s no restrictions for now coop works vs playing single player.

4 : Anonymous2022/01/14 15:09 ID: hsmx27s

Will Dying Light 2 have cross-platform play?

"No, not at this moment..."

How about cross-gen play?

"This won’t be possible at the launch of the game, but we are working to make it possible after the launch..."

ID: hsnhrgm

That’s a lot of “won’t be “ at launch lol

ID: hsnkjt3

This worries me a bit. Kinda how Battlefield 2042 said they wouldn’t have features at launch. The game still doesn’t have many features and has been crap since.

ID: hsnnpia

1 = 'a lot' ?

ID: hsodlqe

I'm pretty bummed to hear this. I still only have the Xbox One X, but my online friends have the Series X. We've been able to keep playing no problem and we're very hyped for this. I'm bummed to hear we won't be able to play together unless I upgrade consoles. :/

ID: hsp9pnq

You would think playing between Xbox generations would be easy to enable as well since theyre supposed to be quite similar. I guess they either didn't work on the feature much at all or they only want to do both platforms at once

5 : Anonymous2022/01/14 16:38 ID: hsnapix

So let me get this right, two PS5s can play with each other, but not PS5 with a PS4? The person I will be playing with has a PS5 and I do too.

ID: hso1511


6 : Anonymous2022/01/14 19:06 ID: hsnxv1u

Why now tell us this ?! It’s been said it was crossplay forever now. So your telling me as a pc user I can’t play with my friend that has a ps5. It’s 2022 get with the program. Please :/

ID: hsr5jui

It's a huge dealbreaker in my opinion and crossplay is something one can easily expect from a game in 2022.

7 : Anonymous2022/01/14 15:35 ID: hsn0y8e

I use the PS5 and the wife uses the old PS4...so this is a bit disheartening to learn...

ID: hsn8qd2

Play the PS4 version on the PS5 using BC? That might get around this bizarre "no-cross-gen" limitation.

ID: hso0ljr

Kinda defeats the point of buying a Ps5 if I’m forced to use Ps4 versions. I bought it to play the better versions of games. Does this game even have cross save?

ID: hsn45ib

Exactly the same with me and my gf. I guess I'll buy the game until they add the cross-gen, at least the game will have some discount by that time.

8 : Anonymous2022/01/14 14:48 ID: hsmtxt6

How will this affect achievements?

ID: hsn0vpx

THIS. If you can earn trophies and save the story progress when you are not the host, this is day one for me.

ID: hsn1j73

That's the way the previous Dying Light worked, and that's also how Dead Island and Dead Island Riptide (Dying Light's predecessors) worked. I see no reason why this won't be the same.

9 : Anonymous2022/01/14 20:21 ID: hso9gnx

If there's no cross-gen play, I hope that they at least uncap the framerate on the PS4 version via Backwards Compatibility. Playing the PS4 version at 30FPS on PS5 for the sake of playing with friends (that don't have a PS5), is for sure not the greatest of experiences.

10 : Anonymous2022/01/14 13:38 ID: hsmkcuw

Is couch coop an option? I feel like no one asked for that.

ID: hsmm0jb

The first one didn’t so I feel like this probably won’t either.

ID: hso169d

Extremely doubtful

ID: hsn8dg3

I hate that that is so rare sometimes.

ID: hsodsnj

Its just too difficult to make it good. Hell even back in the PS2 days when Split screen was everywhere it was delegated mostly to multiplayer death match modes and simplistic games.

Its just too hard to render these massive high quality games twice on a single console.

I would rather them focus on making online as good as possible since if they did have splitscreen it would almost certainly mean having some sort of tethering mechanic which keeps the cooperator close to the main player.

Far Cry 4 and 5 had split screen but you couldn’t walk more than a dozen yards away without being ripped out of the action and teleported back to the main player.

11 : Anonymous2022/01/14 17:35 ID: hsnjqmo

No crossplay turns this from a day one buy to a buy when on sale.

12 : Anonymous2022/01/14 14:06 ID: hsmo2w7

Weren't they going on about how crossplay would be a thing, and then a few weeks back said that crossplay wouldnt be in at launch. And now its just not coming at all? What the hell. I wanted to play with my pc friends

ID: hsmydkr

Always seek the original source. Smektala's answer "not at this moment" suggests it's something they will peruse after launch.

ID: hsnmwa6

now it’s not coming at all

They’re trying to make it happen after launch. Read the article.

13 : Anonymous2022/01/14 19:56 ID: hso5ncj

No cross gen is unforgivable at this point.

14 : Anonymous2022/01/14 14:15 ID: hsmpa2n

Oof, no crossplay? Tough sell for me and my fiance, damn.

15 : Anonymous2022/01/14 14:38 ID: hsmsjzk

As long as I'm able to drop kick zombies off bulding with my pal, I'll be fine.

Sucks a bit to not see such features at launch though, it's always good, especially in a non-competitive game

16 : Anonymous2022/01/14 16:17 ID: hsn7fj4

I really hope they stop doing cross gen games. Imagine buying a ps5 and having to wait for people on your team ps4's loading times. I wish there was a way to crossplay without crossplaying with older generations.

ID: hsnl6ia

I always think about this when playing Hunt Showdown. Im always the first to load in & i have to wait a couple minutes for the others to join in.

ID: hsnazr4

Uhhhhhhh this already happens on pretty much every online PlayStation game and it’s hardly a big deal

17 : Anonymous2022/01/14 19:30 ID: hso1hgy

why would it be hard for them just to make it cross-Gen?


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