Hot Wheels Unleashed – Design Battle | PS5

1 : Anonymous2022/01/14 15:40 ID: s3vaao
Hot Wheels Unleashed - Design Battle | PS5
2 : Anonymous2022/01/14 16:35 ID: hsnabpr

Now I'm thinking of a mode where you let kids design the cars in-game and order it from in-game to have it delivered in real life.

Why aren't games doing this already Order goodies from the game to have them delivered in real life (custom or otherwise)?

ID: hsnrk2u

Throwback to Lego Digital Designer when you could create and buy your own custom sets

ID: hsnq0k0

Hey this is a good idea

ID: hsnql6j

So like stickers? That’s genuinely a great idea. And never mind the kids, I’d love that myself

ID: hsnvn52

Stickers, cars, action figures, dolls, accessories, whatever.

What's the best time to sell merch? At the end of an enjoyable experience. So game, movies, cartoons, they can all do it. Whatever affiliation purchase it is, it can be sold via the medium it is delivering using a very easy and convenient way.

3 : Anonymous2022/01/14 16:16 ID: hsn7d7g

How's the customization options in this game? Is it similar to the options rocket league has or is it a bit more in depth?

ID: hsnqnwg

You can't change the physical shape of the vehicles, there's no attachments etc. But there's a full livery editor similar to what's found in games like Forza - multiple layers, shapes, decals etc etc as well as paint/material rendering for different parts of the car and wheels. It's surprisingly comprehensive and people have done some cool stuff with it already.

ID: hst171a

At least last I checked there's a huge flaw in the livery editor that you can't group layers. So if you've spent a bunch of time making a logo or something out of tons of layers, you can't move the logo as a whole. Nor can you copy and paste it to be used in a different livery on a different car.

ID: hsn7rj3

You can only change the color of the cars

4 : Anonymous2022/01/14 15:51 ID: hsn3d3z

I'm waiting for the ultimate bundle that includes all the DLC.

ID: hsn8b51

The ultimate edition with the 1st & 2nd racing pass is currently on sale for $63 on US PSN

ID: hsnfspk

best one to itself ends up costing $3

ID: hsp0cl7

Except that doesn’t include all the dlc.

Theres a third season pass planned and battle passes

ID: hsol5a7

$63... what a sale price.

5 : Anonymous2022/01/14 16:21 ID: hsn83di

This game any good? How's the gameplay?

ID: hsn8dv2

I love it, I think it’s a blast. I didn’t get the racing passes but I’m buying cars that I think are cool as I go along.

ID: hsn8x1y

Been on my wish list and is 30% off right now.. Think I might pull the trigger

ID: hsnfb2e

It’s a solid racing game. I’m having a lot of fun thanks to the ability to play tracks created by other users. They released a Batman expansion which adds The Batcave as a room to build in. It’s not Forza or anything but honestly I have more hours in Hot Wheels than I do Forza. They have a season pass that’s pretty cheap ($6) but it’s a bit of a chore to get through.

ID: hsngpjd

The racing season for $6 was an amazing deal IMO. I primarily use the cheetah car from it.

ID: hsnmgcl

Does it have couch co-op? Splitscreene?

ID: hsnoys7

what's the best way to play user created tracks? all i ever figured out was playing online races which may or may not be user created.

ID: hsnpkru


ID: hsobuvc

I'd say it's a solid 7, the gameplay and amount of cars is great but the tracks are repetitive and some questionable choices on some of the trials requiring you to find your own shortcuts to beat them, not improve, beat and those are tied to trophies so it can put a sour taste in your mouth if you are trying to platinum. Also they use some obstacles during the speed trials for some reason, which can be super RNG and I found really annoying.

I got it cause I have a young kid and he loves hotwheels, just wish some of the mario kart options like auto accelerate, or an option to keep them on the track were present because he's still a bit too young to fully enjoy this game vs mario kart. But in a year or two he'll enjoy all the options to make tracks and customize all the cars I've unlocked for him, so still worth the purchase in my opinion.

BUT if you don't have a kid, or aren't really into hotwheels I'd probably just wait for GT7 if you want a racer since they both cost a bit and you'll get more enjoyment probably out of GT7, assuming it's as good as previous versions.

ID: hsocp5u


ID: hsop3x2

Love it. It plays like a arcade racer with kart racer esthetic. Lots of really fun tracks and some really cool hot wheels cars. I love my K.I.T.T. because i had the same car, in multiple when I was a kid.

ID: hspeavp

Gameplay feels amazing, I like it better than Dirt 5.

6 : Anonymous2022/01/14 23:01 ID: hsoxwz5

Does this game have like a drive around mode?

ID: hsp1fti

An open world? No. There's time trial modes to lap around a track at your hearts content and set lap times though.

ID: hssi91x

enter the track editor, place down the starting line and then test the track. you can explore freely and use any car you like.

ID: hssibm9



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