Tech support needed, my dual sense will not hold a charge and goes flat when disconnected from charger. It’s 10 months old

1 : Anonymous2022/01/15 15:31 ID: s4mrc1
Tech support needed, my dual sense will not hold a charge and goes flat when disconnected from charger. It’s 10 months old
2 : Anonymous2022/01/15 15:33 ID: hsrwqbp

It has a bad battery. Return it or buy a new one.

ID: hsrwwti

Would it be under warranty with 10 months used?

ID: hsrxmgy

At least in EU it is.

ID: hsrxoax

I’m not sure. Probably.

ID: hss75wt

Depends on the rules in your country.

I don't know if it's all of EU, but here you have 2 year warrenty on every electronic you buy. Some places you can buy extended warrenty if you don't already have an insurance to take care of the electronics in your house.

ID: hssiksh

One year warranty. But if you bought it from somebody then I dont know..

If bought from a store, call sony usually they just send you a new one (and ask you to send that one in)

3 : Anonymous2022/01/15 15:33 ID: hsrwqzx

Ps. I’ve also tried resetting the controller twice with no luck.

Is this just unlucky or am I doing something wrong?

ID: hss7hgc

Go on their support website ( and follow the steps. If all else fails you’ll need to speak to someone on the phone. I’ve received great support for my PS5 in the past. I’ve sent 2 controllers to be fixed after 11 months of use.

ID: hss8bxx

For more context. I live in the UK, I had issues with 2 separate controllers where the analog sticks would drift. I went through the support steps and nothing fixed the issue. I called them with the number they provided and they organised them to be repaired. The only downside is the wait time was about 45 mins on the phone.

Each time they provided me with pre-paid postage, so I never paid a thing. The controllers got delivered back to me within 2 weeks.

4 : Anonymous2022/01/15 15:40 ID: hsrxr17

I had similar issues with my PS5. I looked into the warranty and I think it was more of a hassle going through warranty. I could be totally wrong but I think it included me paying for shipping, would be out a controller for weeks, and I’m not sure what happens if they can’t fix it.

5 : Anonymous2022/01/15 15:45 ID: hsryew1

Yeah that's a warranty swap took less than a week to get mine back.

6 : Anonymous2022/01/15 15:53 ID: hsrzluj

Your controller knew new colors was released so time to grab one jkjk. Might want to do a warranty swap but if it’s a hassle just get another one

7 : Anonymous2022/01/15 21:26 ID: hstecp9

Have you tried to maybe just not unplug it? Boom problem sorted lol

ID: hstfe07

Unfortunately my headset dongle plugs into the front at the usb-c port and covers over the charger port at the front.

I can use the back charger port I guess but I don’t think it’s a great solution for the problem that is my controller is clearly faulty

ID: hstg5bx

If you have a spare plug the usb should fit in a phone charger socket, then put the other end in the controller? It might overheat after like 5 hours but might work

ID: hstgbli

Or a power bank might work

8 : Anonymous2022/01/15 15:37 ID: hsrxd1k

Have you try different usb cables? Or even try to charge in different usb ports, like power bank? TV? Phone charger?pc?

If it doesn't work it's probably the USB board from the controller that's messed up, or the battery it self

ID: hsrxp1g

I usually charge my controller on the dual sense charging dock. The cable works fine with my phone so I think the controller is busted. After 10 months of gaming seems lame

ID: hss71zp

That sucks to be honest, if you can bargain with the warranty of the console controller you probably can get a new one, there is no point having this situation if you have the warranty, give it a try and see how it goes

9 : Anonymous2022/01/15 17:21 ID: hssd1ja

You need a new one, you played too much

10 : Anonymous2022/01/15 17:57 ID: hssikmd

I had the same shit with my first controller, the one that came with the console. I got another and a charging Dock. The controller will still charge through the contacts at the bottom.

ID: hsth0mo

Your busted one charged through the contacts from the charging dock? I tried it on mine but same result, battery goes flat instantly when taken off charge. really sucks I’ll look for support Monday

11 : Anonymous2022/01/15 18:59 ID: hsss6f1

Christ been seeing so many controller problems wtf

12 : Anonymous2022/01/15 20:52 ID: hst9fbr

Try take it apart and replace the battery it’s not that hard all you have to do is take off four screws and the battery is the first thing you see on the back

ID: hst9l7b

If I can’t get a new one with a warranty I’ll go this route, is a battery expensive?

13 : Anonymous2022/01/15 22:15 ID: hstlkba

Just buy a new one and put that one in the new package and return it.

14 : Anonymous2022/01/15 23:19 ID: hstusa6

Think of it this way. Perfect opportunity to score a new color way


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