Digital Foundry: Gran Turismo 7 – PS5 vs PS4 Pro vs PS4 Cross-Gen Comparison – The Ultimate Head-to-Head!

1 : Anonymous2022/03/05 15:00 ID: t7b7hy
Digital Foundry: Gran Turismo 7 - PS5 vs PS4 Pro vs PS4 Cross-Gen Comparison - The Ultimate Head-to-Head!
2 : Anonymous2022/03/05 15:46 ID: hzgn5vb

Game is gorgeous and Im loving it so far

3 : Anonymous2022/03/05 15:53 ID: hzgo7c7

Fucking hell when they flick between the PS5 and PS4 versions it really highlights the visual differences. PS4 looks so empty.

I think for me the biggest improvement on PS5 is the car shadows. It's crazy how such a fine detail makes so much difference.

ID: hzhnv5c

Nah, no way. Biggest improvement is factually, the loading times. 33 seconds vs 0.9 seconds it's ridiculous! Outrageous!

ID: hzi45yj

Was going to say the same thing. Buzzing through the menus and getting from the end of one race to the beginning of another in under a minute has got to be the biggest difference.

ID: hzidr9w

They look pretty same to me, to be honest. It does not look amazing in any of the versions, so I think you seem to be exaggerating a bit here.

Drive Club, which came out in 2013 on base PS4, looks better than this

4 : Anonymous2022/03/05 15:32 ID: hzglbkf

Love the game so far. Driving is fun and the campaign progression is motivating. Unlocking cars after almost every race. I love how they celebrate car culture, even though I'm not the biggest car enthusiast myself, but their passion is really contagious.

The graphics are great, but they're certainly not mind-blowing imo.

ID: hzh2z13

Do you think I would like this game if I don’t know much about cars like how to tweak engines, gear ratios etc? I just want to race with realistic handling

ID: hzh5eux

Yeah you can stay away from all of that and just race some cars.

ID: hzh3uqg

I was in the same boat but bought the game and it's super fun! You buy parts and have the option to fine tune if you'd like, but by no means is it 100% required. It's a very satisfying driving experience.

ID: hzh8ryj

Yep yep yep yep and yep.

ID: hzhbioc

I'm basically in the same boat as you. I haven't been able to get really into a racing game in a long time. I had enjoyed Gran Turismo on PS2 but didn't full involve myself in some aspects because it felt way over my head. I also had more free time back then lol.

From what I've read, this one is a lot better with helping you understand what you're doing but more importantly, if you still don't want to bother with that stuff but still want the benefit of tuning... then in addition to liveries you can also download player tuning profiles which I thought changes a lot for me because even if I don't know what I'm doing, seeing what a "good tuning" from someone else is like could be interesting to spot/sense the differences even just cycling through a few of those for the best feel. So it still let's you participate in the whole process without knowing anything about it.

I'm probably going to pick it up.

ID: hzi1bf4

How does the dualsense work?

ID: hzibmfv

Amazing!! The force feedback/tension in the triggers gives you incredible throttle/braking control. The haptics of slippage/oversteer also helps when pushing the car. It’s unbelievable

ID: hzi3bvb

I think the graphics are phenomenal, but they go for photorealism over any kind of creative art style, so it doesn't feel as mind-blowing as Ratchet & Clank/Demons Souls/Returnal/HFW imo

ID: hzglffl

Would you say it's the best looking PS5 game?

ID: hzglte7

No, I think this title still goes to Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, and close after that comes Horizon Forbidden West.

ID: hzh8fpt

it looks great but it's definitely not the best looking. Ratchet and Clank and Demon's Souls own that title for me, and Returnal looks amazing as well.

The car detail is the shining star here. The cars look absolutely amazing. The environments are not anything to write home about, they stop this from being the best looking game.

ID: hzgqdn2

I’d say horizon fw looks better. But I would say GT7 is the best ps5 game right now overall. Best racing game of all time as a package.

ID: hzglo13


ID: hzgnfha

Tbh the replays have the most realistic graphics I've ever seen in a videogame. Almost photo realistic at times.

ID: hzgtl03

I definitely would not. It looks like a nice cross-gen game to me. Whereas I'd say something like Horizon Forbidden West actually passes as a next-gen title on PS5, despite also technically being cross-gen.

There's gonna be a LOT of room for improvement here for GT8 later this generation, especially in terms of trackside detail. I think when we finally do get that, it'll highlight how cross-gen in nature GT7 really is.

ID: hzhak99

Definitely not

ID: hzgoiwp

I think driveclub looks better if I don't count in the resolution and fps. The game looks the same as gt sport but in higher res. Pretty underwhelming game graphics wise.

ID: hzh0vhx

The cars look like a testament to PS5's graphhics, but look at anything else and it's like looking multiple generations into the past.

5 : Anonymous2022/03/05 21:37 ID: hzhzucn

Been playing on the ps4 pro and I'm surprised at how well the game runs and looks. Can't wait to upgrade to a ps5 though. Lol

6 : Anonymous2022/03/05 16:27 ID: hzgsvb8

I wish they'd focus more on the base PS4 in the comparisons to really show the full generational leap. Plus, ya know, there's a lot more base PS4's out there than PS4 Pro's.

That said, in terms of core graphics, it doesn't feel that significant a jump to me. Like, despite the large amount of smaller differences, they dont seem to add up to be more significant as a whole. More foliage seems like the thing that sticks out to me without having to closely scrutinize them back to back/side by side.

But again, it would probably seem more impressive if they spent more time showing 1080p base PS4 footage compared to 2160p PS5 footage as well.

Loading times(and Dualsense features) seem like the main draws for PS5. So cool to have a game of this type with quick loading finally.

ID: hzh4p5n

YouTube’s compression makes it impossible to truly highlight the difference between 4K and 1080p anyway. The PS4 Pro and base PS4 versions are the exact same game graphically, the only difference is resolution.

ID: hzhn54l

Apparently foliage in certain tracks is also a touch higher

7 : Anonymous2022/03/05 18:40 ID: hzhbqnq

It is a little disappointing how close they are. The fact this game is running native 4K 60fps on PS5 hints they have a crap ton of overhead to work with, but would take too much work to build a fully upgraded PS5 version.

The lighting model looks amazing for a 60fps PS4 game with dynamic lighting, but feels a bit underwhelming on PS5.

I suppose it’s much better than GT6’s unfortunate situation on PS3 though lol. PS3 exclusive a couple months after the PS4 came out.

8 : Anonymous2022/03/05 15:38 ID: hzgm3uq

Imagine if the game was PS5 only. Maybe GT 8 in 2027.

Edit: changed it from 2025 to 2027. Wouldn't be surprised if GT 8 is cross-gen (PS5 and PS6).

ID: hzgnhf5

Lol try 2027 at best. It'll probably be a PS6 game, maybe with a PS5 version

ID: hzgnrhd

Only three years between GT5 and GT6, it's possible.

ID: hzgz5pj

GT truly utilizing PS5 power will be mindblowing. This is just testing waters.

9 : Anonymous2022/03/05 18:53 ID: hzhdi1s

The cross gen killed it for me, they don't even use ray tracing during racing.

They should have done what forza is doing... revamp their engine with next gen only in mind and release it 3+years after the release of the console.

Will hold out for the PC release, hopefully you can turn on ray tracing during gameplay on that version.

ID: hzho19k

Nothing to do with Cross gen. Ray tracing would only work with 30 FPS.

ID: hzhx69t

Insomniac has proven this to be false with their performance RT modes

ID: hzhlhtw

I don't think they have ever come out on PC.

I kind of agree about cross gen, it would have been cool to see all the stops pulled out here. I think the difficulty in getting PS5s into people's hands is causing issues, who knows what the situation will be in 12 months, it might well be the same as it is now...

ID: hzhrk10

Playstation has been porting games to PC recently, and this game already uses a "mouse" cursor to navigate menus. The jump would be easy if they decide to pull the trigger.

ID: hzhrfme

It has shown up in multiple nvidia leaks as coming to PC. The same leaks which showed GOW and uncharted prior to their announcements. It also showed HFW coming to PC, which has had multiple other people confirm it is coming to PC at this point.

It's coming to PC.

10 : Anonymous2022/03/05 19:18 ID: hzhh1ey

I dunno what all the raving is about in regards to this games graphics. It looks old and is desperately held back by it being a PS4 title first and foremost.

Really disappointing that we have to wait basically another decade for a real next gen GT. This is a PS4 game graphically at it's foundation with some settings cranked to "high" for the PS5 version and even then the environment detail for most of tracks is very poor and don't hold up anywhere near as well as the cars do.

11 : Anonymous2022/03/05 19:31 ID: hzhixaf

My two gripes: graphics aren’t that stunning imho and trigger utilization is crap compared to say F1. Other than that it’s fine

Edit: I forgot this is

and can’t say anything negative or tards will go ape shit lmao

ID: hzi5xhn

I'm with you. I was so looking forward to how they will use the adaptive trigger to enhance your perception of your cars stability and traction. But mostly it's just a constant resistance on the triggers, that sometimes vibrates a bit (even though, that doens't even work when you 100% pull the trigger..)

I don't know how it's done in F1 but even Forza Horizon 4/5 use the inferior vibration system in the triggers of the Xbox controller in a better way. In FH4/5 the trigger let me feel exactly when my car loses traction, and how much, so I know to decrease acceleration or reduce braking force (depending on the situation).

12 : Anonymous2022/03/05 22:27 ID: hzi6du1

I'm seeing a lot of flickering shadows and sun glare - would that be my HDR settings or is it just part of the game?


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