GTAV and GTA Online Coming March 15 for PlayStation 5 | Learn how to transfer Story Mode progress now, plus first details on GTA Online profile migration, pre-load timing, and more.

1 : Anonymous2022/03/04 15:02 ID: t6kvlk
GTAV and GTA Online Coming March 15 for PlayStation 5 | Learn how to transfer Story Mode progress now, plus first details on GTA Online profile migration, pre-load timing, and more.
2 : Anonymous2022/03/04 15:06 ID: hzbnwfz

Details on the graphics modes:

Fidelity Mode is tuned for the highest visual quality and targets 30 FPS. In this mode the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X support native 4K resolution with ray tracing enabled while the Xbox Series S supports upscaled 4K resolution.

Performance Mode is tuned for the most responsive gameplay experience and targets 60 FPS. In this mode the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X support upscaled 4K resolution while the Xbox Series S supports a resolution of 1080p.

In addition, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X have Performance RT mode, a hybrid of the Fidelity and Performance modes supporting upscaled 4K resolution with ray tracing enabled and targeting 60 FPS.

ID: hzboav2

I’m confused here. Why would you pick either of the first two modes over Performance RT?

Is the only difference native 4K over upscale? Is there much of a difference?

ID: hzbouw0

Performance RT is somewhere in the middle.

The graphics won’t be as good as fidelity mode and the frame rate won’t be as fixed as performance mode

Performance RT is targeting 60FPS, not locked to it. It won’t hold the target as much as performance mode will.

ID: hzboi8g

i imagine the RT won't be nearly as quality in performance RT so if you want the full fidelity experience then fidelity is best. that's usually how it goes.

ID: hzbwt9r

Performance RT will probably sacrifice details and resolution for 60fps with Ray Tracing.

Performance offers more details, better textures etc with locked 60fps and a dynamic resolution.

And fidelity offers RT, 4K and the highest details possible while being locked at 30fps.

That’s how I imagine it!

ID: hzbptty

Depending on the environment and upscaling techniques they use and anti-aliasing techniques used or not used Native 4K can look extremely sharper than other modes described here

ID: hzbor4s

Spiderman Remastered and Miles Morales have similar modes. This mode has the "issue" that there are virtually less npcs/crowds. Wasn't a problem for me but there may be people who see big crowds as an integral part of immersion

3 : Anonymous2022/03/04 15:55 ID: hzbv5aa

I transferred my original character from PS3 to Xbox One, now it’ll go to PS5

Amazing lol

4 : Anonymous2022/03/04 15:14 ID: hzbp41w

Still not immediately clear if this is a standalone purchase for $60/70, or available as an upgrade for existing owners.

ID: hzbqbt8

Seems to me that they are avoiding mentioning it. The way I see it is that if it was a free upgrade or even a small amount, say £10, they would have mentioned this waaay before now…which makes me think it’s a standalone purchase at full price and they are trying to avoid any pre-launch controversy.

ID: hzbtg4t

This exactly. They avoid it on purpose – why not mentioning it if it’s free. They will definitely charge people for it. I hope not many people will buy it…

ID: hzc0kw1

But then you'd also think they'd put up a pre-order by now too, even if it were full price. I think it's strange either way.

ID: hzbqc4i

If they've not mentioned an upgrade by now, it's cause there isn't one.

ID: hzc2zo7

GTA Online will be free to ps plus members

ID: hzbrwwx

If you mean free upgrade we definitely know that won’t be happening.

5 : Anonymous2022/03/04 15:15 ID: hzbp6od

Everything we need to know, except the price. PS5 upgrade is going to be a money grab. If it was free or only 10 or 20 bucks they’d be shouting it from the rooftops already.

ID: hzbrrwc

Well Online is free on PS5 to keep forever if you redeem during the first 3 months if you have PS+

ID: hzbxl6m

Which is fine, but I want to play the main game too.

ID: hzemyq1

Someone who spotted it being listed in a store said it was 40 dollar

6 : Anonymous2022/03/04 16:56 ID: hzc4i4g

Man it's gonna be another two years at this rate before Red Dead gets a PS5 port too lol

7 : Anonymous2022/03/04 15:11 ID: hzboole

Have they said how much the upgrade costs?

ID: hzc2gt2

Like fuck… they’re gonna make millions on shark cards anyways. Why can’t they let us upgrade for free 🙁

ID: hzbqeqo

Their silence on this is concerning. I know online will be free for Plus for the first three months, but I would like to go through the single player again.

ID: hzbq9zw


8 : Anonymous2022/03/04 15:11 ID: hzbopyl

Stoked to see a RT performance mode

9 : Anonymous2022/03/04 20:03 ID: hzcx8tt
10 : Anonymous2022/03/04 15:13 ID: hzbozwk

Watch this sell like hotcakes…

ID: hzbuw3b

tbh the fact that this is nearly 10 years old and still this relevant just shows how polished and great this game was .

and its also a shame that no other developers have come close in challenging it in the same genre

ID: hzc6s4k

Just last quarter - the old-gen, non-updated versions - it still sold over 5,000,000 units.

Studios would kill for 5,000,000 sales alone ($300,000,000). Meanwhile, this game that’s now *almost a decade old is still doing it on their oldgen versions

ID: hzbv7oy

And, in some instances it’s still better than some games released today.

What GTA VI will be like, I don’t know. I’m excited for it though, very excited.

ID: hzez0km

All the “GTA killers” haven’t even come close.

Even watch dogs and cyberpunk which we’re both hyped to be massive GTA competitors at the time have both come nowhere close.

ID: hzbphy2

This and MW22 are my picks for the highest selling games of the year. GTAV was released closer to the original MW2 than it was the MW reboots. Which is just crazy.

ID: hzccz8f

I have high hopes for MW22

ID: hzbqnuc

Considering the PS4 versions still are, I have no doubt this will.

11 : Anonymous2022/03/05 03:17 ID: hzenbwj





12 : Anonymous2022/03/04 15:34 ID: hzbs2ti

Ah shit, here we go again.

13 : Anonymous2022/03/04 16:02 ID: hzbw8l3

Bottom line, if it’s a reasonably priced upgrade, I’ll buy it just for SP. If they dare ask full price for this game in the same galaxy where GT and HFW just came out with the same price point , it’s an easy skip

14 : Anonymous2022/03/04 15:14 ID: hzbp4if

So, definitely no upgrade path if you already own the PS4 version? That's a bit disappointing.

ID: hzd8gng

What if you own the ps3 version? (͡•_ ͡• )

15 : Anonymous2022/03/04 15:47 ID: hzbtwnz

Why hasn’t there been any trailers, or updates for this?

ID: hzchzhr

There has been, long time ago, but it seemed like footage from the current build. Either way, not seeing trailers is almost always a bad sign. At least Online is a ps+ thing

16 : Anonymous2022/03/04 16:59 ID: hzc4v59

I hope wildlife is brought into online.

17 : Anonymous2022/03/04 16:15 ID: hzby5z6

I wished they would have added coop to story mode to this version. I just can’t see myself playing the game solo again but with a friend it would be worth it

18 : Anonymous2022/03/04 19:20 ID: hzcqkzk

A year ago I would have eaten this shit up. Now? Hard pass. Don't buy this shit guys. Did we forget about the trilogy already?

ID: hzcsisk

Based on some of the comments here, yes. Yes they did forget about the trilogy

19 : Anonymous2022/03/04 21:54 ID: hzdep7s

The fuck, I fitst bought this on PS3

20 : Anonymous2022/03/05 05:26 ID: hzf2bem

Idk about y’all but I’m tired of GTA V. Give it a rest Rockstar.

21 : Anonymous2022/03/05 12:23 ID: hzg0n5y

I'd be fine with them releasing this if it was free.

22 : Anonymous2022/03/04 15:34 ID: hzbryi9

So, have they shown any footage or is this going to be another Remastered Trilogy?

23 : Anonymous2022/03/04 15:27 ID: hzbqybm

Hmm seems like cross gen between ps5 and PS4 might not be a thing if it’s a one time character transfer ?


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