PSA: Malicious purchasing scripts

1 : Anonymous2021/03/06 19:56 ID: lz9p1h

I think we're all surprised that PS5s are still this hard to come by four months after launch, and our users are having to go to greater and more persistent lengths to get their hands on one.

We want to remind everyone to exercise extreme caution when they use auto-purchasing scripts or software that they've acquired through this subreddit or other online services.

This is the scan result from an auto purchasing app that was being distributed on /

earlier today - it claimed to be a "scalper quality" script to help you beat the bots the next time there's a drop, but what it actually is is a bitcoin miner.

Always ensure you virus-scan any programs you receive from an untrusted source, and take care with browser extensions and JavaScript applets distributed as raw code - just because it runs in your browser doesn't mean it can't be malicious. Never insert payment information into an auto-purchasing script - a legit script doesn't need it, and simply uses your existing account at an online retailer.

Take care, and good hunting.

2 : Anonymous2021/03/06 23:27 ID: gq1ew5h

In Denmark one of the big tech stores has this system where every time they restock they let people sign up for the chance to get to buy one. Then they randomly pick some lucky “winners” that get to buy it after the sign up deadline. This eliminates the chance of scalpers and insane internet queues. It still seems insane to have to “win” the chance to buy one. But it makes the game more fair.

ID: gq1p3wn

Newegg recently just adopted this system in the US for GPU, CPU, and console restocks. It's basically a lottery but they call it the "Newegg Shuffle"

ID: gq1ug34

Well it's nothing new. This system is used in Japan by default for items with high demand.

ID: gq200hq

Lottery systems are pretty common for other things in high demand, like limited release sneakers, and seem to work pretty well for avoiding scalpers.

ID: gq1pb3m

Game did something like this too in Spain, but it wasn’t random, first come first serve.

ID: gq1xncx

Would've much preferred a system like this.

ID: gq33wwz

Is it Elgiganten? Because they are doing the same in Sweden

ID: gq35t69

They do this mainly to get more customers.

Can sign up to win a ps5 without signing up to their daily newsletter after all.

I in no way believe when Elgiganten say they just recieved "thousands" of ps5. (What they said when they opened up for registration mar 2. )

ID: gq218ky

Adidas has been doing this for ages now with their limited supply shoes like yeezys

ID: gq1wad4

I actually won a ps5 this way. In Finland we have this system as well.

ID: gq33c76

What’s the name of this tech store?

ID: gq49p7b

That sounds like the same system liquor control states use to sell rare bourbon in America.

ID: gq5ffgu

It's still absurd that we've reached the point where people need to feel lucky just for the opportunity of buying a PS5. Really shows how ridiculous the whole semiconductor shortage thing is, along with the fact that old graphics cards and even cars are selling for almost their original MSRP. And let's be real, a lot of the people "winning" these PS5's probably sell them with a massive markup anyway. Not that I really blame them tbh, I sold my own back in January when I finished Miles Morales and Demon's Souls and realized none of the games I wanted to replay had received 60fps updates yet, so I put my console for sale and ended up getting bids over $1000. Crazy

3 : Anonymous2021/03/06 20:51 ID: gq0jaa2

The fact this has to be said is a travesty.

ID: gq0omvm

Some people are just super desperate. Not judging, but it happens.

ID: gq24h6s

Sony needs to do something. At the end of the day they get paid and don’t seem to care where their consoles go. I could be wrong, but I haven’t seen them make a single effort to make this better. People are doing what they do best, taking advantage of a something until it breaks.

4 : Anonymous2021/03/07 02:49 ID: gq24rwu

Just let me put my name on a list and let me know when it's ready. I don't mind waiting, but I'm just not going to play this online purchase game. This has been the most frustrating launch experience.

ID: gq3acx6

Exactly. I've owned every nintendo and Sony system ever and have never had this level of difficulty getting one. This online only method has been absolutely brutal

ID: gq2i8l1


5 : Anonymous2021/03/06 21:14 ID: gq0o5s4

I can’t wait til they actually release the PS5.

ID: gq1whj3

2022 is gonna be fuckin' toight.

ID: gq281mw

I can't wait until I see a ps5 related post without this joke. Sure here it's fine, but it's on every single post on this subreddit.

6 : Anonymous2021/03/07 01:24 ID: gq1w7p1

Why not just ban any posts that use autonomous methods to purchase PS5s? It would curb around any malicious and bad faith people.

ID: gq3afnh

It probably makes sense but alot of us just want to buy one system and it's been impossible to do that. The normal purchasing methods just dont work. You can be on top of every drop, have everything set up right and still not get a single system

ID: gq2ktcc

I don’t like helping the scalpers at all. Nowadays anyone can take up scalping, it requires very little effort and even less of a conscience. It’s all about available cash so imagine a bunch of well off people in the suburbs making hundreds on each console as a side hustle that their next meal does not depend on while a kid that mowed lawns all summer saved up just enough for the system and a game or two, now out of reach.

7 : Anonymous2021/03/06 22:08 ID: gq0yrnm

Damn I just buy my bitcoin like a pleb

8 : Anonymous2021/03/07 04:46 ID: gq2fvqn

Why can’t Sony just allow people to purchase them directly from their website and give a delivery date when it’s not in stock? This is what Apple does. You order a MacBook, there is a huge demand so it’s not ready yet, but they give you a “ship by” date. Boom, no scalpers.

ID: gq2lhl6

I like this idea. This could solve a lot of the issues we have now.

ID: gq2uuz1

It’s what Apple and oculus both did to launch products this year. zero reason not to do it other than a lack of proper planning and development of the process.

Follow the industry leaders and stop relying on worthless retail partners.

ID: gq2rzcq


9 : Anonymous2021/03/07 06:55 ID: gq2qtll

In my country they had a 600 stock of consoles so they added a lottery. A lot of people complained that they had to pay the price of the console only to potentially get it (ofc you will get your money back if you didn’t win the lottery) . Anyways the shop went with it and said that the lottery losers will keep their queue number as the entered the lottery . Long story short I lost in the shuffle but 3 months later I got a call asking me if I still want it

10 : Anonymous2021/03/06 21:31 ID: gq0rnaq

I'm not surprised at all.. There's a global chip shortage, it's going to take at least till February / may 2022 before that is sorted.

As a result though, people get desperate and grab anything that could give them an edge. You'd be surprised how many people don't know how to scan for viruses or even check links. So scammers make good use of them..

ID: gq24gym

Even with that, the PS5 has just been massively popular — IIRC it was actually the biggest console launch that has been seen yet. So the crunch is on both sides — unprecedented demand bumping up against reduced supply.

11 : Anonymous2021/03/06 22:50 ID: gq17ms8

Not to take away from scalpers being human trash, scalpers are not the only issue there is with PS5 stock. Although it may seem like scalpers buy up all consoles, they only buy up a very small amount of consoles compared to the consoles that are bought by regular people.

We are in the middle of a pandemic, some places worse than others. PS5 had the biggest launch stock in the history of consoles, but the demand has increased significantly compared to a normal launch. Countless people stuck at home, unable to go out. Demand is just too high, and Sony can only produce so many of them.

ID: gq2l5zf

I was getting scared last summer with how many people that never played video games took to Animal Crossing. I know several non gaming adults that bought a Switch just to play that game. I had already planned to buy a PS5 at launch and knew the line was getting longer the more people ran out of their ordinary things to do.

ID: gq190is

Scalpers consoles number are at most 15%, which is a lot. But to the people think just because of scalpers there is a shortage is dumb af

12 : Anonymous2021/03/07 07:00 ID: gq2r5kg

I feel like distributors would rather not have a pre-order list, now people are downloading their apps, making accounts and filling in their billing info, and signing up for email notifications, all of their own free will. Stuff of marketing dreams!

13 : Anonymous2021/03/07 05:32 ID: gq2k71o

Man so people are turning to using the same methods as the scalpers?! I hate what this world has become. My only comfort is thinking of all the scalpers sitting on their PS5s past the return window because anyone can walk into a Target and buy one. I can’t wait for that day.

Also, thanks for reading and if you are still looking for a PS5, best of luck!!!!

14 : Anonymous2021/03/07 06:35 ID: gq2pbma

Just curious why hasn't a "pre-order for future stock" been implemented yet? (like you pay and get put on a list to get a console when one is available?) This way the backlog slowly diminished and scalpers still have to wait.

ID: gq3do29

Its just not good for buisness. This way customers have to log on everytime there is a drop, and even though most won't get one some will stick around and end up buying other items. Not to mention all the newsletter subs and personal info they're getting.

ID: gq3nqo3

With demand how it is everyone trying to go on PS website at the same time around the world to order a PS5 would likely crash the site.

15 : Anonymous2021/03/07 03:44 ID: gq2a1ht

I got mine from my Snap-On dealer. He was going to give it away with the purchase of a toolbox. After a month of asking he sold it to me “hasn’t sold a toolbox for me yet.” Paid him what he paid for it. I think I got super lucky.

16 : Anonymous2021/03/06 20:30 ID: gq0ezi9

Thank you.

17 : Anonymous2021/03/06 23:44 ID: gq1i5bj

As stores open up, it will be easier to buy things I would assume, as assholes won't be able to write bots to take them all.

I don't have a problem with scalpers per say, I have an issue with them using bots to do it for them. Fuck them.

18 : Anonymous2021/03/07 10:02 ID: gq32hk6

I think we're all surprised that PS5s are still this hard to come by four months after launch

Not quite. I think analysts (as well as consumers of other items like GPUs) predicted the shortage to last 6+ months

But yea, general rule of thumb: source code or GTFO. These aren't commercial products with years of polish nor million line code bases. if they can't show off the script they used, they probably got something to hide (and no, it's not for "defense against scalpers". Scalpers can make a script in a few hours. The hard parts likely aren't the basic ability to access a site).

Fwiw, the app I used wasn't even an auto purchase. It was just a script that would throw up the Playstation direct store when they sense a change in the page. So you don't have to scalp yourself to get one.

19 : Anonymous2021/03/08 04:18 ID: gq6dyvx

Why don't these retailer just let you go ahead and place a order for the PS5 on their website (one per customer ) when the they get an restock they send you either a email or text asking are you still interested if you do charge your card that they have on file. Stop this online fiasco for some of us or to stop these bots start using CAPTCHAs

20 : Anonymous2021/03/08 08:20 ID: gq6wbbq

Picked up my PS5 for 700usd plus a controller and Chinese made charging dock. Bought in Hong Kong computer centre. 1000’s of PS5’s there at almost double retail and people like me are buying everyday. It’s available for those who have the ability to spend extra money just to get your hands on one. Fuck console scalpers man istg.

21 : Anonymous2021/03/06 22:53 ID: gq187v3

I ended up just buying a pc since Sony couldn't stay in stock

ID: gq1rpx2

That doesn't seem to make sense since GPU prices are also massively inflated so you'd still be getting a better deal buying a scalped PS5 to avoid the wait.

ID: gq24yfj

I bought a ps5 because I haven’t been able to get a 3080 or 6900xt. I’ve been trying to get one of those since September. It took me 2 weeks of trying to get a ps5. I was finally successful on Wednesday. Getting a ps5 is obnoxious, but at least it’s possible.

22 : Anonymous2021/03/07 18:03 ID: gq49i5g

What? The PS5 was launched?

23 : Anonymous2021/03/06 22:04 ID: gq0y03z

How hard is it to still get one? Truly not trying to be an asshole. I've got 4 and have given them to friends at cost. Direct, Walmart, Best Buy

ID: gq0z2jy

In ’smaller’ countries in mainland europe for example restocks hit like once every fucking 3 months and sell out in 5 min, but we still managed to snag one. All cred goes to my father who wrote a script for monitoring; we know these are scalper tactics but just intended to buy a single one

ID: gq1dthd

On Thursday walmart had a big release of almost 40k units. They released them in batches every 10 minutes for 2 hours and every ten minutes they sold out in about a minute flat. The websites are being so overloaded by buyers when they restock that they start spitting out errors and you have to spam the buy button and pray it actually works and puts one in your shopping cart. It's kinda ridiculous.

But on the plus side restocks do seem to be becoming more frequent. They've gone from maybe once a week to once every few days, and there was multiple restocks this past week.

ID: gq13ly9

In Canada. Tried almost every drop since pre orders started and I just got one in November by extreme luck.

ID: gq24a4p

Well then let me get one shit

24 : Anonymous2021/03/07 07:54 ID: gq2uqo7

Play stupid games, win stupid prieces. Why are These Kind of Posts even allowed?

25 : Anonymous2021/03/07 09:08 ID: gq2z8a9

Don’t have much sympathy. People using these bot scripts to scalp is whats helped cause such a shortage for genuine buyers anyway.

If this helps put them off it’s good news.

26 : Anonymous2021/03/06 21:02 ID: gq0ls7z


ID: gq0mmyo

Why is this relevant?

27 : Anonymous2021/03/06 21:39 ID: gq0t3vi


28 : Anonymous2021/03/07 05:41 ID: gq2kz4t


ID: gq2to74

You're not going to get upvotes because you only scalped one

29 : Anonymous2021/03/07 04:33 ID: gq2eo2x

I'm trying to make a post about a simple script I wrote that helped me get a ps5 into my cart during the recent Walmart restock. It got automatically removed though. Where/how can I post it?

ID: gq2pf0l

I mean it is a bit suspicious that your account is like a day old and has 1 karma as of right now? Get a bit more karma and hope you're not marked as spam.


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