PlayStation Plus games for March: Final Fantasy VII Remake, Maquette, Remnant: From the Ashes and Farpoint

1 : Anonymous2021/02/26 15:06 ID: lszjoh
PlayStation Plus games for March: Final Fantasy VII Remake, Maquette, Remnant: From the Ashes and Farpoint
2 : Anonymous2021/02/26 15:09 ID: gou3k84

Additional notes:

PS+ members who redeemed Final Fantasy 7 Remake [PS4] as a PS+ benefit are not eligible for a free PS5 upgrade Maquette PS+ benefit is for the PS5 version of the game only, not the PS4 version. Farpoint requires a PSVR and PS Camera.
3 : Anonymous2021/02/26 19:16 ID: govb54o

Glad I held out on FF7, being a patient gamer pays off sometimes

ID: gp3bisz

I know, I should have bought GoT during the Christmas sale, instead. Good for you tho!

ID: gpa1lnc

I still always take the free version to my library. Then you can sell the game to gamestop if you want, or have it in case the disk breaks.

ID: gpfoxwg


4 : Anonymous2021/02/26 15:23 ID: gou5gyu

Killer lineup.

When FF7R is free in PlayStation before it’s for sale on Xbox.

ID: gpfozeo

Very niccce

ID: gozha1z

When FF7R is free in PlayStation included in PS+ before it’s for sale on Xbox


And yeah the comparison this month with Gold is pathetic. I pay for both subs so I hope MS either makes online free or improves the quality of GWG.

ID: gp2kxxu

Online technically wouldn’t be free if you pay for the sub according to your FTFY right?

5 : Anonymous2021/02/26 15:10 ID: gou3s4g

Can we buy the upgrade?

ID: gou51kh

Apparently not

“Please note the PS4 version of Final Fantasy VII Remake available to PlayStation Plus members is not eligible for the PS5 digital version upgrade.”

ID: gou5mvb

I think to "buy the upgrade" you'd essentially need to buy the game outright.

The PS4 -> PS5 upgrade is a free upgrade, but as stated you won't be able to upgrade a copy earned via PS+.

That said, you should (in theory) be able to buy the PS5 version outright when it releases.

ID: govfpcv

That’s bullshit. There’s no good reason for us not to have the PS5 version

6 : Anonymous2021/02/26 16:58 ID: gouj7q8

Should I play this FF7R or should I just wait until the PS5 version comes out cuz realistically I’ll only have time to play the game fully through once

ID: gowqfo3

I'm waiting for the ps5 version to come out. I may have to pay for it but I'm fine with that

ID: gp4m34n

I guess I'm waiting for Intergrade, because I think I wanna play the Yuffie episode also. And if I have to spend for a full retail version, just to buy the DLC, then I ought as well enjoy that upgraded version I'm paying for, and just take the L on this PS+ inclusion.

7 : Anonymous2021/02/26 15:42 ID: gou7zy9

Finally, and it was worth the wait. I’m so thrilled, this and the Pokemon announcements today are making me go nuts

8 : Anonymous2021/02/27 15:46 ID: gp0ufla

I don’t think I’ve ever been interested in both offered ps plus games before, this is gonna be a great month, I was close to buying both of these

9 : Anonymous2021/03/01 07:46 ID: gpa1jxs

“They’re such greedy bastards for not giving us Yuffie on PS4” /S

These same people would complain the gameplay was held back by PS4 when they finally get a ps5 lol. People love complaining man, I swear.

And yes, hard drives are/were holding gaming back, but don’t bash your awesome hard drive bro’s, because they’re still amazing feats of computer engineering. They’re just old and slow now 🙁

10 : Anonymous2021/03/02 14:30 ID: gpf1dl9

Just bought a ps4 last week! Let’s go!

11 : Anonymous2021/02/28 05:17 ID: gp4kw8o

I'm in an odd spot with this. It's a good month, but I have a PS5.

Normally I'm not one to pixel peep, and would simply enjoy the version I get, despite having waited this long because I expected some new version of the game.

But, the Yuffie episode means I'd have to buy a copy of the game anyway, and in that case, I ought as well enjoy the benefits of the upgrade, and just disregard this included PS+ game.

I already own Remnant on PC, and I think it's on Game Pass too.

Maquette looks cool though. My sort of niche game.

12 : Anonymous2021/02/27 02:49 ID: goxhbo3

Hi guys, 2 questions:

Can i get 7R with a 3 month subscription?

If i cancel my subscription but renew it a few months later can i play 7R again?

ID: goyde53

Yes as long as you keep it in your library then you should be able to download and play it again once you renew again in a few months I believe

ID: goygmoh

Thanks matey

13 : Anonymous2021/02/26 17:49 ID: gouuwk9

Hmm, this might still be a good time to buy FF7 for the upgrade later. Since it is free this month, it should greatly cut the cost at online retailers like Amazon.

I just checked, the price is already at 50% cut.

14 : Anonymous2021/02/26 18:55 ID: gov6t2v

Really excited for maquette! Looks reminiscent of The Witness. Hopefully it's not really short

15 : Anonymous2021/02/27 01:49 ID: goxajtp

I was excited for Maquette, but I don't have a PS5,'s entirely lost on me. :/

ID: gp1kn93

you can still add it to your library and if you buy ps5 in the future you'll be able to play the game

16 : Anonymous2021/02/28 12:17 ID: gp5ypxk

I read somewhere about the rumor that NieR will be free on PS+ in March but now we know it’s not. Any fortune teller here that can predict about NieR please?

17 : Anonymous2021/03/07 20:28 ID: gq4urn6

how is ff7? i was gonna get it at release but didn’t enjoy the demo. now that’s it’s free for psplus been thinking about trying it

ID: gq58oiw

Imo, the gameplay definitely isn't for everyone. If you don't like the gameplay, your missing out half the game. If you just wanna go through the story, you may as well just watch a walkthrough

Side note though, i went into this game with no expectations and i'm loving it so far, would definitely recommend trying it

ID: gq5k7ow

thank you. it was the gameplay that i didn’t love i’m the demo so i didn’t want to pay for it. guess it won’t hurt to try it for free. thanks for the recommendation/opinion

18 : Anonymous2021/02/26 18:49 ID: gov5sbk


19 : Anonymous2021/02/28 21:13 ID: gp87cf9

If I play this version of FF7 and then eventually buy it for the ps5 upgrade but only play this version, will my save carry over or will I have to replay it on a paid for version?

20 : Anonymous2021/03/01 13:36 ID: gpappnq

If I were to buy ff7 as a disk would I be eligible for the upgrade then?

ID: gpkw8o6


You'll get the PS5 enhancement upgrade but would still need to buy the Yuffie DLC.

21 : Anonymous2021/03/02 02:40 ID: gpdfb7z


22 : Anonymous2021/03/02 12:33 ID: gpepj66

Will we be able to upgrade the ps plus version of FF7 to Integrade for a small fee or will we have to pay in full?

23 : Anonymous2021/03/02 15:00 ID: gpf53f7

This is my first PlayStation since ps2. When will the ff7 remake be available to download for free? I still have the old games on there

24 : Anonymous2021/03/02 17:27 ID: gpfouvt

Again!!!! Got all them games already lmao

ID: gpfowp8

Well besides that puzzle one

25 : Anonymous2021/03/02 21:10 ID: gpgk3q7

Read on Twitter that they're releasing 6 games, is this true or just fake?

26 : Anonymous2021/03/02 21:57 ID: gpgqm56

If I buy PS Plus now, will I be eligible for this month's free games?

27 : Anonymous2021/03/03 00:46 ID: gphb426

Hoooooooly shit. I’m glad I didn’t buy FF7 (wanted to wait till the full game came out so I could binge play it) lol guess im going to go ahead and play it.

And Maquette. Hopefully the full song “Tidal wave” by Meredith Edgar is on there. That song is beautiful.

28 : Anonymous2021/03/03 02:56 ID: gphq6qn

Hot damn, first control, now ff7! Getting spoiled!

29 : Anonymous2021/03/03 06:19 ID: gpiaa7t

Can't play PS VR on PS5 without a PS4 Camera adapter.
It's been 2 months. How much longer, Sony?

30 : Anonymous2021/03/03 19:01 ID: gpkczbb

anyone able to get Remnant in their store? I'm unable to find it and would love to play it 🙁


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