Biden is Finally Taking Notice

1 : Anonymous2021/02/25 18:40 ID: lsdjak

GameSpot: PS5, Xbox Series X Component Shortage To Be Investigated, President Biden Says.

2 : Anonymous2021/02/25 19:08 ID: goqn3z6

This is the way...

ID: gos06c1

This is the way

3 : Anonymous2021/02/26 01:39 ID: gos3que

Ps6 will be out when investigation is done

4 : Anonymous2021/02/25 20:41 ID: gor0xmm

Yeah, jail all the botters...lmao

5 : Anonymous2021/02/25 21:07 ID: gor4tf2

gamer president Biden

ID: gora2j8

360 no scope Biden

6 : Anonymous2021/02/25 19:46 ID: goqsrjr

Doing more for the working class than any other president lol

7 : Anonymous2021/02/26 05:37 ID: gost75p

I will pay money to hear Biden say one of those Console names

8 : Anonymous2021/02/26 00:34 ID: gorvwx5

Update: president Biden doesn’t know the difference between a ps2 and a ps5

9 : Anonymous2021/02/25 18:43 ID: goqit5n

I hope they screw the scalpers big time by implementing new rules for purchasing consoles online.

ID: goqnhe4

Yeah, but the article that takes 20 seconds to read tells you it's about the shortage of components, nothing else. It would be nice to see the people fucking us take one in the ass, but that's not what this is at all.

ID: goqky7o

Or, better yet, prevents selling them above retail anywhere online, punishable by fines and shut down of service.

10 : Anonymous2021/02/25 23:07 ID: gorlbrw

Get rid of the fucking tariffs. They may help the government, but they do nothing but screw over the citizens.

ID: gorr05l

I'm still pissed about the whiskey tariffs that added an extra 20 bucks onto my favorite yet already expensive single malt scotch.

11 : Anonymous2021/02/25 23:27 ID: gornpi3

Sleepy Joe? More like Sleeper Agent Joe. The Hitman who takes care of the Hitman.

12 : Anonymous2021/02/26 01:39 ID: gos3rlz

Epic Biden moment

13 : Anonymous2021/02/28 03:00 ID: gp4472t

I finally got mine in the mail today boys. I hope the best for everyone seeing this rn to not lose hope and to resellers: Fuck You

ID: gp49cr6

I hope it's like opening up a Christmas present dude, congrats!!!

14 : Anonymous2021/02/26 04:24 ID: gosmeee

Yeah right. He can’t even remember what he had for breakfast

ID: gpggsbd

Didn't you guys also claim he memorized 25 questions and 25 answers for a Town Hall while campaigning?

15 : Anonymous2021/02/25 23:21 ID: gorn1r0

About god damn time our government did something for us gamers besides sitting on their asses

16 : Anonymous2021/02/25 20:14 ID: goqwxsz

It’s called artificial scarcity, joe

ID: goqxsxu

Obligatory FUCK SCALPERS, but I don't think the issue is artificial scarcity, there seems to be a genuine scarcity of components like chips from AMD, and that shortage goes back to a problem with their components, specifically a company in Taiwan that makes the 7nm wafer that the AMD chips are built on. That company has been fucked by covid and can't keep up with demand.

17 : Anonymous2021/02/26 05:02 ID: gosq2on

this is fake……


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