did she tell you ?

1 : Anonymous2021/03/08 07:19 ID: m0adis
did she tell you ?
2 : Anonymous2021/03/08 07:27 ID: gq6svbv

Martyrdom-drop a live grenade when killed

ID: gq79dzr

I love seeing memes with my ideas

3 : Anonymous2021/03/08 09:26 ID: gq70a6v

*My mom is dead and my Dad dresses like her to deal with his grief

ID: gq74suo

I regret wasting my free wholesome award.

ID: gq75wqa

*Even better

4 : Anonymous2021/03/08 07:40 ID: gq6tqyh

"So that's why i'm so ugly."

ID: gq732un

"At least your mum fell for my face, you can't even get your sister to like you"

5 : Anonymous2021/03/08 08:57 ID: gq6ykeo

Actually it's his step mom his mom is a pussy

6 : Anonymous2021/03/08 10:44 ID: gq74v5o

I just wanna brag that when i upvoted this it become 7k from 6.9k

ID: gq760x0

yuo ruin funny number >:(

7 : Anonymous2021/03/08 07:42 ID: gq6tw60

This has the same energy as "call an ambulance! But not for me"

8 : Anonymous2021/03/08 10:39 ID: gq74k86

At least I have a dick.

ID: gq75eqh

Every problems has a solution

9 : Anonymous2021/03/08 08:15 ID: gq6vyjl

Nice format

10 : Anonymous2021/03/08 09:42 ID: gq7179i

"No, it was your girl last night!"

11 : Anonymous2021/03/08 10:27 ID: gq73w8g

The most chaotic evil response possible

12 : Anonymous2021/03/08 09:56 ID: gq721d1

Epic comeback

13 : Anonymous2021/03/08 10:06 ID: gq72mgv

Ah, if I had a penny...

14 : Anonymous2021/03/08 10:06 ID: gq72nfb

How the turn tables..

15 : Anonymous2021/03/08 10:23 ID: gq73mgo

Outstanding move

16 : Anonymous2021/03/08 10:27 ID: gq73vvu

Which moms are you talking about?

17 : Anonymous2021/03/08 10:27 ID: gq73vzb

That is a really good roast. Now I can use it!

18 : Anonymous2021/03/08 10:53 ID: gq75e0a

Omg this such a good comeback

19 : Anonymous2021/03/08 10:58 ID: gq75qs8

Me who only f***s men: B)

20 : Anonymous2021/03/08 11:08 ID: gq76cbm

So wait... he admits on having a small peepee?

21 : Anonymous2021/03/08 11:10 ID: gq76g8t


22 : Anonymous2021/03/08 11:11 ID: gq76h2y

"We have the same mother"

23 : Anonymous2021/03/08 11:14 ID: gq76ohn

this will make a fine addition to my collection Edit: my roast list

24 : Anonymous2021/03/08 11:15 ID: gq76qb7

Harm is done, tbh

25 : Anonymous2021/03/08 11:32 ID: gq77ts5

But you’ve just admitted u had a smal dick lol

26 : Anonymous2021/03/08 11:34 ID: gq7807p

Damn I didn't know your mom was such a liar

27 : Anonymous2021/03/08 11:39 ID: gq78au0

I remember that comment on the meme with the breaking sword template

28 : Anonymous2021/03/08 11:42 ID: gq78hnb

yay, a comeback that i can use

29 : Anonymous2021/03/08 11:45 ID: gq78rlx

Now i get it lol

30 : Anonymous2021/03/08 11:54 ID: gq79bzc

I actually said this to my friends when they said that i have a small cock. The guy didn't speak for about an hour and i don't see him very often anymore XD

31 : Anonymous2021/03/08 11:56 ID: gq79i9f

i dont see toms and the black guyz dick its not there lol

32 : Anonymous2021/03/08 12:10 ID: gq7akhb

In this real world of life, all the vaginas come in the same size apparently. If not, penius size would remain mc squared.

33 : Anonymous2021/03/08 12:22 ID: gq7bi5w

Thats Really Happening in my house

34 : Anonymous2021/03/08 07:23 ID: gq6sm8r

I need more comebacks for this

35 : Anonymous2021/03/08 07:48 ID: gq6u9fl

Sweet home alabama?

ID: gq72y97

no no you missed the joke


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