Watch Dogs Legion Title Update 3.20 (1.070 on PS5)

1 : Anonymous2021/03/09 07:36 ID: m11jan
Watch Dogs Legion Title Update 3.20 (1.070 on PS5)
2 : Anonymous2021/03/09 09:11 ID: gqb6gz0

I still couldnt transfer my save from PS4 to PS5. Tried to upload to cloud from the in game PS4 (played on PS5) and it just does...nothing.

Trying to download cloud save from in game PS5 also does nothing.

Hopefully this patch fixes it.

*Edit: this patch indeed fixed it! I have now able to transfer my sace from PS4 to PS5!

ID: gqbj005

It’s awkward but doable. I had to upload my PS4 save to Ubisoft’s cloud, start the game on PS5 and when you get to the menu before loading a save, download from Ubisoft’s cloud. They made it annoying because it’s Ubisoft but it can be done.

ID: gqe1044

Thank god. I couldn't bare to get rid of my whole team and start again before the Online Mode launch.

3 : Anonymous2021/03/09 10:02 ID: gqb9iig

Wish they would give it a 60fps mode.

With pretty much every other game on PS5/XSX has a 60fps mode this game being locked to 30 feels slow to play.

ID: gqba4wx

In this console generation, I won't buy games with 30fps. I hope I'm not alone in this and that buyers will demand a change.

4 : Anonymous2021/03/09 08:55 ID: gqb5iwo

I like how it's only a 2.3GB patch for PS5

ID: gqcafjv

Kraken coming in clutch?

EDIT: Eh... Kraken not coming in clutch?

5 : Anonymous2021/03/09 08:13 ID: gqb2wym

They give us an online nobody asked for instead of 60fps okay.

ID: gqeudtp

It barely runs 60fps on high-end PCs with higher setting. The optimization and engine is just really shitty. Valhalla was easier because there was less going on at once in the environment.

ID: gqbtt57

You think people should only make somethibg when someone asks for it? Do you actually know what you're saying or just copying other comments? Because it seems really stupid to tell people that they're only allowed to be creative when someone asks them to.

ID: gqbu7qb

I’d rather have more gameplay over some extra frames, any day.

6 : Anonymous2021/03/09 18:31 ID: gqcvt1h

Ray tracing is for when you have enough horse power after reaching a solid steady frame rate and resolution, and want to waste the overhead somewhere else. Find it strange ubi would want to have the only next gen title locked to 30 fps. Lame.

7 : Anonymous2021/03/09 13:38 ID: gqbqi49

60 FPS mode without Raytracing? Just asking.

ID: gqco879

At first I was like “oh this is dope, look at those puddles”. Then after a few hours I figured that the puddles were why it was 30fps and it seemed like a waste.

I enjoy playing this game, and look forward to mp later, but ray tracing with these middling visuals is a huge waste. Just let us disable it for frame rate.

8 : Anonymous2021/03/09 14:36 ID: gqbx8m8

No 60 fps no game for me . I can't stand a 30 fps game . Especially if it's a third party title

9 : Anonymous2021/03/09 11:22 ID: gqbem4s

Is this game worth getting ? I enjoyed the second one but I never got round to finishing it

ID: gqbhk86

I loved the second and was looking forward to this one. Sadly, never really enjoyed it. The "anyone is a character" thing is really just a gimmick, and means that your main characters aren't really very likeable, whereas I really enjoyed the characters in 2. Also most of the time the voices don't match up to the faces so it's really strange. I thought that Marcus and his clothes all looked fantastic - however because all the clothes in this have been designed to fit both genders and body sizes etc, they don't look as good as Marcus's clothes did.

Lastly, they went with completely random gende

etc as regards jobs. I get why they did that, and obviously I understand that women can and do literally all jobs a man can do - but when you're sneaking around a construction site and half the employees are diminutive slender young women it just looks a little odd and immersion breaking haha.

I might give it another shot on Ps5, but only if they add 60fps.

ID: gqbupqi

I loved it, but I am into Hitman and character customization. It’s essentially an open world stealth game with some cool gadgets and the ability to recruit a team of operatives. It’s fun for what it is, and the underlying tech does some neat things the more time you spend with it.

I hope we get a sequel. And that promised New Game Plus as well...

ID: gqbgepe

In my opinion, stick with Watch Dogs 2. The amount of hacking has significantly decreased since they were trying to do a “recruit anyone” type of thing, but when I played, it just didn’t seem fun at all.

Watch dogs 2 does everything better. A better story, gameplay, AI are more fun to mess with. I quit Legion early on because I couldn’t take all the recycled Nigerian accents, and the cringe in the tone of voice from people who didn’t match their voice at all. All that, plus the hacking is just such a downgrade that it’s not very fun to experiment with

ID: gqbk0j8

If you’re ok with London as a setting... it’s fine. Important to play with permadeath on it ups the stakes. Your choice on guns blazing or stealth/hacking. I played it on PS4 pro it was decent looking.

ID: gqbqjh1

This game feels stripped of features when comparing the second game. I was disappointed with it

ID: gqcb4m7

The play-as-anyone hook feels like the first attempt before a proper second attempt (like Assassin's Creed to AC2, or Watch_Dogs to WD2). Maybe the sequel will do it better. Despite the concept that you can play as anyone, everyone feels the same in the end.

ID: gqdgq82

honestly, no.

I have a weird relationship with Watch Dogs. bought the first game day one as I wanted something new to play on PS4 and I couldn’t get into it. Can’t explain what it was, just didn’t enjoy it and wrote off Watch Dogs 2.

I had to quarantine last year after a breakout at my work and I got a Gamefly subscription and figured I’d give Watch Dogs 2 a try since it was “free.” I loved it. the setting was awesome, gameplay was good enough, I loved all of the characters, just a good game all around and it had me super excited for Legion.

Legion tries to reinvent the series and ultimately fails. you’re now in a completely different country, which isn’t inherently bad, but the London map is just...blech. nowhere near the level of quality of San Francisco in Watch Dogs 2.

my biggest gripe with the game though was lack of a main character. I never once at any point in time cared about the story because all of the characters just felt disposable. and they only carry two guns and they all suck. it felt like every gun in this game is some weird, tech-taser-bolt shooting thing and it sucks, but I did have fun with the nail gun on my construction worker character.

I got the game for $30 and felt like I spent too much. if you can get it for around $15 I say do it because it’s not a bad game, it’s just not interesting enough to warrant any price higher.

go back and finish Watch Dogs 2 though, that game was great!

ID: gqc2ak2

its the worst of the series

ID: gqccoer

I hated this one, but really enjoyed WD2. I’d give that one a go before Legion.

10 : Anonymous2021/03/09 19:28 ID: gqd31wq

Is this game fun? Or feels very repetitive? As i see from the comments there is no 60fps mode? Still no next gen update?

ID: gqd83oa

Great graphics and pretty looking open world. Buy yes it's repetitive.

If you play just the story and don't try to do a bunch of side stuff, it should be manageable. Don't buy at full price.

11 : Anonymous2021/03/09 15:08 ID: gqc1q43

How can they call this a ‘PS5’ game but it doesn’t even run at 60fps?

12 : Anonymous2021/03/09 07:38 ID: gqb0oot

Damn I forgot this existed. Wasn’t there a span of a couple months where you couldn’t even save lmfao

ID: gqbhnx2

It’ll still fuck up auto-saving from time to time even after they patched it.

13 : Anonymous2021/03/09 14:09 ID: gqbtysv

"Made game fun"

Awesome! Totally getting back into it...

14 : Anonymous2021/03/09 12:45 ID: gqbl90e

Got the platinum for this and deleted it, can’t see any reason to come back to it ever again.

ID: gqc2eg7

same here. This came too late.

15 : Anonymous2021/03/09 20:55 ID: gqderti

I thought this online patch was bringing with it next gen updates... or is that only when the raid comes out

16 : Anonymous2021/03/09 11:00 ID: gqbd5p6

Will you all shut up about 60 fps. We are going to experience the worst console generation because they will try to reach 60fps no matter the visual fidelity thanks to you imbeciles. We might even experience even worse graphics because of the fps obsession.

ID: gqbefjb

It doesn't have to be only 60 fps or only better graphics. It's possible to give us the option to choose.

ID: gqbe57t

Visual fidelity just isn't as important as gameplay to the vast majority of gamers, case in point are some of the most popular games on the planet (Minecraft, Valheim etc).

Besides the new Spider-Man games look fantastic and manage 60fps. Don't forget buddy that modern technology is allowing for more efficient rendering at the same time as hardware being more capable so we still can have good-looking games that run well, just look at the RE engine!

ID: gqbgi27

A high resolution game can be visually stunning, but if it's 30fps with motion blur then as soon as you move the visual fidelity is actually less than playing a low resolution game at a higher frame rate.

TLDR: Doesn't matter how many pixels there are if they become a smeary mess everytime you move.

ID: gqbo5bn

It's 2021, 60 fps on new generation is a must, especially if you upgraded to 120hz TV . 30 fps on my cx looks nauseating.

ID: gqc281m

No. 60 FPS is objectively the most important part of graphics this console generation. I don’t give a shit about resolution, ray tracing, etc. if it doesn’t run at 60 it’s not a true PS5 game IMO. These new consoles are more than powerful enough to run any game at 1080p/60fps

ID: gqdiud7

FPS is part of the Performance... And performance will always be more important than graphics! 30 fps is old gen

ID: gqd2z5v

I’m a graphics whore and 60 fps is still a must. 30 fps affects gameplay especially those with laggy / weighted controls like a bunch of Ubisoft games.

Even if Miles Morales was quite playable at 30 fps, I still switched to 60 fps after awhile.

ID: gqc2fuy


ID: gqbhf5c

LOL what a....just gtfo.

17 : Anonymous2021/03/09 16:24 ID: gqcdi3i

The online of Watch dogs game were always trash, I don't understand why they are still wasting their time on this.

not every game needs multiplayer!

ID: gqcp2z3

Speak for yourself. There’s still people playing WD2 online. Just because it’s not CoD or GTA Online doesn’t mean it doesn’t have fans.

Admittedly it seems like it will be different this time, and I’m not interested in spider bot fight club, but some people will be.

ID: gqg1vem

Nah you got it wrong. WD online was some of the most fun I had with ps4. The hide and seek aspect of hacking unsuspecting players was all too great.


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