Finally found a fix for CPU not boosting correctly. (ASUS motherboard)

1 : Anonymous2021/03/11 16:58 ID: m2uwfj

long story short: disable "Fmax enhancer" in Ai Tweaker in ASUS BIOS

long story: i got my 5900x in december. since i got it right away i noticed weird boosting behavior in games. it would never boost over 4.6 even in old games(which basically used 1 core) tried everything including pbo+ curve optimizer, while using pbo would make the clocks higher it still wouldn't boost. it was more of a all core boost. I've searched for months trying to figure out if my cpu was defective or i had the wrong settings. because i found other people bench marking and their 5900x would boost in games.

I found the setting "Fmax Enhancer" in ai tweaker as enabled. as soon as i turned it off. boom. in games i get cores going 4.7 and boosting to 4.8-9 all the time now and working as intended.

hope this helps some people. i know not everyone that has this issue has a ASUS motherboard but maybe if they don't they can look through some settings. see if they find anything.

2 : Anonymous2021/03/11 17:26 ID: gqldvnz

Tbh i don't think boards should ship with these board exclusive "auto oc" or "auto tuning" features enabled. They're trash

ID: gqlg27q

I agree, I had no idea it was enabled in the first place. I’m lucky I saw it

ID: gqm463u

My Asus C8F did not have it enabled with the shipping BIOS nor did 3204 that I flashed after receipt fwiw.

ID: gqmdfxn

Agreed. I mean, if they want to include them, fine. But leave them off and let the user decide.

3 : Anonymous2021/03/11 19:10 ID: gqlsiar

yes don't use ASUS FMAX or 'edc bug' on ryzen 5000 - glad you found it and it fixed your issues

ID: gqm016v

Could you elaborate a little more? I'm kind of curious about this, what was the purpose?

ID: gqmjobi

It's a Zen 2 thing where setting the EDC (and possibly other PBO limits like TDC/PPT) to an unrealistically low value like 1 or 0 amp would cause higher PBO boosting. On Zen 3 CPUs it tends to tank performance.

4 : Anonymous2021/03/11 17:45 ID: gqlgj2a

Huh, gonna try that. I got an ASUS B450-F and I was noticing it never boost beyond 4.4 in MC. Thanks!

Edit: OK, it works, I'm boosting above 4.5 on MC in C23 and 4.8 in single core, but it raised 5 °C, from 75 to 80 on bench. Wondering if I should keep it like that. 80 is still a good temp under heavy load? Considering I have an 212 Evo.

ID: gqmm6yj

Yup. As long it’s below 90 it’s fine

ID: gqmmnzl

Yeah, I've been eyeing the temps all day long, as long as it's not a benchmark or heavy load, it's working normal. I don't think 5 ºC is much. Thanks!

5 : Anonymous2021/03/11 22:39 ID: gqmkf7a

What is your motherboard model? Was "Fmax Enhancer" set to auto for you by default?

ID: gqmksrt

Honestly I don’t remember. It could be but switching it to disabled fixed my problems

6 : Anonymous2021/03/11 19:41 ID: gqlwqks

What's the equivalent of this on msi's bios?

ID: gqm0b5p

There is none.

This is an ASUS exclusive feature made by The Stilt that was introduced for 3rd gen parts, it seems it was not updated for 5th gen parts... or is not required to help them boost to the max for worse than average parts.

7 : Anonymous2021/03/11 23:41 ID: gqmrt0s

Is this the PBO Fmax enhancer setting?

ID: gqmsrfw

yes, it is.

ID: gqmst7m


8 : Anonymous2021/03/11 23:51 ID: gqmt0ok

AI tweaker is an official virus

ID: gqo42mt

I am so confused on my Asus board. It seems that I cannot find all the settings (like DRAM voltage) on my "Advanced" tab, but I see it only on the AI tweaker tab, but that has some of the same settings as the advanced tab, I never know which one is the determining factor. Same thing with the DOCP memory profiles: those do not seem to be available at all on the advanced tab, but need manual setting, but then I would set something on the Advanced tab and other things on the AI tweaker tab and that seems to lead to inconsistent behaviour.

There probably is some logic to all of this, but I have not found it yet and Asus does not really help by providing easily accessible documentation (there must be something somewhere that I have not found).

9 : Anonymous2021/03/11 22:52 ID: gqmm3kt

I checked on my B550 Strix F and i dont have this kind of setting while running a 3700x


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