Huge props to Sapphire’s RMA team.

1 : Anonymous2021/03/11 02:15 ID: m2fhq3

I had a Sapphire Nitro Vega 64 that I purchased a year or two ago from Newegg, loved it until I couldn’t boot into any OS normally. Windows would freeze on boot unless I tried booting into safe mode, and Linux would also freeze on boot when it tries to initialize the GPU.

So I did some troubleshooting and I found out that my GPU was the problem. I’m guessing that the BIOS on it was fucked or something so I called Sapphire about what I should do. After talking to the guy on the phone, who was very understanding, we both agreed that I should send it in for RMA.

So I went through the RMA process, and after about 3 days of it being at their warehouse, I received an email that asked me if I would accept a RX 5700 XT as a replacement. I of course said yes! A week later here I am with my new RX 5700 XT after an issue with my old trusty Vega 64. I’m sure they did this because of low stock and they didn’t have Vegas on hand, but still I couldn’t be more happy with their support.

2 : Anonymous2021/03/11 02:30 ID: gqiv9rc

I second that. Sapphire RMA was super quick and easy. I bought a "working" vega 64 nitro on ebay right before the mining craze hit. Started giving black screens within a week so I asked sapphire if I could RMA it even though I didn't have the original receipt. Just had to pay a $40 second hand fee and they sent me a brand new RX 5700XT Nitro as a replacement.

ID: gqiwstf

Damn that is so good, never heard of a manufacturer offering support for second hand parts. That is excellent! Glad I went with g a Sapphire Pulse 570 🙂

ID: gqjtw79

never heard of a manufacturer offering support for second hand parts.

There are a few that simply don't ask for a receipt, and instead go off of the serial number.

I've RMA'ed secondhand MSI and Gigabyte cards without issue.

ID: gqizrdw


ID: gqlf1bn

XFX did it for a 6800GS bought on ebay !

ID: gqnsz3f

XFX used to do a double lifetime warranty. I think they've cut back on it and restricted it though.

ID: gqje5mz

I had issues with my 5700 xt about 3 months into my purchase last year(just after neweggs return policy ends) sapphire was super quick and helpful about getting me a replacement.

ID: gqjnxd1

Whaaat. Same deal, bought a Vega 64 during the previous GPU apocalypse. I wonder if I could do this. My card came from the factory with a warped heatsink, a giant bubble in the vapor chamber that left only like 30% of the surface area soldered to the fins. I struggled with it and thermal throttling for an entire year. Bought new motherboard, power supply, DisplayPort cables... finally I gave up and pulled it apart to repast it and found the actual problem and felt like I’d wasted a year of my life. Just nights of endless frustration reformatting windows over and over again. Then I fixed it (a guy on here sent me his old valor chamber) and got about a year of light gaming on it before it blew up.

I wonder if the year on the barely effective heatsink did it in. I just always thought I was screwed since I bought second hand.

ID: gqjpeah

Give it a go. They might rma it still

ID: gqkwul8

Two RX570 sapphire cards, probably slightly over free RMA cycle. Told me that both cards had bad ram and I would get refurbished RX580 if I agree. I did. They both still work, after years.

ID: gqlfzdq

Wow, I should have tried that! That would be a lot better than the RX 460 I've been using since my second-hand Nitro+ Vega 64 went kaput.

3 : Anonymous2021/03/11 03:01 ID: gqiyry2

Question, is Sapphire the AMD equivalent of EVGA in terms of quality and customer support? I am hoping to buy a 6700XT at some far-off point when prices are sane.

ID: gqiz3dp

Yes! 😀

ID: gqj80wo

Stay away from XFX. RMA quality and customer service has been on a steady decline, and they cut too many corners last gen. After gamers Nexus tore them a new asshole with the THICC cards, they seem to have improved the quality of the latest ones

ID: gqm3eqj

While I can't tell anything about their customer service, this years Merc cards seem to be holding out pretty well.

ID: gqjbyct

GN also points out things that don't really matter in the grand scheme of things. Low quality vrm & memory cooling don't matter much if the gpu performs to expectations.

ID: gqkjzcv

Yes IMO. If you're going with an AMD gpu, stick with Sapphire.

4 : Anonymous2021/03/11 03:08 ID: gqizgt3

this is good to hear. I have a 5700 Xt red devil from power color. I have been thinking i wanted to try Sapphire when i eventually go 6800xt

ID: gqj34e3

From my experience with power colour they replace with cheaper product. Rx 390 liquid cooling to rx 480 blower. I just accept since need gpu and taking 2 month for rma. That rx 480 also refurbish and without box

ID: gqj2l1r

i go the other way i had sapphire cards for ages now (only problem i ever had that the fan of my 5850 xtreme died after 4 years) and wanna get a 6800XT red devil.
When the prices get better of course ... :/

5 : Anonymous2021/03/11 05:35 ID: gqje3ro

I wish XFX was a good. I had my Dad's RX580 8GB go south. It was the ridiculously overpriced Best Buy GTS Model that was like $429 three years ago. They told me it's out of warranty and un-repairable, and asked if there was anything else they could help me with. I said I'd pay to have it fixed and they said they are not a repair center. Then I asked if they could possibly make a new GPU available to me somehow and they said sorry, we don't do that.

So, throw your GPU in the garbage sucker! We are under no obligation to help you and keep you as a customer.

So yeah, Sapphire for me from now on. XFX is a sorry company.

ID: gqkuzyf

I remember when back in the day XFX was seen as just below Evga.

This was the HD 5850/70 that era (ie i7 920, X58 LGA1366) if people remember that time and back when XFX also still a Nvidia AIB. Back when clocking the 920 to 4ghz was seen as excellent value etc

ID: gqlpxip

I Still have some older XFX stuff from back then. Got a 5750 with a lifetime warranty. When it died about 4ish years later? got upgraded to a 270x. That 270x is still going strong in my nephews build. Also an XFX 550w PSU that im about to use for a 3rd or 4th build as i stick all my old parts back together.

ID: gqnwdgx

I remember that era fondly. In fact to still have my i7-920 D0 Stepping in a box somewhere. Also had an XFX HD6870 (I think they still did the Double Lifetime Warranty thing on that series), 12GB of Triple Channel RAM, a 128GB Crucial M4 SSD (which was considered "massive" back then considering the price of SSD's), etc.

ID: gqkxi6t

Unfortunately this happened to me with PowerColor. It was an odd 590 card with strange thermals, but ran flawless in a professional workstation. Started to irk up after extended warranty. They basically told me they can't do anything. I told them they could look and fix, instead they told me I should follow governmental rules how to properly dispose the card, it doesn't belong in the regular waste. Yeah, for reals.

ID: gqky93y

Yeah. Some of these should just call their product a 3 year RX580, and then if you get more it's bonus. A warranty is guarantee that the product won't fail within a period of time, not an expiration date. They could at least look at the card and offer an exchange or repair for a fee. Heck, I even asked for them to just make a card available at full price, given that it's impossible to buy one right now. His exact answer was, "we don't make cards available outside of our distributors and online store. Let us know if you need any further assistance." I need assistance in spreading my dissatisfaction with your company. With companies like Corsair, Sapphire, EVGA, and even Apple, that make exceptions in good faith to their supporters, I don't see how these "stick it to you" companies are still in business.

ID: gqlzccd

can you send me the email log on this? we have no training on telling our customers to dispose of a card (the idea of asking people to properly dispose of their cards has never even crossed my mind, tbh)

ID: gqlyhos

Yeah, XFX fell all the way off. Getting anything replaced by them is a nightmare.

6 : Anonymous2021/03/11 07:30 ID: gqjpbev

my Saphire r9 380 4gb is still running great after 6 years.

7 : Anonymous2021/03/11 02:46 ID: gqix1vb

Wait, this is awesome!! What’s there return policy? I have a reference sapphire 6800xt and I read somewhere that amd only has a 2 year protection plan on there cards...

8 : Anonymous2021/03/11 04:05 ID: gqj5c2c

Nice! I'm happy for ya.

9 : Anonymous2021/03/11 06:53 ID: gqjlxd8

Good to hear that, if I get to change one day - which will come sooner or later somehow I'll rather stick to this company. Being on AMD side is one thing, carefully choosing the manufacturer is another one.

10 : Anonymous2021/03/11 07:29 ID: gqjp93b

Sapphire has a great RMA policy, I had to RMA my 5600XT twice. First one worked great and then just shit the bed, the 2nd one straight up died after a week. The 3rd one so far has been going great for some months.

Though I did have to wait for 2+ months for each RMA, but I reckon that's just the shitty logistical situation in HK at the time.

11 : Anonymous2021/03/11 08:00 ID: gqjs1j3

Noice! Glad I own a 6800! I think I'll be switching over to it once I've finished with cyberpunk and re-selling my 3070 (as it's obviously too late to get a refund which I would have done, because I don't like Scalpers either).

12 : Anonymous2021/03/11 08:23 ID: gqju3mu

kudos to sapphire...and u r one lucky guy 🙂

13 : Anonymous2021/03/11 09:00 ID: gqjx2qs

Ha, granted it was 15 years ago now, but my experience with Sapphire's RMA was so awful that I swore I'd never do business with them again.

14 : Anonymous2021/03/11 11:54 ID: gqkbe87

If only rx6800 nitro+ cards actually existed

15 : Anonymous2021/03/11 14:29 ID: gqkqdyr

It's often called the EVGA of Radeon and it seems justified.

16 : Anonymous2021/03/11 15:58 ID: gql1wc7

Yeah this happens very little

17 : Anonymous2021/03/11 20:43 ID: gqm53nt

Do I need to register my saphire card to get support or something?

My card is fine but I bought it a few months ago and I am just wondering if I need to do anything now to secure any problems in the future?

18 : Anonymous2021/03/12 03:18 ID: gqngil9

Here, Here. I've been using Sapphire exclusively since 2010 & I'm very happy with their cards. My GPU's:





R9 290X




19 : Anonymous2021/03/11 06:02 ID: gqjgy8h

>>I was guessing the BIOS was fucked

politely, guess again LOL

ID: gqjhd5i

What I meant was that the BIOS got corrupted or it was a driver issue. What do you think was the problem?

ID: gqkirs5

VRAM or GPU failure

20 : Anonymous2021/03/11 07:15 ID: gqjnyfl

So you’re saying buy Vega 64 on eBay and RMA to get a 5700xt? Got it. Thank OP

21 : Anonymous2021/03/11 05:34 ID: gqjdyfu

This reads a lot like a post for

ID: gql29ij

Yeah ofc

With this gpu shortage this definitely happened


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