PS5 3/4 Walmart Drop Status

1 : Anonymous2021/03/11 20:36 ID: m3042y

I'm creating this thread so myself and others can post updates regarding the current status of their Walmart PS5 orders. This information, with enough of it, could help others in different states figure out when theirs might reach them.

My order:

- PS5 (Disc Edition)

- Ordered from Central Florida at 3:11 EST (3/4)

- Preparing order

- Arrives 4/13 (probably not true)

- Bank authorization removed (3/10)

Post the status of your order below even if you already have it, it may help others.


Just a PSA, I was able to get a %10 (~$50) discount off of my order by expressing my discontent with a Walmart customer service rep.

2 : Anonymous2021/03/11 20:40 ID: gqm4qzf

- PS5 (Disc Edition)

- Ordered from Southern Washington 3:40 PST (3/4)

- Preparing order

- Arrives 4/13 (probably not true)

- Payment never attempted to my knowledge

ID: gqnk2tn

Same thing happened to me, the. Mine shipped yesterday and so got it today and the charge appeared in my account

3 : Anonymous2021/03/11 23:33 ID: gqmqy2u

PS5 Disc Edition

Ordered from South Central KY 3/4

Arrived today

4 : Anonymous2021/03/11 21:07 ID: gqm8dyy

- PS5 (Disc Edition)

- Ordered from Central NJ 3:10 EST (3/4)

- Preparing order

- Arrives 4/13 (likely sooner)

- Authorization hold removed as of 3/10 as well

5 : Anonymous2021/03/11 21:20 ID: gqma74l

- PS5 (Disc Edition)

- Ordered from Central Valley California 1:20PST (3/4)

- Preparing order

- Arrives 4/13 (probably not true)

- Payment was taken, then put back in on Saturday 3/6

6 : Anonymous2021/03/11 21:26 ID: gqmb0io

- PS5 (Disc Edition)

- Ordered from N FL 2nd to last re-stock, think around 4:40p EST (3/4)

- Shipped

- Arrives 3/12 (tomorrow)

- Pre-auth was pretty early, charge went through Sunday

ID: gqmbndk

Dang, this whole shipping business must be really location dependent if it arrives tomorrow when you ordered that late. I'm assuming you're pretty high north in FL given the "FSU" in your name?

ID: gqmcqfj

My alma mater. Now that I think about it, it might have been 3:40p, it was definitely several re-stocks after the initial 3:00p one.

ID: gqnka5n

It is very location dependent. I got in on the last drop, but mine shipped from a logistics company in my own city yesterday and I got it today.

7 : Anonymous2021/03/11 21:44 ID: gqmdevh
PS5 (Disc Edition) Ordered from Southern CA around 4:30 EST (3/4) Shipped 3/10 via FedEx Arrives 3/16 Charge hit my credit card Friday or Saturday
8 : Anonymous2021/03/11 22:27 ID: gqmiziu

PS5 (Disc Edition)

Ordered from Southern California at 3:00 EST (3/4)

Preparing order

Arrives 4/10

Bank authorization removed (3/8)

Scored one at Target this morning and I'm going to pick it up after work. Got the "Ready for Pickup" message and all, but I just got a weird feeling something shady is going to happen, so I'll probably still be relying on this one to arrive.

ID: gqms96u

Stay strong, brothe

. I picked mine up from Target a couple hours after ordering without incident! I’m hoping my Walmart one actually comes through so I can hook a friend up, however that order is still in purgatory.

ID: gqmtesu

Hahaha thanks. Good to know. That's the exact position I'm in. Hooking a friend up if Walmart comes through.

9 : Anonymous2021/03/11 22:52 ID: gqmm412
PS5 (Digital Edition) Ordered from Arizona 1:50 MST (12:50 PST) Preparing Order Arrives by April 13th Authorization removed 3/10
ID: gqnkgqw

It’s likely going to ship soon. My authorization was removed on 3/10, but then my ps5 disk shipped later that day and then the charge went through.

ID: gqnnpji

I hope so. I feel like it’s partly due to me having ordered the digital one, because every post I’ve seen where the person ordered it from Walmart that same day it’s been the Disc version. I’m not too worried, I mainly am upgrading to PS5 right now because they happened to go in stock while I was shopping online, and because I’m annoyed of my PS4 Pro sounding like a jet engine, but I bought a Xbox Series S on Tuesday and it’ll be here tomorrow so I’ll have some way to play games without having to deal with the sound the Pro.

10 : Anonymous2021/03/11 23:58 ID: gqmtsml

Ps5 disc Las Vegas 3/4 Charged 3/10 Delivery still shows 4/10

11 : Anonymous2021/03/12 00:36 ID: gqmy3z8

-PS5 Disc

-South Central Texas during 3rd wave (3:20) 3/4/21

-Preparing Order

No movement or update

-Hold taken off 3/6

-Still says 4/13

12 : Anonymous2021/03/12 01:10 ID: gqn1zk8

- PS5 (disc)

- ordered in Massachusetts 4:51 EST on the 4:50 drop (3/4)

- arrives 4/13

- still on preparing order

- charge still pending

13 : Anonymous2021/03/12 01:40 ID: gqn5gxv

PS5 Disc Version

Ordered from Missouri 3:50pm Central Time (3/4)

Preparing Order

Arriving by 4/14

Funds returned to account and no longer pending as of 6am this morning. (3/11)

14 : Anonymous2021/03/12 02:40 ID: gqncbj3
PS5 disc version

-ordered in Ohio at 3:21 ish EST on the 3:20 drop (3/4)

-arrives 4/12

still says preparing order

-haven't seen anything going on with my account

15 : Anonymous2021/03/12 06:36 ID: gqnyr0u

So my transaction was "processing" for a week and now its nowhere in my transactions history and my money was refunded, yet it still says "preparing order" in my walmart account.... so am I screwed or will I still get my console? I have an order number and everything...


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