[OC3D] AMD CPUs now power more than 50% of Puget Systems PCs – Ryzen takes the lead

1 : Anonymous2021/03/11 15:48 ID: m2t88m
[OC3D] AMD CPUs now power more than 50% of Puget Systems PCs - Ryzen takes the lead
2 : Anonymous2021/03/12 01:59 ID: gqn7o6r

Hey I know those guys... I live a few minutes from them...

3 : Anonymous2021/03/11 22:56 ID: gqmmkih

Chips that only last half as long as intel before burnout should technically be getting sold twice as much if actual usage is 50%.

ID: gqmoh4g

Luls stay mad Intel fanboy. Any thing to justify your 14nm+++++++. Cpu

ID: gqmrlmw

How long do you think your chip would last with the core multiplier set to 50 on all cores? Mine's been going for 2 years as my daily driver with zero degradation. And AMD can't build sub 14nm process chips either, they buy them from TSMC. I think taking chip longevity into consideration is valid for comparison purposes. Enjoy your extra 3% fps gains over two and three generation old intel assuming you have one of the 3 chips AMD ever made that can touch the performance of any 8th gen or newer K series intel. I seriously think you AMD bois were less salty when you were the underdog than you are now being on top (assuming you have one of the 3 sku's that can legitimately outperform intel). Enjoy your machine, sir, and whatever you do, DO NOT LOOK AT USERBENCHMARK.COM ! ! !

ID: gqmroab

What's your source? That's a rather bold claim.

ID: gqmu34q

Here is an excerpt from this article showing double the failure rate.

Ryzen 5000 series fails at 2.9 percent. Ryzen 3000 series fails at 3 percent. ThreadRipper 3000 series fails at 2.5 percent.

For comparison, the company' data on Intel chips:

Intel 9th-gen fails at 0.9 percent. Intel 10th-gen fails at 1.2 percent.

Also, I think it's interesting that PowerGPU is so afraid of the backlash from the AMD boi's they are deleting tweets about real world experiences with their failure rates, even if it was a fluke occurrence. Most other distributors are saying 2% failure rate is acceptable but that is also about double the rate that intel's are failing.

I'm not saying AMD doesn't make a good product but if I had to put money on whether a maxed out 10700k or a maxed out 5800x would last the longest my money would be on team blue.

ID: gqnv4w4

So do you have any evidence of Zen CPUs burning out? This would also likely to apply to every chip made on TSMC 7nm.


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