Destruction AllStars patch 1.3.1 is live, includes 8v8 version of Mayhem and new skins.

1 : Anonymous2021/03/11 17:54 ID: m2wb3z
Destruction AllStars patch 1.3.1 is live, includes 8v8 version of Mayhem and new skins.
2 : Anonymous2021/03/11 18:19 ID: gqlla5r

I tried to find people streaming this game on Twitch and it only had 12 viewers the other day. I have it in my library but never downloaded it. Is it worth playing?

ID: gqlndxw

It’s fun here and there plus the adaptive triggers are pretty cool. It just needs more modes and stuff. The foundation is good just needs more add ons.

ID: gqnmzi3

It uses the adaptive triggers?

ID: gqltgho

I played it for about 30 mins. then deleted it.

ID: gqm9tib

You made it about 10 minutes longer than I did

ID: gqm63xn

i only played the awful tutorial then uninstall.

ID: gqlrku6

Honestly streamings gone downhill big time other then select games. It’s more about communities and less about games. The same games have been the top of twitch for a decade and it’s not to do with quality. I’d much rather play over watch then fortnite but that doesn’t relate to viewership at all

ID: gqmib0w

Usually you will see new game shoot up to top for a couple of weeks before the regular come back but with Destruction all stars, not even 3 days after the official release and it had less than 500 viewers. For a new next gen title that was free, this is abysmal. Even Fall guys, which is as much as a repetitive game as Destruction all star, still pulls ~4k viewers weekly and that game as been out for a year now. (destruction all start has an average of 130 viewers weekly one month after release.)

ID: gqm8o98

Just because you can’t find streamers you like doesn’t mean streaming has gone downhill lmao. Streaming is still as popular as ever. You’ve got variety streamers like Vinesauce and Vargskelethor who haven’t changed in 10 years but still play a combination of random things ever night.

You should branch out rather than complain the only things to watch are fortnight, valorant, and CSGO. If you’re sitting there complaining about how there’s nothing to watch, it’s because you refuse to go find something to watch.

I don’t mean it with disrespect, but your statement is just completely wrong.

ID: gqlnf53

it's fun to pick up an play for a match or two, but it's not a game I can play for more than about 5 matches before I want to play somethign else

ID: gqlxly7

I personally loved it, it does need to expand its content but aside from that it's great!

ID: gqln89z

I deleted it after less than two hours on launch day. It's trash.

ID: gqnbzm5

It's a fun time waster in between games, but it gets repetitive after a while. On the plus side, it's still free to keep, but they really need to flesh it out more with content and balance because the population will die fast at this rate.

ID: gqngaxd

It's okay for a short burst of fun but... If you can actually find a game lol.

ID: gqnrn1f


ID: gqmnvza

im really unsure of why so many people dislike it. given that it was a free ps+ game and it’s actually incredibly well made, i think it’s fantastic and still young with plenty of room to grow in a battle car genre that i’d argue hasn’t seen mass appeal since twisted evil however many years ago. i personally really hope this game sticks around

ID: gqmxjb7

It's because it's incredibly shallow and the team modes actually favor the team with less players, which is counterintuitive. The game is incredibly fun for a match or two, but there is no progression to hold attention and the "story" is locked behind a paywall.

The game could be great, but right now it needs more.

3 : Anonymous2021/03/11 17:58 ID: gqlicb2

Now we need to be able to play gridfall mode while in a party, sucks that it’s only solo

ID: gqlsjmw

There's a pretty self explanatory and solid reason for why you can't join as a party in a free for all game mode.

ID: gqmdobg

Why couldn't they just start the search with X number of party members and fill it with randos? It would literally change nothing if they were partied bc it's a free for all.

ID: gqlqpad

Search at the same time with your party. It’s the only solution for now until they allow party’s for solo playlists.

4 : Anonymous2021/03/11 19:55 ID: gqlypcb

But is it fun yet?

ID: gqm5lrt

Yes. Jesus why does this game get so much goddamn hate. I fucking adore this game.

Seems like there’s been a snowball of people absolutely shitting on a game that was available FREE to you for an entire month and is just now releasing more and more new content.

Similar to release schedules on games like Overwatch..

No one nearly gave Fall Guys the same amount of Flac for not enough content.

ID: gqm72so

Just because it’s free doesn’t mean it’s a good game. If you’re loving it that’s awesome. I wanted to love it but it only kept my interest for just a few games. Something about it isn’t hooking me. The variation in unlockables is underwhelming and the gameplay is just okay. Something isn’t sticking for me, and I know many others feel the same way. It would be cool if they made smaller arenas for a true destruction derby experience or some type of racing component because the car mechanics are well done.

Fall Guys was fun for a bit but people did end up complaining that it was repetitive. They just needed more maps and stuff to unlock - which they did release.

ID: gqm7y1i

Fall Guys was fun though

ID: gqmr2kj

Fall guys nailed their formula from the get go though, this game hasn't done that yet.

ID: gqmjn9z

this game is utter garbage compared to fall guys (even season 1 fall guys)

ID: gqmoanf

ive had a hard time finding any meaningful discussion about this game or the gameplay, as apparently 99% of the player base “played for 2.76625 minutes then uninstalled”..

this game kicks ass for what it is, is still fresh, and looks incredible. tired of “DAE wish there was racing mode??” when this isnt even a fuckin racing game lol rocket league doesnt have racing so many of the points made against this game are trivial

5 : Anonymous2021/03/11 20:33 ID: gqm3u7t

I really enjoyed my time with Destruction All-Stars but I fell off it pretty quickly, the game has a big issue with variability in matches which means as soon as you push past the skill barrier, you'll just floor the compoetition every match with the same reliable tactics. It got old real fast and nothing has encouraged me to come back in. I feel it needs a mechanical overhaul and proper new modes. Maybe even a racing portion or something would make things feel more fresh, right now it just doesn't have legs I feel.

6 : Anonymous2021/03/12 03:13 ID: gqng1kb

Serious question: have they added private/bot matches yet? All my friend and I wanted to do was crash into each other, and after about two hours of online play, we both uninstalled the game.

7 : Anonymous2021/03/11 19:04 ID: gqlrn09

This game has potential but it needs to pull a No Man's Sky level of content updates to be worth it at this point. Glad it was free on PS Plus.

ID: gqmapfv

No Man's Sky took 3 years to get enough content to come back and it had a huge amount of publicity as well which DAS doesn't have

DAS atm is only supported for 1 year.

ID: gqmakku

Worth it? It was free.

ID: gqmaote

I meant "worth playing", as in time wise.

8 : Anonymous2021/03/11 18:36 ID: gqlnqpj

I dunn9 bout this game. No real car weapons? No race mode? Could of been better

ID: gqm3efb

Those would be totally different games though

ID: gqm8puy

Sounds like you want Twisted Metal but this isn't it

9 : Anonymous2021/03/11 18:57 ID: gqlqqp4

Did they add back in voice chat?

ID: gqlrgvu

I was disappointed they removed it. Companies are always so quick to give in to whiners. I might as well just play offline mode now.

10 : Anonymous2021/03/11 22:58 ID: gqmmrd7

Really wish this was just Twisted Metal :/

11 : Anonymous2021/03/11 22:27 ID: gqmj0dw

Is it locked 60fps yet??

ID: gqn4pql

It's pretty stable already. I swear people are so entitled, if you want a guaranteed framerate build yourself a solid PC and turn down the graphics. Better get used to it right now, most games will not have a 100% locked framerate. Hell not all games are going to be 60fps.

ID: gqn5sn0

It’s 2021. 60fps should be a MINIMUM. And this console just came out which means it’s here to stay. And no I’m not entitled but saying I want a solid 60fps is not like expecting the console to outperform PCs and from the way you talk I see you have little PC knowledge because I’ve built plenty and with a “solid PC” you don’t need to turn down the graphics.

Also the fact it’s March and the console came out in November and still doesn’t support VRR, 1440p and extra ssd says a lot. And I say that as a Ps5 owner.


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