Is Sackboy worth the $60 price tag?

1 : Anonymous2021/03/11 23:36 ID: m33xzy

I never played the LittleBigPlanet games, but Sackboy looks pretty fun to me.

After playing (and falling in love with) Astro’s playroom I decided that I couldn’t live without more cute, lovable platforming and Sackboy seems to offer that and more.

However I am curious about the length of the game. I have also read that you get the most out of it through co-op. I’m. I’m not against co-op play by any means I just don’t have any friends that would be interested in playing with me so I don’t want to miss out on content because of lack of playmates. this game worth dropping $60? Or should I wait for a sale? I will inevitably be buying this game just want to know what everyone’s thoughts are on the price tag.

2 : Anonymous2021/03/11 23:39 ID: gqmro4u

If you’re playing solo, I’d wait for a sale. I’ve got kids and a wife that play coop and it’s a ton of fun. There are some levels that are coop only though.

ID: gqn5qrr

I honestly feel this will eventually be a PS+ game of the month and that is what I am waiting for.

ID: gqnpzf3

You’re probably gonna be waiting a long time.

ID: gqo4p9u

I’m doing the same thing

3 : Anonymous2021/03/11 23:44 ID: gqms5ow

It’s a solid game, sound track is really good. It’s definitely made with multiplayer in mind. I think it’s worth the cash but everyone is different

4 : Anonymous2021/03/12 00:01 ID: gqmu3cb

I want this for me and the kids to play but the damn game wont go on sale lol.

5 : Anonymous2021/03/12 00:04 ID: gqmuhng

I really enjoyed it! The music for this game is incredible and really moves along with the stages. If you try to collect all the orbs, there is a lot to play. Maybe 15 or so hours. Perfect length for me. There are something like 4-6 levels that can only be played co-op. these are because they are designed for people to work together with some puzzle elements. Everything else feels completely fine to play alone. Very similar to Super Mario 3D World in that sense.

6 : Anonymous2021/03/11 23:39 ID: gqmrnc5

I’m waiting for a sale just because this early in the life cycle I think they’re testing out this ridiculous game prices. After a while they’ll drop back to normal. I don’t want to support this bump of £60-80 games

ID: gqmuv6i

They won't drop if people buy the games at these prices though. I understand a move to $70 but £70/80€ is too high.

ID: gqny8jc

I’d be interested to see the numbers over time as the people with consoles now are almost all hardcore fans who are willing to pay premium prices to be early adopters. I don’t know how many people who buy a console 3 years into its lifecycle will be willing to pay $60 for a game like sack boy.

ID: gqnnef1

Yeah, I'll pay for 1 new game a year and feel like its worth it but I can imagine the outrage if prices were put up to $100 (£70)

7 : Anonymous2021/03/12 00:33 ID: gqmxqnb

Amazing game, very fun, I enjoy solo better because other people just suck at games lol. But they have levels you need 2 people so now I need to find a good player to help me get all the trophies, story is ehhh forgettable, but the levels have a lot of replayability, and you will play them multiple times, if your a completionist than there's more than enough to keep you busy, and the time trial levels are a whole other beast lol, good luck my friend. Definitely worth $60 but hit up eBay and get a used one for $40

ID: gqnahui

so can you not progress through the game if you’re strictly single player?

ID: gqnjd2e

You can, there's just optional levels that require 2 people.

8 : Anonymous2021/03/12 00:43 ID: gqmyvma

I say it’s completely worth it if you even remotely like platformers. Even better with your SO, kids, friends, or hostages.

9 : Anonymous2021/03/12 01:48 ID: gqn6dh4

Def worth the money. Its a blast with 4 people. I am about half way through with my girlfriend and we really enjoy the co-op.

ID: gqo125x

Can I play it with a DualShock 4 as a second controller?

10 : Anonymous2021/03/12 02:03 ID: gqn82sv

I think I won it from the Burger King sweepstakes when I was trying to win a ps5 I can send u the code if I find it

ID: gqn9gkg

I need a code too plez

11 : Anonymous2021/03/12 02:44 ID: gqncodg


12 : Anonymous2021/03/12 05:30 ID: gqntflg

It's AU$109 here, i'm waiting for these games to get cheaper.

13 : Anonymous2021/03/12 00:12 ID: gqmvezb

I love the game, but if you're playing solo and you're the type to try and collect/unlock everything it can be very frustrating at times imo. The knitted knight trials are fun and feel good when you beat them with a gold ranking.

14 : Anonymous2021/03/12 00:50 ID: gqmzpnd

It’s great but it’s definitely best played with friends.

15 : Anonymous2021/03/12 01:53 ID: gqn6wte

I'm also waiting for a sale! Can't wait to play with the wife and friends!

16 : Anonymous2021/03/12 01:58 ID: gqn7glq

It depends how you want to play the game single player (though I do recommend multiplayer).

If you are gonna go through each level, finish the game and never go back, it's not worth £60. If you are gonna go through the game and then go back and try to ace the levels, get the costumes, get the blue orbs and get the points in each level, it is well worth £60 or even £70-80 for the amount of content in the game.

I can see myself taking 15 hours trying to go through it casually in co op (I'm halfway through) and then spending triple that going through getting the collectables.

Basically, as a collectathon, co-op, or acing platformer it's worth full price but as a 1 play, 1 player platformer it's worth waiting for a sale. It just depends if you like collectathons or not.

17 : Anonymous2021/03/12 02:25 ID: gqnam1e

I’m an avid fan of platformers and thought it was a pretty average one that got boring after a bit. I think Astro’s Playroom is much better. It may be worth playing (it’s not horrible like Balan Wonderworld looks) but I would definitely wait for a sale.

18 : Anonymous2021/03/12 02:30 ID: gqnb5ag

If you have someone to play through the whole game couch coop with its worth 80 dollars

19 : Anonymous2021/03/12 02:44 ID: gqncq76

Me and my gf have been playing through it everytime she comes over and we’ve been having an absolute blast

20 : Anonymous2021/03/12 03:08 ID: gqnfdze

I really loved the game and played it co-op with the family. I’d absolutely recommend it. But I don’t really think 60$ (or whatever it was) was a fair price point and if you can wait I’d wait for a sale.

21 : Anonymous2021/03/12 04:10 ID: gqnm1wu

It's a very fun platformer, its super mario 3D world meets Littlebigplanet. I enjoyed it a lot and the online play worked great when I needed it, it's a great community that plays it. The soundtrack is the best in recent memory.

You could wait for sale or buy it soon, you'll enjoy it either way.

22 : Anonymous2021/03/12 05:31 ID: gqntit2

Question is how desperate are you for a PS5 title? I don't think you'd regret it but if you have other games, wait for a sale. I got it as a gift and I absolutely love it but I don't think I would've spent $60 on it.

23 : Anonymous2021/03/12 06:55 ID: gqo05d6

It’s worth $40.

24 : Anonymous2021/03/12 07:11 ID: gqo1a0o

Best Jump and run and reference for future games from other developers. And no I am not joking. Lovely level design with a lot of details, perfect movements, and nice items during the game. Can't understand why this game got less Metacritic than 3d super Mario world which was on the switch, uninspired, loveless, and always the same.

25 : Anonymous2021/03/12 07:16 ID: gqo1n72

Get the ps4 version cheaper, you get a free ps5 upgrade.

26 : Anonymous2021/03/12 07:36 ID: gqo3228

I loved the game, bought it at release BUT I’d say wait till it’s $30-40 unless you’re desperate for something to play right now.

27 : Anonymous2021/03/12 07:36 ID: gqo33ao

If you like jumpnrun games, this one is really good. I bought Mario 3d world a few weeks ago and sackboy is so much better. Better controls, visuals, music.

There is a lot to unlock. If you want to make 100%.

But in general, The game is already out e few months. The sale shouldn't be too far of. If you buy it now and next week it is on sale it's really bad. I also wait for a Spiderman sale before I buy it because I havn't bought it when it released. Too many times I bought a game a few weeks after release and then it was on sale not long after.

28 : Anonymous2021/03/11 23:37 ID: gqmrebe

Yes, it was fun solo but I’m a father of two. It was best when we all played together.

29 : Anonymous2021/03/11 23:43 ID: gqms232

100% yes. It was a day-one buy for me and I never regretted it. I loooooove it solo, and can even get my wife to join in. It's a fantastic platformer that ticks a lot of boxes for me that very few games can - tight controls, great graphics - just a fantastic game overall. It also has some sneaky-hard areas if you're looking to 100% it.

30 : Anonymous2021/03/11 23:46 ID: gqmsegc

100% worth it to me.. amazing game, decent length, 4 player co-op, and tons to unlock

31 : Anonymous2021/03/12 05:46 ID: gqnurpb

Its a good game. but, not $60 good.

32 : Anonymous2021/03/11 23:52 ID: gqmt3c6

idk but how bout u get off my SACK BOY


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