PlayStation’s XDev and Housemarque seem to already hiring for their next game

1 : Anonymous2021/03/12 19:16 ID: m3otqz

Just to remember that Housemarque did a lot of games in partnnership with Sony in the last decade or so (Super Stardust HD, Deadnation, Resogun, Alienation, Matterfall and Returnal and some others).

2 : Anonymous2021/03/12 23:32 ID: gqqv6n8

Is XDev still just support? There were reports they were expanding to make their own games.

ID: gqqvr3e

Still just support.

ID: gqqzq59

I think you're talking about Visual Arts Group, that always did support for mocap, animation and so on. They build a game development team back in 2018 in San Diego but hasn't announced anything yet.

ID: gqs5ywz

yes, XDev is external production. People who work in that group are pretty much all producers. Means funding & project management (= production) for games developed by independent developers.

ID: gqr02up

Pretty sure they are still support. They handle the majority of 2nd party stuff Sony funds

3 : Anonymous2021/03/12 23:42 ID: gqqw674

Oh snap, is Sony buying them? Either way, I'm down for Returnal.

ID: gqr1ctz

There's some rumors about that happening, but them working with XDev for their next game isn't a huge proof. They have partnering for almost every game that Housemarque released for Sony.

4 : Anonymous2021/03/13 09:40 ID: gqsahxs

Definitely excited for the game. I'll wait till I can get it for 50 though.

ID: gqsyq2n

I honestly have no interest in it. I have a gut feeling it’s not going to be as great as some people think it will be, so I’m going with my gut here. I’ll agree with the price though. No chance I buy any of these games for $70. I have more than enough patience to wait for a sale.

It’s the only reason I have yet to buy Demon’s Souls. When it goes on sale, I’ll buy it.

ID: gqt1mfb

I don't think the story will be anything to write home about. But I think the gameplay loop is going to be good. I'll be waiting either way!

5 : Anonymous2021/03/12 19:35 ID: gqq2ekv

Obviously not played Returnal yet, but I really wish Housemarque would go back to doing the more arcade like games for which they made their name in the first place. Nex Machina and Resogun were a couple of my favourite PS4 games.

ID: gqq3cbx

Yep, but they announced they'd be headed in a different direction because of poor sales.

I love those games too, but I get that they also want to do well. It's crazy that they can make these phenomenal games, but they get no press and no hype. They got critical acclaim for many of these titles, but Nex Machina was never going to be awarded anything to make gamers of different genres take notice. And that can be a powerful tool. Look at Hades.

ID: gqqq4kc


Making games is a business and enough people didn't buy their awesome arcade games. It's a shame as all of their games are really awesome.

ID: gqq3pmu

Fair point. Would be nice if they could do a mix of AAA games and the arcade titles, but I get that a developer of their size probably has to direct all available resources to a project like Returnal. I will definitely still buy it as I want to support them. The last trailer looked pretty cool.

ID: gqqrww5

Good..while returnal doesn't look like something I would want their other games are over rated imo. Resogun was fun for like 20 minutes.

ID: gqr3xa3

As others have said returnal looks like its firmly retained the arcade like, precise gameplay approach that they’re known for, with the added bonus triple a production values.

ID: gqr6v46

Looks like I should really do my research before commenting! Seriously though, I’m stoked that the game appears to be staying true to Housemarque’s traditional gameplay values. I’m actually looking forward to this game way more now!

ID: gqrea6x

Returnal seems to keep that approach while taking cues from Rogue Legacy.

Also adding procedural generation combined with high production values. I'm hyped.

ID: gqrfdcs

I am now as well! Thanks for the comments guys!

ID: gqquiip

Have you seen Returnal gameplay? It looks triple A in budget but it maintains arcade like Bullet hell gameplay. Unfortunately their games are brilliant yet just don't sell very well

ID: gqr2m9o

I've never played through a single bullet-hell game, I don't enjoy that kind of thing generally.

But I'm definitely buying Returnal because I love a good 3d shooter with some story.

It's simply more accessible and engaging. I love their concept of trying to bring that kind of feel to a 3d game, that could end up making it feel a lot like Metroid.

Bullet hell in arcade is one of those micro genres you kind of have to be into from the beginning and played along with, meaning its user base gets smaller and smaller over time.

It's so hardcore now that a new user jumping into it has no chance. Plus the genre conceits are so weird, like the idea that your entire ship can clip through the bullets but it's just the very very center of your ship that triggers destruction.

I've played shooters I loved in the past and it wasn't the bullet dodging aspect that I loved, it was mainly the RPG aspects, gaining weapons, upgrading them, and then overpowering the game with them.

That struggle to fly expertly enough to gather ultimate weapons and use them is super fun. Bullet-dodging, less so for me anyway.

ID: gqqv4lw

I haven’t seen much gameplay to be honest, just a story trailer. Sounds quite cool the way you describe it. Maybe I have formed the wrong impression about it based on that early trailer.

ID: gqq7emz

I adore their arcade games as well — not a single one of them has let me down. So while Returnal is a departure from that genre, it also looks amazing. I’m excited by the story, the setting, the bullet hell rougelike mashup, and the third person perspective. It looks like it could be something similar to Nier: Automata which everybody pretty much universally loves, in terms of the bullet hell perspective. What they need, is to be able to freely make games without fear that if the next one isn’t a hit, they can’t keep the lights on and have to shut down.

I normally don’t argue in favor of studio acquisitions (in fact I’ve spent the past few days arguing against haha), but if Sony were to have added them to the fold, I think they might have continued making arcade games so long as they keep Sony happy. And those titles were often added to PS+ so it would make sense for them to do it. In any event, I’m planning on preordering Returnal based on their entire back catalogue and to support them. All I can do is my part to help fund their next venture, and whatever they make, I’m sure it will be interesting. (Yes, I’m aware that CDPR let ppl down with CynerPunk and preordering could be a mistake, but I’ve played like 6 or 7 HouseMarque games compared to just The Witcher 3 of CDPR, so I feel more confident in this case but will still look for reviews before I preorder).

ID: gqq7puw

Oh I’m definitely getting it as well. I owe them that much for the time I spent on Resogun alone!

ID: gqspup2

Would not say go back but if sony buys them and expand them to have one AAA and one retro style game in prod at the same time it would be sweet.

ID: gqqwggc

If it don’t make money, it don’t make sense.

6 : Anonymous2021/03/12 20:07 ID: gqq6gn1

PS5. You can just add or remove games as you browse them in the store.


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