If you’re looking for a cheap story driven game to play i suggest BioShock collection

1 : Anonymous2021/03/14 16:36 ID: m4yhqr

Recently just finished Bioshock 1 & 2 and gotta say what a great fun experience of a series. Haven't played 3 as of yet but looking forward to it. I picked the games up cheap wasn't expecting much from them but i was sure surprised if you're board and looking for fun game to sink into i highly suggest them.

2 : Anonymous2021/03/14 16:45 ID: gqwszfy

How were you not expecting much? Bioshock is considered one of the best games of the last 20 years and was critically acclaimed.

ID: gqwtkdx

It never really peaked my interest years back when they came out. I regret not getting into them sooner tho

ID: gqx3acq

Sorry to be that guy, but, it’s piqued my interest.

ID: gqy6x47

You personally were not interested in a game when you saw it that people on this sub were. Downvoted.

3 : Anonymous2021/03/14 19:27 ID: gqxjf9g

Ah yes, I have never, not once in the last 14 years thought of playing BioShock.

Thanks for the tip.

4 : Anonymous2021/03/14 16:41 ID: gqwsjz4

One of my favorite games. I love all 3. They still hold up really well. There is a huge following if you did not know.

ID: gqwtvsv

Yeah, its amazing how massive the following it has and well deserved also. I hope we see a nextgen release maybe Bioshock 4 fingers crossed

ID: gqwu09u

Reports say a new Bioshock has been in the works for a couple years. Can't wait. Think it'll be another 2 or 3 years though.

5 : Anonymous2021/03/14 19:34 ID: gqxkm21

This is hilarious. The first Bioshock is one of the best games of all time.

6 : Anonymous2021/03/14 17:06 ID: gqww02v

Such an underrated hidden gem!

ID: gqxhrju

R/tomorrow sends its regards

ID: gqxdpd0


ID: gqxc7ow

Underrated hidden gem talking of Bioshock? You must be kidding right? It is a masterpiece with amazing ratings and far far far from being hidden.

ID: gqye8jm


7 : Anonymous2021/03/14 18:22 ID: gqx8hpt

I played through them recently (1+2) and was re-surprised by how good they are!

I remember playing 1 when it first came out and it legit scaring me and even all these years later I can still see why!

Some of the best gaming atmosphere I’ve ever experienced exploring and learning about rapture and it’s people.

Amazing amazing amazing

8 : Anonymous2021/03/14 21:06 ID: gqxzgmu

I don't like 3.didnt finish it. But 1 + 2 were amazing. Big daddy!

9 : Anonymous2021/03/14 22:10 ID: gqy96yh

Easily one of the best franchises out there.

10 : Anonymous2021/03/14 22:23 ID: gqyavwu

I wanted to play Infinite for years and got my chance when they gave it out for PS+. LOVED it. I beat 1 back in the day, played a bit of 2. Infinite is my favorite for sure

11 : Anonymous2021/03/14 20:32 ID: gqxtvg6

The first 2 were absolutely awesome. The 3rd felt completely different and I didn’t like it.

ID: gqy0nh1

Yeah everyone praises the third but I never connected to it like the first two.

ID: gqy889t

You need to play the DLC for Infinite called Burial at Sea. It connects the 1 & 2 to Infinite in such a cool way.

ID: gqy2m3o

I loved the third because I'm a little bitch and 1 was too scary

12 : Anonymous2021/03/14 17:14 ID: gqwxezd

Favourite story-driven FPS I've ever played. So fucking well-written with gameplay to support. And that goes for the entire trilogy.

Its probably been my most replayed game series.

Got my eyes on 4. Hopefully the new studio can do the series justice 🙂

13 : Anonymous2021/03/14 20:11 ID: gqxqvwg

Played this game for this first time last year and I was surprised how NOT for me this game was. I love a good story driven FPS (I would argue there's more lore than story here), and maybe I just suck but it was far more challenging and dense than I anticipated. And a lot of that challenge came from me figuring out too litttle too late that I should be searching through EVERYTHING if I want legitimate upgrades for my weapons and powers, which felt a bit tedious to me. And perhaps I just wasn't paying enough attention but I felt like there were so many variables to progressing through without any overwhelming difficulty that weren't presented to me in a way that felt natural or very obvious. I loved it for it's atmosphere and tight mechanics but at the end of the day maybe I need my hand held more than I thought for this type of game.

ID: gqy0kan

This is a fairly easy game on the base setting. And you don’t need to search everything for upgrades.

I think maybe you weren’t paying attention, this game is considered one of the best of all time for a reason. Like if the atmosphere wasn’t for you that’s one thing, but the gameplay is very straightforward.

14 : Anonymous2021/03/14 17:58 ID: gqx4kqs

Does it have enhancements on PS5?

ID: gqxeuxy

Smooth 60fps on the PS5

ID: gqxs2n6


15 : Anonymous2021/03/14 18:29 ID: gqx9tc7

What type of game is bioshock. Are there a clot of puzzles?

ID: gqxcb88


ID: gqxce1k

Are there a lot of puzzles or backtracking?

16 : Anonymous2021/03/14 22:08 ID: gqy8r2w

Bioshock: 11/10 for story and setting, 6/10 for gameplay, 0/10 for re-playability. The story should be experienced once by everyone who calls him or herself a gamer. Just my opinion.

17 : Anonymous2021/03/14 23:03 ID: gqyfgh1

3 is the best

18 : Anonymous2021/03/14 20:57 ID: gqxy1up

I only played the first game and I found it tedious. Would be better if it was just a walking simulator.

19 : Anonymous2021/03/14 19:19 ID: gqxi4dx

Is it someone new?

20 : Anonymous2021/03/14 16:56 ID: gqwub29

I'd suggest skipping 2. It's good but isn't as good as 1 and Infinite.

Also, believe me when I say that you'll be sick of Rapture at the end of Bioshock 1. Columbia is a nice change of pace.

ID: gqx4k7s

2 is my favorite in the series edging out 1. Personally infinite was the one I didnt enjoy

ID: gqwwg05

I actually really liked 2. Yeah the setting was the same but there were plenty of gameplay changes that made it different from the 1st.

ID: gqxi2jg

I still don't understand why people say this. There are three games in the series, you are skipping a whole third of the content. If you want to play the bioshock games, play all three. Its not a big series like assassin's creed or resident evil, skipping a game in those I understand.

ID: gqwxeb6

I'd suggest not listening to this guy who centers his flair around things he doesn't like (groan). But instead, make sure you play the Minerva's Den DLC for 2 especially because it's some of the best Bioshock there is.

ID: gqx06oy

Imagine being so insecure about others disliking something you like. Why do you care about the flair of a random stranger on Reddit? Just shut the fuck up dude.

ID: gqyghkc

I know downvoting a comment because people don't like it is par for the course on reddit and that's what happened here. I also didn't like 2. I never could finish it but 1 is awesome. 3 feels like a different game that's loosely connected but was still good.

ID: gqx8183

Honestly I agree. People often recommend to not skip it, so I played through it. Its gameplay is probably the best in the series, so I understand where they are coming from, but I care much more about the characters and the story, both of which were disappointing in 2 imo. It was pretty apparent that Ken Levine didn't work on it.


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