Ken Kutaragi (Father of PlayStation) appears on Harada (Tekken producer) talk show: “Microsoft didn’t show up with a cask of sake” – Harada

1 : Anonymous2021/03/13 23:57 ID: m4ix0b
Ken Kutaragi (Father of PlayStation) appears on Harada (Tekken producer) talk show: "Microsoft didn't show up with a cask of sake" - Harada
2 : Anonymous2021/03/13 23:57 ID: gqukx5v

A bit of context - Harada is opening his own bar and his first guest is Ken Kutaragi who's now working in robot industry.

Sony always gave Harada a cask of sake as tradition whenever his game was done (gone gold), so he thought it's mandatory. But when he started working with Microsoft, he realized it's not.

It gives you the idea of why Japanese developers prefer to work with Sony.

The video also gives some insights about Japanese robot industry.

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Does Sony still do that?

ID: gqvqjvc

I doubt it, considering their HQ is in California now and with Japan Studio being re-organized my faith in Sony caring about the Japanese market is dwindling

ID: gquy43f

MS should've given him a bottle of Jack Daniels.

ID: gqv9o2n

And a coupon for a free big mac

ID: gqvdnde

Pretty interesting story but the japanese market actually saved American whiskey back in the 70s and 80s.

ID: gqvqtge

That’s basically an insult. “Thanks for the awesome game. Here’s a bottle of cheap shitty whiskey.” Haha

ID: gqwaq8t

That should be preferred.

PlayStation of back then was very different to PlayStation of now. People don't seem to realise that SCEJ and Japan Studio had a shit load of autonomy, back in the day. Same was true for the rest of PlayStation.

It really was a case where Sony Computer Entertainment America, Europe, and Japan were three different divisions who just happened to be working on the same product.

3 : Anonymous2021/03/14 02:08 ID: gquy8t1

Which game did Ken create for MS?

ID: gqvbwpg

Probably Tekken 6 or Soulcaliber 4

It's first games which was released on another consoles than Playstation or Arcade cabinets.

ID: gqvgxil

Lol, I misunderstood the headline. It was Harada creating for Xbox, not Ken....but yes Tekken makes sense.

4 : Anonymous2021/03/14 01:18 ID: gqut6e9

Yeah Sony just paying it’s respects

5 : Anonymous2021/03/14 04:57 ID: gqvdzq6

This title is a silly clickbait.

However, the video was actually interesting.

6 : Anonymous2021/03/14 03:37 ID: gqv6x2w

How is Playstation doing in Japan nowadays? Seems like the market is all about mobile (Switch and phones).

ID: gqvo443

Switch is killing it. PS is doing the best at what it does but that isn't saying a lot. Japanese players don't want PCs and they don't really want home consoles either.

For most Japanese PS4 owners the system was basically a Monster Hunte

Quest XI/FFXV machine. All of which are multiplatform games, but XBOX is basically nonexistent in Japan and PC isn't too popular so PS gets all the hardware sales from the people who want to play those games.

They have paid for limited exclusivity on FF for FF7R and FFXVI and honestly I wonder why they even bother but I guess the Western audience must be big enough that it is still worth it.

ID: gqw18qs

That's why FF7 Battle Royale (First Soldier) and Ever Crisis are on mobile.

ID: gqvpb7g

Well FF7R sold well too, it was at 5.5 million copies in the first few months. FF has millions of fans.

ID: gqva24n

Home console market is on the decline in general. Like you said, Japan is increasingly all about mobile gaming, be it dedicated gaming devices like the Switch or mobile phones and tablets. I was honestly quite surprised that the PS5 even launched in Japan last year and didn't get a delayed release like the PS4.

ID: gqvx9wa

That just makes me sad. Mobile gaming, even the switch, are just not the same as home consoles and pc gaming.

ID: gqvco1o

PS5s are hard to get these days and most people have a PS4 by now. Why buy an 8 year old system, when you can wait a bit longer for the new consoles and play the new games or current games that run better on them.

ID: gqv8ejr

I’ll tell ya, it’s not like in the states where a game console is in most households as a common accessory. Console gaming is a hobby that still isnt mainstream here. Maybe it was like that in famicom or ps2 days, but not now. Very few casual console gamers here from what I can tell. The people I see at game sections in electronic stores are - frankly - mostly creeps and weirdos. More otaku than regular folks who grew up with gaming and find it normal to have a console in the home for a play every now and then.

Maybe this has to do with how hobbies are seen here in Japan. You pick a hobby and commit to it 110%. I think gaming is seen as an expensive and time consuming hobby.

Mobile is all over the damn place though. Rarely see switch in public any more unless it’s kids playing it.

ID: gqv97rz

And this is why Sony is big on mobile in Japan they created one of the most successful mobile games ever ( Fate/ Grand Order ) and got and plethora more that also received great success like Twisted Wonderland, Arc the Lad, 22/7 and Magia Madoka Magical with plans to become even bigger in the mobile sector as they partnered with several mobile game studios

They also expanded so it will encompass the entirety of East Asia. The publisher of games like Princess Connect Re:Dive and World of Mystic in Taiwan and China is Sony and with the purchase of Crunchyroll they even got more mobile games that they published

PS Sony is even using their idol groups like N46 and making a mobile game about them that's how high they are on mobile

Looks like Sony are aiming for Alpha dog status in terms of mobile gaming

ID: gqwb0wi

In terms of consoles, Switch is dominating. We're talking PS1 / PS2 levels of domination. Typically, the charts are all Switch games except for one or two PS4 games.

ID: gqvhc0g

Japan has been high on mobile and handhelds for 15+ years

ID: gqw006l

Quite bad. PS5 is underperforming but they seem to be going up now. PS4 did well and Vita is still selling.

But Switch and mobile are the most dominant.

7 : Anonymous2021/03/14 02:32 ID: gqv0nz8

Sony respect devs and creators. This is how it’s always been with them.

ID: gqv40bs

i mean both sony and microsoft respect developers but sony has tight bond with japanese developers.

ID: gqv7yib

Scalebound? Creative freedom? You think Konami or Microsoft would let Kojima make a walking simulator?

ID: gqvk8gz

Microsoft doesn’t respect developers at all

ID: gqvhwu2


ID: gqvg6ua

One guy gets some alcohol and the rest get to crunch for long hours. Beautiful work from Sony

ID: gqvxu9y

Right? Giving gifts to the execs is not "having respect for the devs" in my books. If anything, Harada prefering Sony because of this is nepotism at its finest.

8 : Anonymous2021/03/14 03:48 ID: gqv80dh

What...what is the point of this?

9 : Anonymous2021/03/14 01:20 ID: gqutf63

Not really surprised? Sony is Japan based and Microsoft is Western...

ID: gquzq6b

At this point Sony isn't even Japan based anymore

ID: gqv19n9

Sony’s still based in Japan, PlayStation isn’t.

ID: gqv0ve4

Asobi team is the only japan left in Sony

10 : Anonymous2021/03/14 10:27 ID: gqvzbhg

The Nintendo switch is great portable console may be it's time for Sony to look down this path.

ID: gqw0fy6

Sony will never go back any time soon to handhelds after the vita disaster.

11 : Anonymous2021/03/14 02:34 ID: gqv0u42

This post is less about the PS5 and more about saying ms bad. Try a different sub lol

ID: gqvg8ub

Right? Also, Microsoft probably didn't even know about his tradition, its like if I went to a friend's house for the first time and the people there were pissed at me for not bringing flaming hot cheetos, how am I supposed to know that?

ID: gqwe80m

Funny story, Xbox very nearly had exclusive rights to Resident Evil - including RE4 - and other Capcom games during the original Xbox, but mucked it up due to an issue in translation.

Basically, Mikami (now enjoying his new promotion) was shopping around with console makers about where to focus Capcom's efforts, post DMC. He had already ruled out PlayStation because he disliked the unnecessary complexity of PS2, and so was meeting with Microsoft and Nintendo.

Mikami posed one question: what's your philosophy for games? What Xbox wanted to say was hype up the power and flexibility of DirectX and how it can lessen the complexity of game development and so give more time for developers to create. What ended up being said was nothing like that, due to mistranslation.

Mikami left unimpressed, and by the time Xbox had figured out the wrong thing was said and tried to fix it, Mikami had already signed a deal with Nintendo, which is why GameCube "got" the Capcom 5.

ID: gqvioql

I assume people at MS can hire people who can explain such cultural aspects to connect better with Japanese people?

12 : Anonymous2021/03/14 07:55 ID: gqvqjy1

Microsoft probably gave him a 14 day trial of Windows Pro!

ID: gqwec7h

Well the story probably happened around the mid-2000s so it was Windows Vista,

That's like giving someone a box of spiders

13 : Anonymous2021/03/14 09:57 ID: gqvxlm7

I want to go to there.

14 : Anonymous2021/03/14 10:10 ID: gqvyclh

Irasshai! Don't ask me for shit.

16 : Anonymous2021/03/14 05:51 ID: gqvi8b3

For those who think "It's because Microsoft is American company" probably not realize that Microsoft Japan exists and the person in charge of Xbox business of that time was also Japanese.

Sony just knew how to treat developers.

iPhone dominates Japan with almost 50% market share. It's all about how to do business, not just being American or Japanese.

17 : Anonymous2021/03/14 07:12 ID: gqvnupn


18 : Anonymous2021/03/14 03:31 ID: gqv6dlb

Dont ask me for Sh*t

19 : Anonymous2021/03/14 11:32 ID: gqw322j



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