Whats are the best Soul’s like game’s including the Soul’s saga, on your ranked list?

1 : Anonymous2021/03/13 21:50 ID: m4gcay

Im currently playing Demons souls ps5, having a blast, I dont mind playing the ps4 versions of other games, is Demons souls the best besides the graphics and ps5 era

2 : Anonymous2021/03/13 22:08 ID: gqu9fno

Played pretty much every souls game released and Bloodborne is my favourite game of all time.

ID: gqupeqy

It will be really hard to top Bloodborne. They nailed it. Though if it does come out obviously Bloodborne Kart will be the obvious top rank.

ID: gqupo8a

Yes, it’s almost perfect. The only thing I can criticize is the finite blood vials instead of a system like the estus.

That’s all I have.

ID: gqveij8

My favorite is Bloodborne too. Dark Souls 3 follows that. Dark Souls 3's atmosphere and game design so similar to Bloodborne.

ID: gqv6br5

Bloodborne was my favorite until I played sekiro. I still fucking love bloodborne though

ID: gqvg8xy

The best game I’ve ever played

3 : Anonymous2021/03/14 01:57 ID: gqux7e5

Sekiro Sekiro Sekiro Sekiro

4 : Anonymous2021/03/13 23:26 ID: gquho0j

Bloodborne is the GOAT Souls games.

5 : Anonymous2021/03/13 22:39 ID: gqucsco

Going into dark souls 2 with the idea that it is the worst souls game actually made me enjoy it a lot more for what it is. It does a lot of things differently from souls 1 and 3 and i enjoyed it a lot.

ID: gqvohem

it's a real shame how many people skip ds2 over bad press it has it's share of flaws but it was really enjoyable for me

ID: gqw3hp5

It definitely shouldn't be skipped. Whenever people say it's the worst of the Souls series, to me, that's like saying it's "only an 8/10". The rest are 9s and 10s. It's still an 8 though, which is better than the majority of games.

ID: gqva7yl

I started with DSIII then Bloodborne, Demon Soul’s remake, DSI remaster. I’m playing through DSII now and am definitely really enjoying it, especially since I went into it with the same attitude as you. But right now I’m feeling a bit like I want to jump into Mortal Shell or Sekiro but I feel like I need to give DSII it’s due. It’s definitely worth finishing?

ID: gqvhtl1

The DLC of dark souls II is easily its best content imo. Amazing bosses, great and memorable locations and some very interesting lore. Definitely don’t miss out on that!

ID: gqvl35u

Aye im following the same path still on ds1 though

6 : Anonymous2021/03/13 22:10 ID: gqu9q1x

If Demon’s souls is your first souls game, then I would recommend sticking to From software games for your future titles. Two of them, DS3 and Sekiro, benefit hugely from the ps5 , running at a stable 60FPS.

As to which title to play next, I’d highly recommend either DS1 or Bloodborne. Play DS1 if you want an evolution on the Demon’s souls formula, or bloodborne if you want something more different. I definitely think you should play the dark souls trilogy in order. Sekiro is the most different out of all of them, being an action adventure game instead of an RPG.

The only downside about Bloodborne is that it still runs at 30 FPS, and it seems inevitable that they will remaster it within the next couple of years.

My personal ranking of them all is 1) Bloodborne 2) Sekiro 3) DS1 4) DS3 5) Demon souls 6) DS2

ID: gqw1xvo

Two of them, DS3 and Sekiro, benefit hugely from the ps5 , running at a stable 60FPS.

DS1 and 2 also run at 60fps on PS5! Granted, DS2 was a near-perfect 60fps on Pro and DS Remastered was close enough outside of a few areas, but there's no title where you'll need to take a step down form the smoothness you grow accustomed to after Demon's Souls (apart from Bloodborne of course). This is probably the best time to jump into the Souls series from start to finish if I'm honest, you have none of the issues that plagued each game at launch and it'll be a pretty seamless transition all the way where you can see how the games evolved in release order. Just leave Bloodborne til' last and pray for a patch.

7 : Anonymous2021/03/13 22:09 ID: gqu9kpi

Salt and Sanctuary is a great 2D soulslike

ID: gqv2mwx

Finally someone mentions it.

The great thing about it is the camera never gets in the way.

ID: gqval1b

Yeah that one is amazing, especially in coop

8 : Anonymous2021/03/13 22:21 ID: gquatj6

Bloodborne, Dark souls 1 (first half anyway), demons souls, nioh 2, Dark souls 3, the surge, nioh, code vein, sekiro, the surge 2, Dark souls 2, lords of the fallen, darksiders 3, immortal unchained.

Or something like that. I've never thought about how the non from soft games stack up, the bloodborne is definitely the best imo.

9 : Anonymous2021/03/13 21:53 ID: gqu7wef

Nioh 1 & 2. You can get the Collection that was just remastered for the PS5. Bloodborne is my favorite souls game but unfortunately it hasn’t had a port to PS4 and is still only 30 FPS.

ID: gqu819z

Not the OP but curious Can I start with nioh 2 or do I need to play 1 to understand the story

ID: gqu8hm1

Nioh 2 is a prequel and in many ways is a better game IMO. Create a character, more enemy variation, weapons, and new mechanics. You can most certainly play it first but there will be nods to the first game. Nioh 1 follows the story of a premade protagonist.

ID: gqud3ss

Nioh 2 is the better game and adds some new mechanics that improve the combat. If you only want to play one of them I would suggest Nioh 2, but if you think you want to play both it might be awkward going back to Nioh 1's style.

ID: gqurvhn

Nioh 2 is better in almost every way. The downside of playing it first is that if you play Nioh 1 after it just won’t seem good.

ID: gqv30ub

Neither of them have a comprehensible story and 2 has the MUCH better gameplay. Nioh 1 is good, don't get me wrong. But 2 is fantastic

ID: gqu9b3e

I would skip Nioh 1 and go straight to 2 tbh

ID: gqubkoz

Bloodborne still 100% worth it, don’t pass it by just because it’s 30 FPS.

ID: gqubs12

Hands down my favorite game of all time. Just disappointed it doesn’t have higher FPS and a PS5 port yet but the other games do.

10 : Anonymous2021/03/13 23:16 ID: gqugmc2

Nioh 2 and Dark Souls are tied at the top for me, Nioh 2 for the combat and ridiculous replayability and Dark Souls for the immaculate world/level design. After that Bloodborne, then the original Nioh, Demon's Souls, Darksiders 3, Dark Souls 2, with Lords of the Fallen being my least favorite. I don't consider LotF bad though, it's just very slow (even by Souls standards) and the game has a lot of random bugs frankly. I just played it for the first time ever last week so I assume the numerous little bugs/glitches I ran into aren't going to get fixed at this point.

Everything else I haven't played enough to rank yet. Only put a couple hours into Dark Souls 3 and Sekiro so far. Code Vein, both the Surge games, and Salt & Sanctuary are in my backlog. Anything else similar I don't own.

ID: gquvlt9

Aside from Darksiders 3, which I have not played, this is the exact list I have. I’d replace Darksiders 3 with Mortal Shell in the list.

The original Dark Souls and Nioh 2 are top tier for me.

11 : Anonymous2021/03/13 23:27 ID: gquhuag

If you’re a Star Wars fan, Jedi Fallen Order is great, it’s got a very cinematic story. And lightsabers 😀

12 : Anonymous2021/03/13 21:56 ID: gqu86rq

BB >

13 : Anonymous2021/03/13 22:25 ID: gquba17

1: Bloodborne

2: Dark Souls 3

3: Sekiro

4: Demon’s Souls Remake

5: Dark Souls 1

6: Nioh 2

7: Demon’s Souls

8: Mortal Shell

9: Nioh 1

10: Code Vein

11: Dark Souls 2

ID: gqur1iu

So wrong to me, but obviously it's a really personal list hahaha

ID: gqv6sob

What’s your personal list out of these games?

14 : Anonymous2021/03/13 23:17 ID: gqugtox

Demons souls is the only souls game that I like and sekiro is by far my favorite souls like game. I am on my third playthrough right now and I'm trying to platinum it.

15 : Anonymous2021/03/14 02:06 ID: gquy2d9

My personal list: 1. Bloodborne 2. Sekiro 3. Dark Souls 3 4. Dark Souls 5. Nioh 2 6. Demon Souls 7. Dark Souls 2 8. Nioh 9. Code Vein

I’d also like to mention Hollow Knight. It’s far from a souls-like in terms of gameplay but when it comes to story and atmosphere, it’s on the level and even exceeds any souls game. Personally, I’d rank it just below Bloodborne.

16 : Anonymous2021/03/13 23:44 ID: gqujlzj

Hollow Knight. A pleasant surprise. Was not expecting that game to be so damn good.

17 : Anonymous2021/03/14 02:50 ID: gqv2gm9

S Tier: Sekiro, Bloodborne, Dark Souls 1

A+ Tier: Demon's Souls, Dark Souls 3

A tier: Dark Souls 2

All great games though, I still love DS2. Bloodborne is probably my favorite, but it's held back massively by its sub 30 FPS framerates and terrible frame pacing. Needs a PS5 update badly. Also Demon's Souls might be S tier as well, it's just a little bit too short.

Honorable Soulslikes mentions: The Surge 2, Nioh 2 and Mortal Shell

18 : Anonymous2021/03/14 04:55 ID: gqvdtcp

Sekiro. I like the faster pace and less rpg elements

19 : Anonymous2021/03/13 22:00 ID: gqu8o4r
Bloodborne Dark Souls 3 Sekiro Demon’s Souls Dark Souls 1 Dark Souls 2

That’s my personal ranking of them. Haven’t found another souls-like game I actually enjoy. Maybe Blasphemous it was pretty good.

ID: gqvbqrt

have you tried Hollow Knight? It's not really a soulslike in terms of the combat, but for it scratched the same itch, and its become my second favorite game of all time.

20 : Anonymous2021/03/14 00:51 ID: gquqhlb

Demon's Souls is my favorite because I can actually manage to beat it haha

Edit: playing through Nioh now. About level 60. Game is definitely a lot different but yōkai enemies have so much health that I get bored of fighting them and slip up...

21 : Anonymous2021/03/13 22:00 ID: gqu8m6a

For souls games:

Dark Souls > Bloodborne > Dark Souls 2 > Dark Souls 3

For non souls games:

Nioh 2 > Code Vein > Surge 2> Remnant from the Ashes > Surge 1> Nioh 1 > Lords of the Fallen

ID: gquhwph

That's the first time I've ever seen DS3 ranked so low. Why?

ID: gqutvi2

As someone else who puts ds3 at the bottom, I have an issue with the break from the methodical slow pace of combat.

Bloodborne is my favorite in the series and I love the fast combat there, but dislike it in the dark souls setting.

22 : Anonymous2021/03/13 23:42 ID: gqujcud

I just finished Mortal Shell Enhanced Edition on PS5. Very similar to a Souls game mechanics wise but it's a much smaller game. I really loved it and I've been a souls fan since Demon's Souls of PS3.

23 : Anonymous2021/03/14 01:38 ID: gquv9fh

Shadow of the Empire on N64

24 : Anonymous2021/03/14 03:39 ID: gqv74an

Dark souls 3 is the best imo

Followed by bkoodborne

Then the demon’s souls remaster

Then dark souls 1

These are all AMAZING GAMES

Then dark souls 2 is the worst souls game but still solid game overall


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