Disco Elysium – The Final Cut | Date Reveal Trailer (March 30)

1 : Anonymous2021/03/17 17:01 ID: m751w5
Disco Elysium - The Final Cut | Date Reveal Trailer (March 30)
2 : Anonymous2021/03/17 18:06 ID: gr9gldj

Dev on Discord said it will make use of Dualsense features too

ID: gr9mobd

Nice! Any news about use of cards?

ID: gr9w4cz

Wait really? Hmm.. do I double-dip and cross buy this on consoles... 😛

I'm interested to read more specifics about that in the coming weeks.

3 : Anonymous2021/03/17 17:58 ID: gr9ff8t

I got about 1/4 way through this on my Mac before they announced this and I haven't touched it since. One of the most original games I've ever played and I can't wait to play the fully voice-acted version.

4 : Anonymous2021/03/17 18:52 ID: gr9mtso

Easily in the top 5 RPGs ever made. Y’all better not sleep on this!

At a time where we may potentially see fewer RPGs on the PS5 than we did on the PS4 and prior, games like these are a godsend.

5 : Anonymous2021/03/17 17:37 ID: gr9cjfv

Anyone got insight on price? And still no store page right? (Just want to make sure it's not just me..)

ID: gr9etc7

probably the same price as it is on steam which is 39.99

ID: gr9nw51

A dev confirmed this on the discord today.

6 : Anonymous2021/03/17 17:56 ID: gr9f5tg

Will it get a physical release?

ID: gr9j9r9

According to this tweet from iam8bit (they're making the CE version of the game), the standard physical edition will be available later this year at retailers:

ID: gr9njyz


7 : Anonymous2021/03/17 17:29 ID: gr9bime

I know people are hyped for this game, and it is indeed great, but fair warning - this title is not for everyone. It's extremely text-heavy, and you spend most of your time just reading the voluminous dialogue rather than 'gaming', so to speak. The gameplay loop itself is mostly just walking from point A to point B and making things happen, the magic of this game is in the writing, and that makes it quite niche I'd say. Not to mention that it's very dense, with pages and pages about capitalism, communism, workers rights, classic art, greco-roman architecture etc. It's really more of a novel than a game. If you don't mind that, then it's definitely a work of art. But for those looking for a more traditional gaming experience, this one's probably not for you.

ID: gr9bxxt

Not so much reading with full voice acting now my dude

ID: gr9e4pu

Full voice acting make the game the perfect replacement for after dinner tv show.

ID: gra3nwd

I mean i do reading because of subtitles anyway.

ID: gr9n5zh

I think the easiest game to compare this to is something like Planescape: Torment, aside from the fact that Disco Elysium has full voice acting now

ID: gr9sckg

So Planescape torment, then.

ID: gr9e9gm

So my (somewhat) counterpoint to this is that, while it is very novelesque, I have played a ton of games that were like that (go here, click this, read, go here, click that, read) and while I like games like that, I would never have said any of them were GOTY shoe-ins (aside from Ace Attorney games, but I am unhealthily obsessed with that series).

This is the only novelesque game that sits firmly in my top 10 all time list. Every single thing you do is a dice roll, you pretty much become the character, etc.

Instead of looking at it from a "text adventure" perspective, I feel it's best to imagine it as a D&D campaign that is almost completely void of combat.

You want to flirt with her? Roll for [name of skill] (sorry I forget most of the skills. Haven't played in awhile and want to remember as little as possible for my PS5 playthrough.

If any of you have ever been in a really fun D&D campaign that didn't have battles, but just the NPC interactions, the banter with your group, the quests, the suspense of very important rolls (it gives you the audio sound of dice rolls and shows you the results, FYI, so if you love suspenseful dice rolls, you will get plenty of that), and the story kept you never wanting the session to end, this game is a love letter to those sessions.

Not disagreeing too much with anything you said, but I feel like just saying it's a lot of reading and walking from point A to point B is kind of like saying playing D&D is just sitting at a table and eating beef jerky while yelling out attacks. There's just so much more to it

ID: gr9lwsj

Lol did you not watch any of the trailer or have any curiosity what Final Cut meant? They are adding full voice acting for the entire game my bud. How could you write that long a post without even watching the promo linked to the post? Lol.

ID: gr9rn5s

Voice acting doesn't change their point though? Whether you're reading or it's being read to you...this game is dialogue-heavy and gameplay-light. That is something many are not into, and so it's well worth the heads up.

ID: gr9mwzu

are you incapable of correcting people without being condescending?

8 : Anonymous2021/03/17 17:09 ID: gr98tbn

Yesssss finally a date! Looks dope and I can't wait.

9 : Anonymous2021/03/17 17:15 ID: gr99jw4

Easiest day one buy of 2021

ID: gr99ywy

At least wait and make sure it is properly optimized for console and the controls don't suck. Game is good but make sure the port isn't bad.

ID: gr9b4n8

I played through the ps4 port of xcom 2, I’ll accept anything at this point

ID: gr9f6ha

Honestly I loved the game so much I'm just gonna buy it. ZA/UM only have this one IP so far, and I want them creating more. Even if the port is questionable (other than walking around, most everything is gonna likely be down/up/X for dialogue choices, don't know how the controls could be bad. No QTEs or sudden twitch movements required), I just want to help fund future projects from them

10 : Anonymous2021/03/17 17:10 ID: gr98uy8

I've heard such good things about this game from our PC brethren so I for one, am pretty excited for this.

ID: gra4ky9

I played it on PC and loved it. There were numerous moments that were awe inspiring and beautiful. I think I'll get it on ps5 too.

11 : Anonymous2021/03/17 18:15 ID: gr9hqul

That's gangsta....BEEN waitin on this game haha

12 : Anonymous2021/03/17 17:32 ID: gr9bv0i

Day one buy for me, glad I waited. Ps5 gunna get some time again after demon souls

13 : Anonymous2021/03/17 17:59 ID: gr9fiy6

Easy purchase for the price and content, i recommend

14 : Anonymous2021/03/17 19:18 ID: gr9q99e

Voice acting is cool but imo this game would be better with out it, same as reading a book is better than listening to an audio book. For a game, the prose is really quite good, , but it wasn't written with the intention of being spoken.

ID: gr9t0iz

or a game, the prose is really quite good, , but it wasn't written with the intention of being spoken.

Hmm. Very interesting point, and something I would never have considered had I not read your comment. Thanks for the fresh viewpoint on this 🙂

15 : Anonymous2021/03/17 17:49 ID: gr9e7n2

Nice! I've heard so much good stuff about this game, can't wait to try it. Anyone know if it's getting a physical release or just digital?

ID: gr9jme1

It's getting a physical release later this year:

16 : Anonymous2021/03/17 17:58 ID: gr9fgcx

This game was such a surprise. I can't wait to play it again from my couch.

ID: gr9pjk0

Yeah love these guys. Already own it for PC but I'm gonna double buy.

17 : Anonymous2021/03/17 21:36 ID: gra8k8p

heh, no one predicting this as the “new release” april ps+ game?

fingers crossed, i’ve had my eye on this for awhile

ID: grapu41

This and Abe's were instant buys for me, so it would be the best month ever in my books.

18 : Anonymous2021/03/17 22:10 ID: gracul9

Is this getting a physical release?

19 : Anonymous2021/03/17 18:12 ID: gr9hd99

Text is probably too small to read from TV.

And no option to increase it.

Better read books, video games are not suitable for heavy reading.

ID: gr9k0sd

No option to increase it? Is that confirmed? Most games I've played lately have had a UI scale/text size increase option.

ID: gr9mrjg

There are options to increase the text size, but they weren't there at the original release of the game. But it was added a long while ago. This fool probably watched one review at release and has done zero research since, now looks like a dummy.

ID: gr9mdu8

Good thing every line is now accompanied with full voice acting.

ID: gr9hya6

Good thing the game is fully voiced then.

ID: gr9mkxb

A) this new version has full voice acting, you don't have to read shit.

B) the game has options to change the size of the text, in case you do want to read shit.

C) Do 30 seconds worth of research before crying like an ignorant fool tool.

20 : Anonymous2021/03/17 18:01 ID: gr9ftgr

One friend of mine, who is more of a casual gamer, recommend me this game many times when it was just on my PC but I had other games to play at that time and I don't like using my laptop for gaming. Guess it is the perfect time to try it, he told me the game have one of the best-written stories in any video game to be made, I'm quite intrigued.

21 : Anonymous2021/03/17 18:15 ID: gr9hq45

Now I need to decide if I'm gonna buy this or MH Rise.

Does anyone know if this game will be full price?

ID: gr9pp42

People said the devs confirmed it would be 40 dollars, so not full price.

ID: gr9udmj

Very nice

23 : Anonymous2021/03/17 18:35 ID: gr9kg6l

This game is great but fair warning it is extremely narrative+text driven

24 : Anonymous2021/03/17 18:49 ID: gr9md62

The PS5 version has new, full voice acting. So you don't have to read a single thing if you don't want to. But the narrative aspect IS the draw. So bored of shooting.

25 : Anonymous2021/03/17 19:15 ID: gr9pupz

I didn’t know that actually regarding the voice acting missed that in the trailer... damn that is awesome, will probably do another play through now

26 : Anonymous2021/03/17 23:17 ID: grakptz

Right? All you do in games nowadays is fighting, I‘m kind of bored of this too…

27 : Anonymous2021/03/17 18:44 ID: gr9lqpb

So excited for this!

28 : Anonymous2021/03/17 18:58 ID: gr9nklp

I've seen good reviews of this. Is it worth it, dont want to look anything up as I hate getting stuff spoiled. If you could compare it to any other game that's what would say?

29 : Anonymous2021/03/17 20:02 ID: gr9w8g8

Random question but...is the vibe/atmosphere of this game at all comparable to the point and click Blade Runner PC game from the 90s?

second question: are the environments interesting and diverse and is there a good sense of place (that is, a sense of place that doesn’t get monotonous)?

30 : Anonymous2021/03/17 21:30 ID: gra7pyo

Played it on PC and loved it. Day one buy for my PS5 purely for the voice acting. I'm hyped.

31 : Anonymous2021/03/18 00:52 ID: gravorb

The Smallest Church in Saint-Saëns is a top 5 moment in gaming for me. So I cannot wait to replay this. Easily one of my favourite games of all time, don't sleep on this.


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