HBOMax picture quality

1 : Anonymous2021/03/20 13:58 ID: m97k7s

Am I the only one that thinks HBO Max looks terrible on PS5? I have DL speed of around 70-100 mbs and most of the other services look great. I’m worried because so many movies are coming exclusively to HBO Max and I don’t want to have to watch them in garbage quality.

2 : Anonymous2021/03/20 15:06 ID: grlffo2

Had same issue and looked into it. It's the same ps4 app which apparently doesn't do 4k. Mine also seemed sub 1080 to me as well. Very blurry. Luckily they FINALLY added hbo max to fire stick so I'm able to watch in full hdr 4k now. Try to watch elsewhere until they update ps5 hbo max (unless they have in last couple months).

ID: grlrhom

When did they put it on firestick? I tried looking for it last Tuesday but nothing was there, I had to download an apk for it

ID: grlszh9

This article was published three weeks ago.

ID: grlsy1q

As far as I know it’s been on the Firestick for a couple of months.

ID: grlxku1

It’s been a few months now

ID: grlub2x

It is 4K as of December, apparently, but most of their content isn’t filmed in 4K anyway.

ID: grluwpv

Idk was a watching Justice League and looked sub 1080 on Ps5 but better on ps4

ID: grm756b

Not on ps5. Check the HBO max site - the list of supported 4K devices does not include the ps5.

ID: grmbics

yeah it definitely doesn't support 4k or HDR on PS5 yet.

3 : Anonymous2021/03/20 15:38 ID: grlj4te

Yeah it’s quite disappointing especially since other apps work fine. I ended up having to airplay HBO max from my phone to tv and the quality is noticeably better than the PS5 app

ID: grlxf4h

Sometimes my Netflix app crashes my whole ps5, does that not happen to y’all?

ID: grlzqkg

Never, you should immediately delete and reinstall Netflix.

ID: grlysq6


4 : Anonymous2021/03/20 15:45 ID: grljwpr

I often stream Disney plus, Netflix, peacock and hbo max. I’ve gone back and forth between my ps5 and Sony tv and my tv’s quality is noticeably better on every app. Peacock in my opinion has the clearest quality but definitely lacks on ps5. Idk what the problem is, but they definitely need to get their shit together. My tv shouldn’t be outdoing my ps5 when streaming movies.

ID: grlnd3s

Yeah same. I’ve given up on my ps5 for streaming. Disney plus looks like 5x as nice on my tv’s native app.

ID: grlrprz

Disney+is hd on ps5 they just used the ps4 app again which is dumb, vudu Netflix youtube have 4k hdr i think prime does too not sure tho

ID: grlu7yv

It's not the PS5 that's causing the issue. Those companies just are using the same PS4 app and they aren't 4k. They need to update their app. In addition, HBO Max only has 2 things on its service that are available in 4k.

ID: grlv7e9

Well, of course. It's not like the PS5 is doing anything with the stream, it's just playing the software given.

Companies probably don't prioritize the gaming system Apps, versus the more affordable options

5 : Anonymous2021/03/20 17:26 ID: grlvmhh

Have a PS5 and Apple TV 4K. Nothing touches the Apple TV streaming quality from my own personal experience. TV is LG OLED B7

ID: grmd82t

The native WebOS apps on my LG CX seem pretty flawless in my opinion. WAY better than my PS5, and I've never dealt with low image quality yet. Just sucks they don't have HBO Max. My 4K Roku TV also has great native apps.

6 : Anonymous2021/03/20 14:02 ID: grl8puu

Most of hbo max isn’t 4K and it isn’t 4K whatsoever as far as I know on ps5. Use your TVs built in apps or something superior like a nvidia shield or Apple TV for your media apps

ID: grlh95p

I thought they pushed an update a few weeks ago to bring 4K to HBO Max on PS5.

ID: grlkmw9

They did, which was the easy part. Now every piece of content needs to be switched to 4k. Which they have done for.....2 things.

ID: grlioh1

Even if so the only content that is 4K is the big movies they’ve put out.

ID: grlvkpg

4K doesn’t matter if the bit rate sucks and a dark scene looks like a checkerboard or topographic map with bad black compression or banding.

ID: grlmit6

do my Samsung smart TV apps all utilize my TV's maximum resolution? Sometimes i notice the apps are fuzzy or grainy for a bit, but I'm sure it's because i have a cheap black friday wireless chip in the TV or something.

ID: grlngsn

Is it at the beginning? Even my FireTV does that and it has decent WiFi. I think it streams the first minute or so at 1080p then it'll swap to 4k HDR 10+ after.

ID: grlzpo0

What pisses me off is they don't have an app on LG TVs, only samsung. I'm forced to use my PS5 because I'm not buying a separate streaming stick for one app.

ID: grloraf

Yes. Apple TV 4k is the best. Netflix and Disney+ look way better than on ps5.

ID: grlpt1w

HBO Max has a fantastic 1080p stream but most of these apps suck in general

ID: grm2zqt

Does it? I am still on HBOGo and the quality is quite awful, every dark scene i sovercompressed showing blocks in the shadows on all devices. (And HBO is 90% dark scenes...)

7 : Anonymous2021/03/20 17:19 ID: grlutxf

I was using my ps5 as a main streaming device for the longest time, until I realized that app developers don't spend as much time on their PS4/PS5 apps as they do for, say Roku. That's because they are a much smaller share of the market. I got myself a Roku, and everything works so much better.

8 : Anonymous2021/03/20 15:46 ID: grljxmb

They need to add youtube tv

9 : Anonymous2021/03/20 17:14 ID: grlu9xs

No I brought this up and got downvoted 2 months ago! PS5 media apps are all terrible

10 : Anonymous2021/03/20 14:50 ID: grldodq

People keep saying the app is garbage but other than it being slightly slow at times to navigate, it doesn't seem any worse than any other streaming app out there to me.

ID: grlkhbw

HBO Max app is the worst streaming app I’ve ever used. It’s incredibly clunky, laid out bad, and half the time it buffers I have to completely close the app and reopen it to get it to start again

ID: grlkrsn

I see you haven't tried out peacock yet...

ID: grlx0hc

I raise you Amazon prime

ID: grlqjib

Glad to hear I'm not the only one. I used to think it was something to do with my network setup, but I have the PS5 wired in now, and I'm also on 1Gbps fiber. Over the four-hour runtime of Snyder's Justice League, the app would randomly stop (sending me back to the movie's selection screen) or I had to stop the app manually and go back in due to infinite buffering, around 8-10 times.

ID: grlripn

Nah, HBO is the worst running media app. Had the same problem on PS4.

It boots up just fine and will autoplay shows perfectly, and never had an issue with picture quality, but god forbid you have to rewind, fast forward, or back out of the video your watching to pick something else. The app freezes 100% of the time I do any of the above.

You get ONE view/pick that works, every time the app opens before it crashes.

ID: grm0r2k

Amazon prime is so much worse than HBO. Nothing loads and sometimes I can't even select my profile and I have to reboot the app multiple times and once I get in, nothing plays.

Hbo at least works, even if it's slow to load.

ID: grlibcw

It's a terrible app. Netflix is by far the best so I compare it to that. Just seems like a chore to use and watch stuff on

11 : Anonymous2021/03/20 14:04 ID: grl8vs4

The PS5 app is garbage in every single way.

12 : Anonymous2021/03/20 15:40 ID: grljajx

HBO Max is pretty low quality video in general, only a few new movies are in 4K.

A big problem with PS5 specifically though is the way it handles HDR. PS5 always sends an HDR signal for everything except the blu-ray player even when HDR is set to auto. Turning off HDR before watching HBO would help a bit, but it’s annoying to have to switch back on later for HDR games.

You’re better off using a dedicated streaming device like a Roku Ultra, Apple TV 4K, or Nvidia Shield.

ID: grlpqun


13 : Anonymous2021/03/20 17:55 ID: grlz1pu

Support for 4k across ps5 apps is so frustrating I had to try and pull it all together. It's not complete, and if anyone has any updates to apps I don't have listed, feel free to let me know here:

/comments/lnk5dn/current_list_of_4k_streaming_apps_for_purchased/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf" class="reddit-press-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">

14 : Anonymous2021/03/20 14:59 ID: grleo9m

Haha! I just noticed this the other night! I was watching HBO MAX on my Apple TV and then went into another room to watch on my PS5 and I was like “uh, did something change or is the weed getting stronger!”

15 : Anonymous2021/03/20 14:12 ID: grl9p2c

Iirc, several apps on ps4/ps5 don't support silly... Why would one use them unless you only have a 1080p tv?

ID: grlabpe

I’m honestly fine with 1080p with most movies/shows but HBOMax looks 720p at best while Netflix has no problem with 4K. I have a Roku but it’s nice to have all the streaming services consolidated on PS5.

ID: grleqt4

Yeah, I feel like there’s something wrong with the app.


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