The Platinum Architect – Mark Cerny On His Fascination With PlayStation Trophies

1 : Anonymous2021/03/19 16:37 ID: m8l8ct
The Platinum Architect – Mark Cerny On His Fascination With PlayStation Trophies
2 : Anonymous2021/03/19 16:44 ID: grhwony

I didn't start pursuing plats until I got my PS5, now it's like my primary motivation when playing a new game. You really do feel like you've fully completed a game when that last trophy pops.

I do wish more games would give you something tangible for attaining it though, like an avatar or in-game item. Some do, but most don't. Even just the congratulatory email you get for Demon's Souls is a nice touch.

ID: grhyw5v

The Bloodborne theme is the only reward I've ever had, agree with you there should be more.

ID: grj5ral

I got an avatar for Days gone and a.. photo mode frame for Miles?

ID: griesle

I'm the same. I think the easy platinum on Astro got me hooked. Since then I've gotten the platinum in Bugsnax and Bloodborne and I'm well on my war to getting it in GoW and Spiderman. Didn't get a single platinum before PS5.

ID: grhxfcj

Yeah when I got an avatar for Platinuming Spider-Man it was basically the coolest thing ever

ID: grhzet7

Persona 5 Royal gives you themes and avatars for getting certain trophies and the plat, it's a pretty nice touch.

I think God of War and Spiderman also give avatars on getting the plat.

ID: grigei1

Wait, WHAT? Since when did P5R give you themes and avatars?

ID: grianxx

same thing for me, 7 Plat in 7 years on PS4. 7 Plat in 4 months on PS5 and working on 2 more, Control which is my weekend morning game and Sackboy. i get more from the games i buy and it's a cool feeling seeing the Plat trophy pop heheh

ID: grjsi5m

Control which is my weekend morning game

I love the fact that you have a weekend morning game.

ID: grivx58

Mine was very similar. I started enjoying trophies a couple years ago when I discovered the PlayStation end of year review email that tells you everything you've accomplished. Last year I got 7 plats. This year I'm already at 7, about to get number 8. It's pretty exciting, and since I mostly play story games, I'm getting a lot of great stories out of it as well.

ID: grj8jn6

I remember back in the Xbox 360 days when they had those avatar things, some achievements unlocked cosmetics for the avatar. Was pretty awesome motivation.

ID: gri1xva

I get bored easily. Back in the day, I had gamefly so for 4 month stretches I would get games that were easily plat...just for some motivation.

I have some shameful platinums.

ID: gri6nx9

What would you say some of your favorites are?

ID: griy51c

Yeah TLOU2 was my only pre-PS5 plat in however many years of gaming across PS3 and PS4, and now I've platinumed both Astro's Playroom and Astro-Bot, and am working on God of War right now. Spider-Man and Demon's Souls are also in my sights as fairly 'achievable' ones, though the rest of my library is mostly filled with pretty annoying ones to get.

ID: grjv7cm

Before the pandemic I barely pursued trophies at all. Most of the games I played ended up at 50% or so, but in the last 10 months I got 13 platinum trophies which is more than i got in the 4 years of having a PS4

3 : Anonymous2021/03/19 21:57 ID: grj1ksq

Cerny is old school. He worked on arcade games. He knows all about high scores, competition and challenging yourself when you play. Which is why I love trophies. It gives me a reason to grind something out I might not normally do and be better at a game.

I always give props to Major Nelson as his team came up with achievements which started it all.

ID: grkxlk5

Love trophies too 🙂

One day I hope nintendo implements something similar- a lot of those games have SUPER hard optional difficulties for completionists/people who like the challenge- (also would be a BLAST to get things for Mario and Zelda games, would give people a reason to replay them too)

ID: grkmuay

I agree but I wish xbox had an equivalent of platinums

4 : Anonymous2021/03/20 03:27 ID: grk10pi

The other thing, the number-two guy on [PlayStation] hardware is a guy at Naughty Dog, and we got into a competition. He had eight Platinum Trophies, and I had six. I’m still losing seven years later, but I’m still proud of where I’m at with 33 Platinums. He’s at 40 something. We still give each other crap about it. He got a Platinum in Job Simulator. Now how hard is that? [laughs] In his defense, he wasn’t even going for it – it just popped up – so he says.

This part cracked me up. I can't imagine Mark Cerny dropping into a studio and bantering about who has more Trophies.

5 : Anonymous2021/03/19 18:18 ID: gri9roa

"So, if the Platinum Trophy needs online, I skip it."

I know how he feels. Personally I also hate single player story focused games, that force you to play their online addon component simply to get the platinum.

Maybe he should get Sony to implement a separate online platinum for each game that has both single player and multiplayer components. (example: COD would have a platinum for campaign, and another for multiplaye

). Similar to how some games have separate trophy lists for DLC.

ID: grien7d

COD zombie trophies are usually so absurd. The cod games I’ve played I usually get the campaign and multiplayer trophies, but have yet to get a plat due to zombies

ID: grifk5h

Yes they can be crazy difficult to do, and are almost always required for the COD Platinum.

I recently finished obtaining the platinum in COD Black Ops Cold War. This year the zombies trophies were easy in comparison to past COD games. It is actually possible to do the zombies easter egg solo this time, which was nice.

However... The Dead OPS Arcade Zombies game is insanely difficult to do, even after they released an update that made it a bit easier by giving a save mode, and a first person mode. I had to get help to finish that one bronze trophy in order to get my Platinum.

ID: grj6bto

Like how they do with DLC, I agree. Just separate out the MP trophies on the main page, and show the base game as x% with the Plat trophy icon.

ID: grif32q

Odd for him to say considering he platinumed Demon's Souls, which has two online trophies.

ID: grifxqh

Neat. I too have the DS Platinum, and in all fairness the DS online trophies are actually pretty easy (and IMO, fun) to obtain.

Do you have his PSN name? The story did not mention it, and it would be interesting to look up what other stuff he platinumed.

ID: grjb1zi

I don't know about Demon's Souls because I've never played it, but I'm in the same boat of disliking multiplayer trophies, if they're from a competitive standpoint. If it's something I just achieve through co-op then great. But then if it's "win 10x matches in this game type" or something then I'm just not going to bother.

ID: grkmbbe

Agreed. The online trophies suck. And I'm close to Platinumming a dozen or so games if it weren't for the online trophies

6 : Anonymous2021/03/19 17:18 ID: gri1eeu

I like platinum trophies but hate stupid pointless things to get them, finish game and do all side quests, no problem.

Find 200 feathers, play game for 1000 hours, play 100 online matches. Hate stuff like this, forcing you to play the game for platinum doing stuff that isn't fun.

1 game is complete game 3 times, first playthrough is great, second is ok, 3rd? Nah its OK.

ID: grjgp0x

Completley understand but they are my favourite things to to when going for platinum. I enjoy a grind or long repetitve task. I am aware thats weird though lol so you are definitely right.

ID: gria55o

I don't mind trophies in the sense that you listed them. Trophies that can occur just through standard play are fine in my books. I sometimes count collectibles (this is a fine line to walk - collectibles in games are either neat pockets of lore, or they're filler content), matches played, etc... to be a part of that.

It's when they start requiring me to complete a level in a certain way that they start bothering me. To me, these sorts of trophies are the developers telling me to play the game in a certain way and no other. If there is a choice in a game to go stealthy or go loud and there is only a trophy for completing the level without being spotted, then it makes it feel like I can make the 'wrong' choice. To me, this is a failure in design at some core level, almost like the right hand and left hand aren't talking.

I love trophies and achievements, even though I don't always hunt for them. The times I have tried for an trophy have been fun though, especially when something tangible is gained from them, such as an in-game armour set, or a home theme, etc... At the same time though, I do also find Nintendo's lack of inclusion rather freeing.

ID: griegn2

The ‘play a certain way’ trophies though can also showcase great enemy/level design or provide a unique challenge that might otherwise have been avoided. It can be a cool challenge to beat an enemy/boss without using an ability you rely on as a crutch. They can be poorly done trophies too, but not as bad as grinds (thps1+2 level 100) or absurdly boring collectathons.

7 : Anonymous2021/03/20 00:24 ID: grji3jg

It’s good to know when he’s not designing futuristic architecture & delivering god-tier speeches he’s striving to be a perfectionist like the rest of us

8 : Anonymous2021/03/19 19:01 ID: grifhjw

The first platinum I got was Spider Man back in 2018, I now have 26 🙂 playing through horizon zero dawn right now too. My hardest plat was probably Demons Souls

9 : Anonymous2021/03/19 18:54 ID: grienzt

I have quite a few trophies. 56 platinums to be exact. But, and this is a huge but... I make sure that I never put trophies before enjoying the game.

One of the top comments in here is someone saying that trophy hunting is his primary concern/target/enjoyment. Well, I am the opposite. I play a game for pure fun first and foremost, I dont even look at the trophy list until I have finished the game. And then, if I had so much fun with the game that I want to play it more, then I will do the trophies to squeeze more out of the game, if that makes sense.

It works well for me, they add more to my game, and if I don't want it, then I don't have to look at them. Some of the platinums come pretty naturally too, which is a bonus, and some (not many) come with rewards like themes or avatars which is another nice bonus to show off.

Edit: I do wish they would re-think some of the levelling systems though, because me and my friend have the same amount of normal trophies, we are the same level, but he has half my platinum trophies (in the 20's), but we are still the same level. I think a platinum/rarer trophy should give more "exp" to your trophy level.

ID: griyq2i

It already works that way. Bronze trophies give less points than silvers and silvers give less than golds with platinums giving the most points. Your friend either actually has quite a few more bronze-silvers-golds than you do or the two of you are at an absurdly high trophy level so they come slow af anyway.

ID: grk8791

What have been your favorite platinum's? I share a similar mindset.

ID: grkqo07

I check a trophy guide before I start a game to see how hard the plat is and how much time it requires. If it's a super long game I will never replay due to length I just make sure to read up on missable trophies. Then I jump into the game and play through it blind. Cleanup afterwards if the Platinum isn't filled with mindnumbing busywork.

10 : Anonymous2021/03/19 22:33 ID: grj5rp9

This is fascinating, and makes me like the dude even more. He has some great taste too, Transistor was one of my first Platinums on PS4, and Invisible Inc. was an awesome hidden gem. The Plat for that is insanely impressive! I love how he's candid about how shitty multiplayer trophies and stuff can be too!

11 : Anonymous2021/03/19 23:09 ID: grj9tdn

They need a huge revamp for trophies on PS5. It's awful the way it's laid out. So simple to fix too.

12 : Anonymous2021/03/20 09:46 ID: grkqb70

Fun fact, Nier Automata has the best trophies. The madman Yoko Taro just let's you buy the trophies. He doesn't care if you do it legit. Get the experience you want. Enjoy the sexy sad robot game whichever way you desire

13 : Anonymous2021/03/19 17:41 ID: gri4o6t

I am a trophy whore but goddamn the PS5 trophy screenshots are atrocious. Get rid of that black border that takes up 1/3rd of the screen.

ID: gridl9m

I turned that feature off tbh. Those pics take up my precious ssd space.

ID: griei2l

I save only the plat screenshot and then offload it onto an external hdd. I agree. Ssd space is at a premium currently

14 : Anonymous2021/03/19 18:08 ID: gri8d14

Trophies are only good when they aren't pointless padded grinding and actually lead to something. Most trophies don't actually respect your time, they just want your engagement. Plats that exist as benchmarks for content are very good, though, and I really appreciate when games do that.

For example, the trophies in Sekiro are there to provide some guidance - ensuring you have a checklist for experiencing everything in the game. Very little (if any) grinding - you'll have enough XP to get the "all skills" trophy after you complete enough playthroughs to get all of the endings. Each playthrough takes less time as you get better, and by the time you've nabbed the plat, you realize the trophy set has acted as a sort of coach.

Most trophy sets aren't like this though. Utterly cynical wastes of your time. Grind out the game until it isn't even fun. And you don't even get anything! Enjoyment and plats shouldn't be mutually exclusive. I play games for fun.

15 : Anonymous2021/03/20 00:00 ID: grjfhm6

dana carvey lookalike

16 : Anonymous2021/03/20 10:16 ID: grkrwzw

For those of you who want certain rewards for platting games but don't seem to be getting them- you need to opt in to get emails from playstation (on your System I believe?) Once you do that you can get codes for things like the Bloodborne plat theme emailed to you 🙂

(Someone correct me on the specifics of this if I'm mistaken)

17 : Anonymous2021/03/20 17:39 ID: grlx6fd

I wouldn't take Cerny for a trophies guy tbh

18 : Anonymous2021/03/19 20:24 ID: griqaoj

Just dropping by to plug

Come join us, it's an amazingly supportive community to show off your trophies/plats and look for help or advice with games. There's also a very active discord if that's more your thing.

19 : Anonymous2021/03/19 17:34 ID: gri3kab

Now I need to know why tracking a viewing trophies whilst playing a game is so bad on PS5. I really can't understand how the quick menu can suck so much when it's obvious how it should work and what should be on it.


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