Watch Dogs: Legion Title Update 3.25

1 : Anonymous2021/03/23 15:21 ID: mbh37h
Watch Dogs: Legion Title Update 3.25
2 : Anonymous2021/03/23 17:47 ID: grybx4i

Open world city of london: Incredible. Everything else: Mediocre.

ID: gryqmeq

Classic Ubisoft, make an incredible world and then somehow make it boring to play in.

ID: grzrg3s

It’s annoying and kinda impressive. Also all the combat in all of their games is the same uninspired crap. Idk how, but they make fighting in Ancient Greece feel just as empty as running and gunning in London.

ID: grytfkk

they need to hire better writers or something, the latest Far Cry, Assasins Creed and Watch Dogs are all stunning games but all boring as fuck after a couple of hours. All contain the same filler quests that have you chasing markers all over the map. Far Cry was a little better but still had you repeating the same task over and over.

ID: grzlkyi

The story in Valhalla is actually my favourite part. Really enjoyed it. The game is bloated asf tho so it was exhausting to get through.

3 : Anonymous2021/03/23 18:41 ID: gryjk8d

I bought this game with my PS5.

Literally played it for like 2 hours.

It's just so.. unbelievably meh. The raytracing looks great, but I never touched it again.

4 : Anonymous2021/03/23 16:00 ID: grxwy38

No 60 FPS? Lame. Holding out to play until they hopefully add it.

ID: grxyhe2

No point. The game is boring regardless.

ID: gry105e

Yeah, it was just okay. I liked the storyline but it was incredibly easy and missions were repetitive.

ID: gry0n1a

Agreed. Game blew chunks. Im a huge WD2 fan and i spent $60 on this poop pile lol

ID: grz51la

Is it better or worse than W2?

ID: gryq151

Lol, I just assumed the ps5 version was 60fps. Wtf.

ID: grzmb40

They could easily put two options, one with RT disabled and 60 fps and the current one with RT and 30 fps. I think they chose to stick with the RT version because without it the world looks a bit bland

ID: gry1c33

Same. 30fps is not acceptable this gen.

ID: gryq4ws

Every thread’s too comment...

ID: gryw0v1

Just don’t bother. It’s a bad game.

5 : Anonymous2021/03/23 18:08 ID: gryewp0

Idk, I kinda liked it. Never played the first two though.

ID: grz852t

Imo watch dogs 2 is far superior

6 : Anonymous2021/03/23 17:46 ID: grybul5

Does this bring photorealistic graphics yet?

7 : Anonymous2021/03/23 19:34 ID: gryr1at

I would appreciate an update on the New Game+ they promised before launch.

ID: gryyxxk

This was abandoned and resources funneled to Fenix second season pass.

8 : Anonymous2021/03/23 21:16 ID: grz54qx

All i want is a 60 FPS mode without Raytracing.


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