[Phoronix] AMD Prepares USB-C Linux Driver Support For Radeon Graphics Cards

1 : Anonymous2021/03/23 10:31 ID: mbbput
[Phoronix] AMD Prepares USB-C Linux Driver Support For Radeon Graphics Cards
2 : Anonymous2021/03/23 12:21 ID: grx5pmz

My biggest gripe with the 6900XT. The Lack of Display Connectors.
Comming form a RTX 2080 Ti I had 3 Monitors, one Drawing Display, a TV and my Valve Index connected.
Now with the the 6900XT I only have 2 Monitors, the TV and the Index connected because I cannot get the Multi-Display Displayport Adapter to work.

ID: gryq5mi

Yeah I had issues with the usb-c on my 6800XT, couldn't get either my Rift or my TV's 5.1 sound from it until I finally got the 5.1 working on my third adapter haha. Great when it works but if AMD had thrown at least one more dp/hdmi on there it would have been much simpler.

ID: grxzohm

just use a old gpu to these monitors.

thats why i have a 5600xt and hd5770

ID: gry5pmp

How many have an old gpu just lying around these days?

ID: grz88e7

I’ve done the same with my Vega 64 and FirePro W4100 in the past. Works fine.

ID: grx6f6f


ID: grx74zk

That there are many 6900XT out there is just a plain lie xD

Cant find stock anywhere. And it took me almost a month to get one wich isnt Scalped. So yeah. Choise isnt really a thing here.

3 : Anonymous2021/03/23 13:14 ID: grxbdbc

question regarding the USB-C, what can you do with it on windows? can it work as a regular USB-C too, or just display/audio?

ID: grxbliv

You can do everything with it.

I use it with a KVM.

PC -> USB-C cable -> KVM -> mouse, keyboard, headset monitor etc...

This way I only use one cable and can switch between my work laptop and gaming PC.

ID: grxbzj7

sweet, so a fully functional USB-C, nice since i dont have enough USB-As on my PC anyway for all the stuff i use i might get a hub/switch for it 😀

ID: grybvcy

What's a kvm?

4 : Anonymous2021/03/23 18:23 ID: gryh0is

Wait what benefit will this bring? The basic usage to output a video signal is working already.

5 : Anonymous2021/03/23 13:14 ID: grxbazi

They should first fix the driver for windows... Using a USB-C KVM (switching while the PC is on) results in black screen until I replug the cable. Only works when I turn PC of before switching (standby also works).

Also changing the resolution of my monitor (from 32:9 to 16:9) is not recognised until I replug the cable.

Neither my old 2070S nor my work Laptop with USB-C have this issue. So this is definitely an AMD issue.

ID: grxrc2s

The Linux and Windows teams are completely unique

ID: grxuble

May not do anything, but have you reported the bug?

ID: gry11ok

Yes in all new versions so far...

There was an additional issue about intermediate blackscreen when reconnecting the cable which got fixed because it affected a lot of Samsung C9 users.

ID: grxsbcv

Nah, they prioritize the 0.9% OS over everything else. It's sad, really - imagine how great their GPUs could be if they cared about their customers...


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