New Sony Patent for Awarding Trophies via Emulation

1 : Anonymous2021/03/23 19:03 ID: mbm31c
New Sony Patent for Awarding Trophies via Emulation
2 : Anonymous2021/03/23 19:39 ID: gryrppn

It could be purely coincidental, but the publication date was March 18, 2021 and a rumor of Sony shutting down the PS3 and Vita stores hit the net yesterday. Could be something, or, as

-74, puts it, another Sony patent that in all likely hood leads to endless speculation.

I think it's important to note that application was filed on November 30, 2020. So perhaps they're looking into this in some capacity.

ID: grys4xg

Honestly, I can see them removing the PSP/Vita/PS3 store fronts and merging it into PSNow. Accessible from PC and Console. Access to multiple generations of libraries via streaming on PC or playing downloaded ans via emulation on Console. There was store prices on PS3 games on now a few months back that disappeared.

ID: grytxav

PS3 prices appeared on Now? Wow, pretty interesting. If that were to happen though, I think PS Now would need to undergo a major UI/UX redesign.

Additionally, do you remember the interview Jim Ryan gave to that Russian outlet? Where he said “there’s news to come” with respect to Sony doing their own version of Gamepass? If Sony’s version of Gamepass included access to legacy titles w/Trophy support I think I’d be all in.

ID: grzhdup

I would HATE buying games available only on streaming. That’s Stadia level stupidity

ID: grzpgc7

I can so see this... they may not be willing to add value to ps now with new games, but I can see them making it a retro game heaven subscription service

ID: grz529u

Nah this is for something they already implemented for PS2 games on PS4.

ID: grz7jcm

Ahh I would gladly take more PS2 games on PS5 with trophy support.

ID: grz7jvb

Indeed, it's important to note that this patent is a continuation of a patent that Sony filed in 2016. That patent was then updated a first time in 2019 and then uptaded a second time with this refresh.

In other words, this patent is not new so we will have to see if it really leads to something when it comes to back compat.

3 : Anonymous2021/03/23 19:24 ID: gryplim

Sony has such an impressive legacy, it truly would suck if everything past and including PS3 is lost to time.

I hope Sony has something in the works. Imagine having the ability to play games from every Gen of PS on the 5. that's incredibly insane value. Not taking into account the preservation which is priceless

ID: grysrmh

Agreed. Even limited to something like the top 50 of both PS1 and PS2 would be huge.

ID: gryw45u

Sadly the more likely spread would be ~75 somewhat random games from each gen. Popular games from the PS2 gen like Kingdom Hearts, GTA San Andreas, Metal Gear Solid 2, and Final Fantasy X wouldn't be emulated but likely re-released by the publisher independently (if at all).

Luckily many games from that era have already made the jump, like Tony Hawk Pro Skater, but the leftovers wouldn't be the heavy hitters you would expect. And publishers with the ability to remaster their games, or just port them to PS5, would do so instead of allowing people to buy the emulated versions on the cheap.

ID: gryvt2l

For quite a while after the announcement of Microsoft's smart delivery I was hoping we would have all generations playable on the PS5. I still have many of my PS1 and PS2 games and I would love to put them to good use but that ship set sail with the finalization of the PS5's hardware.

This patent is most likely going to be used for the legacy games that run via emulation, games like GTA San Andreas.

ID: gryyku8

PS1 Games are impossible to play on PS4/PS5 because they cant play CDs anymore

ID: grzprl7

The used game market would explode and probably save gamestop.

4 : Anonymous2021/03/23 20:16 ID: gryww7y

How is this different from their 2013 patent for popping trophies via emulation?

ID: gryyaz4

Its not

5 : Anonymous2021/03/23 19:04 ID: grymw51

Another day another Sony patent.

ID: gryns2u

I secretly want this to be a reality.

ID: gryolwt

Honestly i think it’s a great idea. it would need some work to standout as an alternative to the Switch. But with enough time invested and a clear strategie i think it could work.

Making ps5 exclusives work well on the handheld is a must.

ID: grz68qs

Honestly that seems to rather fit as a phone controller. I’ve been back and forth deciding whether I want the Backbone One for streaming PS5/PC to my phone.

ID: grz7ko0

Maybe we could call it the PlayStation Portable

ID: grywugi

Me too, call it playstation switch

ID: grzhays

I was just thinking about how a portable PS4 would dominate the Switch, tons of multiplats and high-quality exclusives to play when compared to the Switch's paltry sum of releases, also devs seem as if they'll still be supporting the PS4 for a while at least.

6 : Anonymous2021/03/23 19:35 ID: gryr7fs

Finally we can have broken trophies fixed? This tech could become as simple as a sync button too to check if you met the parameters and fix an unpoped trophy. Game changer for trophy hunters and games with devs who don't give a shit about fixing anything like Gearbox.

ID: grzgonc

please I am one trophy off from the lego harry potter plat. collect all the gold bricks, didn't pop for some reason and I even got the trophy for 100% completion lol. Support hasn't been helpful and I really don't want to have to 100% complete the game AGAIN for the final trophy 🙁

ID: grzdhks

The first game that comes to mind is Dragon Fin Soup. A few trophies are unobtainable and the devs have said "fuck it" and it never got fixed. I doubt this will help if the game itself is broken.

7 : Anonymous2021/03/23 20:24 ID: gryy06q

Pleeeeease be true

8 : Anonymous2021/03/23 21:20 ID: grz5o6p
9 : Anonymous2021/03/23 22:48 ID: grzhav2

Interesting... Is this maybe an indication of future implementation of trophies into classic PS1 and PSP titles or something?

10 : Anonymous2021/03/23 19:43 ID: grysarh

My initial thought was that Sony may be considering making PS1, 2 and 3 games backwards compatible with PS5. But, there is two older, similar patents. I think this si something to do with PlayStation Now? I'm no expert though but isn't this how they managed to get trophies on to the PS2 and PS3 games that are on PS Now?

Generally, trophies are an important part of modem gaming. However, often, older games do not have the capability to award trophies to player. In order to enhance the gaming experience, it would be desirable to be able to award trophies to users playing older games that were not introduced with the trophy feature.

If this is not how it's done on PS Now then perhaps this is a way they are trying to bring trophies to older games in the future, older games that will appear on PS Now.

ID: grzaiks

There's nothing special about trophies on PS Now. You're playing the original games on the original hardware it's just that hardware is remotely accessed. When you play a PS3 game on PS Now you're playing that game on an actual PS3. PS2 games are an exception since they're run emulated from a PS4. Those PS2 games specifically are the ones with injected trophies similar to this patent but that's noting to do with PS Now.

11 : Anonymous2021/03/23 20:14 ID: grywmkd

They already do this with PS2 games.

ID: gryx3yd

The amounts of ps2 games on ps4 (and ps5?) are pretty low compared to the full ps2 library that it barely makes 1% of it

ID: gryyqy6

They stopped adding Games because they didnt sell well. Same as on the PS3

ID: grz6i9f

Well, you was never going to get the full library, due to the sheer amount of testing required + license trouble for defunct rights or studios.

But even if those weren't an issue, we are not going to see more because in Sony's eyes it isn't worth the investment. Jim Ryan himself said it is a feature often requested but rarely used, and unless they're just saying that, it is likely the statement is backed by data.

12 : Anonymous2021/03/23 20:06 ID: gryvf6t

Me: nuts

If sites like retroachievements can do this for PS1 games, Sony should be able to as well.

13 : Anonymous2021/03/23 20:28 ID: gryygds

This is not new lol, click on the "Also published as". Earliest says 2016

14 : Anonymous2021/03/23 21:37 ID: grz838w

I said it before and i said it again, if they make PS Now bundled with PS Plus for the same price, it’ll be killer. Most of the games on there are cheap PS3 games that you could find for under $10, they wouldn’t lose anything by doing that while gaining a lot of loyalty and value

ID: grzr9rg

i've thought they should do this for a while too. they could even do different tiers of psplus. normal psplus for $10 a month and one including psnow for $15 or so and i think that would add insane value to psplus and make psnow instantly available to millions of subscribers.

15 : Anonymous2021/03/23 21:27 ID: grz6ph5

Can someone break what this means in English?

ID: grz8cv7

Basically adding trophies to games that were released prior to 2009ish (or whenever trophies became a thing). Uses activation of cutscenes or something similar as a signal to pop a trophy.

ID: grzegiz

Uses disc access as trigger points for trophy activation.

It isn't a new idea. Sony first patented this back in 2013.

16 : Anonymous2021/03/23 22:47 ID: grzh8dr

The last patent I saw that got reported was literally describing PSNow. It even was even registered right before PSNow was released. I couldn’t believe the idiocy of the media then..

17 : Anonymous2021/03/23 23:15 ID: grzkm70

Most likely it doesn’t mean anything.

18 : Anonymous2021/03/23 23:29 ID: grzmcbc

All I want is to be able to play the original Ratchet and Clank trilogy on PS4/PS5.

19 : Anonymous2021/03/23 23:43 ID: grznxcl

I just want to play Metal Gear Solid 1-4 again on my Ps5 please

20 : Anonymous2021/03/23 23:12 ID: grzk7lb

Wow, this patent sucks.


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