PSA! You can play the first level of It Takes Two for free!

1 : Anonymous2021/03/26 14:12 ID: mdpjqy

If you and a friend download the friend pass you can play the first level for free.

2 : Anonymous2021/03/26 15:19 ID: gsatisz

So I just need the friend pass? Does that download the game?

ID: gsb1rmn

As far as i know that is all you need for the trial.

ID: gsco2qg

Do you know if the game is cross platform? Can I play with somebody on xbox of I'm on playstation?

3 : Anonymous2021/03/26 14:23 ID: gsalyp9

I really wanna know what Josef Fares has on EA execs. The difference in how EA treats his games and their AAA games has to have a reason.

ID: gsaqoeh

EA originals is luckily one of the best EA ventures since indies are given full freedom and finances for their game.

ID: gsav9g5

I mean, EA fully has made boneheaded decisions in the past, but they've always treated their studios well. If anything, the reasons why DICE and Bioware had issues is because EA was TOO hands off (I think the common saying was that they'll give you plenty of rope to do something great, but it's also just enough to hang yourself).

EA clearly realizes that people love Fares, to the point where after they saw how everyone loved his Game Awards outburst they put him even more in the spotlight for advertising his games.

Plus, A Way Out was an awards darling, and It Takes Two looks like it might even be a GOTY contender, so might as well keep that positive press going

ID: gsc6eum

Josef is not going to allow EA to dictate what his company HAZELIGHT can create...That’s why love this man...he has big balls and don’t give two f@&ks...Hazelight is my favourite studio and I hope Josef keeps bringing out the best co-op games that ppl have been waiting for so long...

ID: gsatges

I just think it’s a good PR move for them. Make the smaller games very consumer friendly and take advantage of the bigger AAA games because it’s easier to get away with shitty practices.

ID: gsbdfvc

EA Originals have full control over what they do, EA just funds them.

ID: gsatpim

Uh nothing.

Ea doesn't actually do half the shit it's blamed for. They give developers pretty free reign over their projects.

All ea is worried about is how they make their money later on. this is likely treated as a demo for them and considering how ea normally handles demos it isn't surprising that it's an entire first level of a game like that.

ID: gsaz4au

Finally someone on Reddit who doesn’t just say “haha EA bad haha” when the company is brought up. It’s not that simple.

ID: gsbo6of

That's a bit far. EA (specifically Andrew Wilson) is responsible for all the stuff he gets blamed for. He's the reason we have so many MTX.

This is an indie game and if it had all that crap in it then it would be dead in the water and EA know that.

ID: gsb37rj

Free reign is a stretch lol. You really think those FIFA devs want to pump out a half-baked game every year?

ID: gsas8b6

I'm purely speculating here, but a high up exec of EA Games was for many years Patrick Söderlund, a fellow Swede to Fares. Could have been that they made some special deal between them.

4 : Anonymous2021/03/26 14:27 ID: gsamfw6

I know Josef Fares is basically a meme at this point but god damn is it incredible to see a person care so deeply for gaming and the community. Like yeah he's the guy who said "fuck the oscars" at the game awards, but he's also the guy who seems to give a shit about just having fun. It's so refreshing.

ID: gsapov1

I am so, so glad they didnt pay any attention to the whiners and moaners online trashing and writing off A Way Out without giving it a chance because of the mandatory co-op.

People complain about lack of innovation in gaming lately and this new genre he’s basically pioneered is a breath of fresh air. Awesome that him and his team pushed through all that noise

ID: gsb32ar

While I enjoyed the concept of A Way Out, the gameplay was very bare bones and simplistic. I only ever played it once and while it was fun it still felt kind of forgettable gameplay-wise.

That’s why I’m ecstatic to play It Takes Two. They seemed to have ramped up the gameplay aspect immensely and looking forward to playing this one with my partner.

ID: gsb7fmx

Also, fuck the Oscars

5 : Anonymous2021/03/26 18:52 ID: gsbmdkf

Can I play the first level for free via couch co-op somehow?

6 : Anonymous2021/03/26 15:16 ID: gsat2in

This game is so good.

ID: gsayfjj

So so good!

7 : Anonymous2021/03/26 16:45 ID: gsb5a1s

PSA Walmart has It for 34 bucks and you can probably price match it elsewhere

ID: gsb9fmp


ID: gsbv1ta

Thank you just ordered the last one for pickup at my local walmart

8 : Anonymous2021/03/26 14:20 ID: gsaljai

Josef Fares is a gem.

9 : Anonymous2021/03/26 20:18 ID: gsbzmel

Can someone share their experience on PS5? Does the game support Dualsense/haptics/triggers?

ID: gscti8j

Sadly it does not. At first I didn't want to buy it but it's really fun. Wasted potential regarding the haptic feedback though. Like the game was literally made for it yet they didn't add it. Shame. I know they are a small team but still.

ID: gsczsop

I played it today with my girlfriend and didn't notice anything on the dualsense. As for 3D audio we were doing couch co op so didn't make sense to use it. No idea if it has it.

But wow if it's not one of the best experiences I've had in a while. Probably even better than what I experienced with Sackboy A Big Adventure which I also played with her.

Wonderful first chapter which took us more than 1h to finish (we went slow she isn't exactly a pro gamer and I like to look at everything)

10 : Anonymous2021/03/26 16:11 ID: gsb0mz4

Can I play co op using a ps4 controller ?

ID: gsbfpe6

The PS4 controller works just with PS4 games. If this will be a PS5 exclusive then no, if a PS4 version is available then you’ll need to download that. You can use a ps5 controller on a PS4 game but you can’t use a PS4 controller on a ps5 game. Some games like fifa 21 and COD Cold War offer you the possibility of downloading both versions on the same console.

ID: gsb2pij

would love to know that too, would it work with 1 ps5 controller and 1 ps4 controller?

ID: gsb4ioo

I Neeeed an answer to that

ID: gsb5uze

You probably need the ps4 version installed to make it work right?

11 : Anonymous2021/03/26 16:42 ID: gsb4rml

Where do you get the pass from?

12 : Anonymous2021/03/26 16:52 ID: gsb64pe

Isnt it possible locally on only one machine?

ID: gsb7rah

Yes, you can play local co op

13 : Anonymous2021/03/26 21:54 ID: gscebp8

Do not sleep on this game for the love of god. My girlfriend who hates video games mind you played it with me this morning and is hooked. Insta buy.

14 : Anonymous2021/03/26 15:20 ID: gsatnpg

Got this ordered off Amazon. Hoping to play it this weekend with my GF!

15 : Anonymous2021/03/26 15:20 ID: gsatjmw

Fun game but doesn't seem to feel really dualsense features?

No option yet to switch split screen sides

ID: gsbfkrw

I Think it was mostly developed for old gen aka ps4/XB1

16 : Anonymous2021/03/26 19:47 ID: gsbunsr

Can I play solo?

ID: gscjdrf


17 : Anonymous2021/03/26 15:31 ID: gsav5d6

how is it? I've been hearing very mixed reviews and, as someone that really really disliked "A Way Out" i'm pretty sceptical now

All i want is a fun co-op campaign, that too much to ask?

ID: gsavcz5

You've been hearing mixed reviews? It has a 90 on metacritic. That's not mixed. It's very acclaimed, only thing I've heard some people complain about is the story.

ID: gsb3c3j

Yeah, A Way Out also currently has 78% on Metacritic but I thought it was boring, lazy and generally unimpressive. It filled a void of co-op games, specifically couch co-op, but just because there isn't much competition doesn't make it a good game imo.

Also the story is a pretty big part ! But yeah, maybe his games just aren't for me in general

ID: gsbq1jm

What? Every review on metacritic is positive, not a single negative or even mixed score.

18 : Anonymous2021/03/26 17:08 ID: gsb8azp

That's ok I'll find something else to do

ID: gsbizfj

like farting

19 : Anonymous2021/03/26 16:44 ID: gsb539w

Why is the Friend Pass not available for PS4? 🙁

ID: gsb6weo

Check again, should be available, might be looking at ps5 version


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