Does anyone own the: Asus TUF GAMING Radeon™ RX 6900 XT OC?

1 : Anonymous2021/03/26 13:35 ID: mdos8z

Managed to pre order this bad boy as an impulse. Does anyone own it? i have only seen on review on youtube and the guy constantly bashed it. Cant find more reviews or posts about the card on google.

This will be mainly for 1440p gaming and maybe some heavy video editing down the road. Can you guys tell me how you like the card? any driver issues that you might have?

Thank you

2 : Anonymous2021/03/26 13:38 ID: gsag5f8

I think there was a video by Hardware Unboxed that praised it.

It's a wide gpu btw, doesn't fit many cases.

ID: gsb270s

Side panels are overrated anyway

ID: gsagkem

Oh crap, i hope it fits in mine! No he only has the 6800xt version 🙁

ID: gsaslxl

I think it is as large as the RX 6800 XT.

Oh boy... believe me when HUB calls it large. My Pure Base 500DX barely fits one inside.

Got it about 1200$ (because of the taxes, customs, and reseller profiting.... and let's just say RX 6700 XT had been selling for 1100$ too now in my region). My only regret was to no be prepared for its mass. I nearly dropped the card and pinched my finger.

When someone going to say it is made like a tank, they aren't lying.

ID: gsami30

I have a tu150 mini itx case and the 6800xt tuf, managed to fit inside but had to take everything off the case, if it’s a tax case I think you are safe

3 : Anonymous2021/03/26 13:58 ID: gsaioz6

He bashed it with hammer, or he just whined during video like all pathetic youtubers who don't know shit about hardware?

ID: gsaogdh

ID: gsb5ahv

That guy was going to shit on AMD no matter what, simply because they don't have nvidia's proprietary technologies, which is impossible for them to have. He tested games with DLSS on, which was unfair. He could have lowered the render resolution on AMD to match and then turn on RIS, but he wasn't trying to be fair in the first place.

4 : Anonymous2021/03/26 17:28 ID: gsbawsn

Maybe OT but I own the XFX 319 Merc 6900 XT, 27LG850 144 hz monitor, 5600X CPU, 16 gigs of Gskill 3200 mhz memory and Samsung 980 Pro nVMe SSD. I mainly play Blizzard titles like WoW, Diablo 3 and such. My experience has been that Diablo 3 refuses to run above 100 fps on ultra, managed to get Warcraft running at ~100-120 fps by manually tuning the card (which took about 4 hours). Using default modes like rage, balanced etc produces completely unplayable results (60-70 fps which looks terrible on a 144 hz screen, even with Freesync).

I had a 3070 before that which produced higher or equal FPS in most situations. The main problem is the software AMD uses, which does not tell you that certain settings are incompatible but rather reverts back to old settings without telling you that they are incompatible. It is a very silent GPU and I generally like it, but if you want a plug and play card, then the 6900 XT is not it. Not to mention AMD cards use GDDR6 memory, while 3080 and up use GDDR6X memory, which I really wish I had researched before buying my own card.

ID: gsbzdu8

why does gddr6x matter unless you wanna mine with it?

ID: gsc3hhu

Gddr6x is faster in any conceivable scenario, since games usually almost never saturate the full amount of memory. If both cards use 8gb ram, then the 3080 will give you a better perf.

ID: gsbok57

Shit, thats very concerning actually. I also had a 3070 TUF OC that i sold for a profit in hopes a 3080 would come my way. GDDR6X cards are that much faster? If you could go back in time and wait for a 3080 would you have waited? Thanks.

ID: gsbpx4g

I had a chance to buy a 3080 or 6900xt, but i figured SAM would make a difference. Its a good card, but im tired of having to tune ahit for every game. If you can get one, get the 3080. I sure would.

ID: gscd9n2

Did you clean out the old drivers first?

What settings are causing problems?

Is your card running at the correct clocks and temps?

ID: gscelns

Did a clean install of win 10. Tried all the preset modes. Temps are below 70 degrees. I have gone through at least 40 settings manually, still cant run warcraft at 144 fps at 1440p. My previous 3070 and my friends 3080 does it no problem.

5 : Anonymous2021/03/26 14:41 ID: gsaobh4

I got one for testing 3440x 1440. Super quiet card and good preformane! Also got a xfx 6800xt . The asus is much more quiet in higher rpm ! It was a good buy!

ID: gsaoq6k

Thanks for the reply 🙂 Do you have any benchmarks for Apex legends, COD?

ID: gsappec

No sorry dont play this games! But it will always differ from my cpu+ram+ssd to yours! After instaling card and driver also update windows! Had some issues bevor i did update windows. I do more undervolting the overclocking 😀

ID: gsaut80

I have Asus 6900xt ref. In COD u can expect 1440p with everything set to max, not raytraycing tho. +150fps all the time

ID: gscs1og

Apex in the firing range maxed at 3440 for me is pretty much a 144fps constant

6 : Anonymous2021/03/26 16:16 ID: gsb1by5

It's quite a large card but solid as hell and performs great. After giving up on a 6800XT reference card I manage to snag this while it was in stock for a few minutes at a local shop.

Glad I did, as it completed my build and now I don't have to do this for another 3 or 5yrs... lol

7 : Anonymous2021/03/26 17:46 ID: gsbdbwf

I have one, its okay. I got up at 4am one morning and drove across the state line to a Microcenter that had one in stock. I paid ~1300 plus tax (in January). I've been doing limited gaming on it -- just playing COD: Cold War and Star Citizen, which is not the best game to judge performance by.

For some reason I haven't seen a lot of these out in the wild.

8 : Anonymous2021/03/26 18:22 ID: gsbi4xf

i have this card so far its worked without issue the only driver related issues where caused by me and the driver recovered 99% of the time without issue. At this time my system is lopsided with my old 1800X tho im waiting for the next CPU's on the new socket so the CPU is capping the GPU's performance.

9 : Anonymous2021/03/26 20:09 ID: gsby8u4

I have the TUF 6800. Got it open box. Love it, even though I wanted a 6800XT. Very few issues with it. Had more with my reference 5700XT. It's a big card. Build quality is fantastic.

10 : Anonymous2021/03/26 23:28 ID: gscrs1x

My buddy sold me one a week or two ago. I love the poop out of it. Really solid card with my 5950X.

ID: gscscnr

Glad to hear, do you play at 1440p or 4k?

ID: gsd2svi

I play 3440x1440 myself


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