AMD’s webstore is a failure for real customers.

1 : Anonymous2021/03/25 18:51 ID: md5fyi

AMD, you're failing your real customers via your webstore.

This image taken by a user on discord bragging about all the cards he purchased with bots from your webstore earlier this afternoon. It's unacceptable that AMD cannot implement multistep / randomized captcha, a lottery system ("product shuffle"), or a queue. A real limit to the number of items purchased would help as well (multiple instances of the same product going to the same address should = all orders cancelled).

Leaving the webstore defenseless against scalpers using bots means few real customers will obtain these products. AMD needs to start catering to actual customers instead of resellers buying in bulk and intent on gouging us.

2 : Anonymous2021/03/25 19:45 ID: gs7kbsa

PSA: AMD's website store is run by DIGITAL RIVER

Digital River is the SCOURGE of the internet (not even going to say Sales platforms), and AMD should have replaced them LONG AGO but so far refuses to do so.

So much software and hardware I have purchased through company's that use Digital River and 99.99% of the time I have had issues.

A company that could disappear for almost ANY reason and I would be happy.

ID: gs7o0a2

Yep. Nvidia's store also used Digital River, and then Nvidia realized how bad they were and were like fuck it we're only selling FE at Best Buy.

Amd should follow as well and transfer all their stock to other retailers. Maybe not just Best Buy but something similar while retaining global availability

ID: gs949jk

Speaking of Nvidia and Digital River.. I remember reading about how incompetency allowed scammers to steal likely millions of dollars of hardware some years ago.

Story goes - When people bought GPUs from Nvidia's web store and paid via PayPal it went via Digital River, they would receive the GPUs in the mail and then file a chargeback with PayPal.

If the seller (Digital Rive

in this case) do not reply to the dispute within 14 or so days, then the customer will automatically win the dispute and receive a full refund.

According to PayPal's terms & conditions (at least at the time) once a dispute was settled (as in this case) it cannot be reopened.

So basically tons of people were buying multiple top end GPUs and then doing a charge back while keeping the GPUs, making off with thousands and thousands of dollars worth of hardware once the refunds were automatically granted.

I'm sure some people got caught by police but the vast majority of people will have gotten away with it.

Anyone that has a PayPal business account will know just how many email reminders you receive for disputes - so it is quite clear they had no one checking the email or PayPal account(s)..

I think these companies make so much money they don't really care and price it all in with comfy margins.

ID: gs7p463

I cant agree with that as BestBuy's website is absolute shite as well and I have not been able to get anything during any of the launch's since last year, but I would prefer they went the EVGA route, and did a queue system or something similar, hell really anything but DR.

ID: gs8mzpj

best buy was great when they first instituted their system but now I'm pretty sure botters have scripts for that as well.

it's the same problem as every queue system. they just enter the queue with 1000 identities as soon as the queue opens, meaning that normal people will never get in before the queue is absurdly full. "Iterated queue events" like Best Buy actually most likely lower the number of cards received by honest participants because 99% of bots will see it within 5 seconds and immediately enter the queue while most humans are gonna take a few minutes to slog their ass over to the PC or to open their phone and check discord, etc.

the only reason EVGA's queue even vaguely works is because nobody knew it was a queue at the time. As soon as they did, it was likely slammed with 27 zillion accounts created for the sole purpose of entering the queue.

In general you can assume that any system that allows users to trivially create new "identities" based on some easy-to-vary property (shipping/billing address - add "apartment" or whatever to your address, credit cards - use privacy cards, name - not validated when using a privacy card, etc) is going to be gamed extremely rapidly. Really the only defense is what NVIDIA was doing with DigitalRiver - you have to continually vary your process so that it cannot be scripted in any sort of a durable fashion. In other words, change the website, significantly, every time you drop, so that it can't be scraped or botted. Not that DigitalRiver doesn't suck in general but NVIDIA got that part right and Best Buy hasn't, their system worked for a while but they are totally being botted now.

Even in the best case, the absolute most that you can ever hope to achieve is to hold scalpers down to some relatively low fixed multiple. Because at the end of the day they will just be able to go to a friend and say - hey, I need you to order this thing to your house for me, it's perfectly legal, I'll pay for everything and I'll give you fifty bucks for five minutes of work signing for the package. There is no way to distinguish between a scalper using "friend" networks and normal honest buyers, because from a system perspective they look completely the same.

ID: gs7yy5q

As a dev... and someone with some knowledge of modern bots and their techniques - cracking DR has been a sustained option for at least 4 years on some platforms. Not really much different for their competition in Shopify either.

ID: gs8b3gf

God I hate Digital River, they always refund me and than charge me more due to conversion changes.

ID: gs7y2vd

There has to be some internal connection/incredibly cheap price. This has been a perma problem and is embarrassing af.

ID: gs8p6v1

PSA: AMD's website store is run by DIGITAL RIVER [and they suck balls]

It's getting to where this should be highlighted in the sidebar and a stickied topic, because there are constant "I am shocked by this, why didn't anyone warn me!" threads on the topic.

3 : Anonymous2021/03/25 19:05 ID: gs7ei3o

I got an add to cart button and and error processing message 🙂

ID: gs8j73t

I’ve been able to click buy, but never able to successfully ad to cart.

ID: gs8s79b


4 : Anonymous2021/03/25 19:08 ID: gs7expx

Amd be like: ERROR 503 sorry only bots allowed

ID: gs844x1

"Let's make sure you're a real bot" (gives you a CAPTCHA)

ID: gs84o7d

U know whats funny? U can easily get ip banned from if u spam add to cart on pc on the 3950x

ID: gs7lx5d

What OP didn't realise is that AMD added anti-human 'captcha'

ID: gs8hdsl

I had to go through 10 sets of fire hydrants. 10 sets. Fire hydrants.

ID: gs8h5cy

Entitlement robot got thrown for a loop!

ID: gs89o9t

You mean 403? 5xx is for server errors

ID: gs8g3j7

Found the nerd!

(I'm one too)

ID: gs8sa39

I got 503 trying to buy from them.

5 : Anonymous2021/03/25 20:20 ID: gs7pard

Hey it lasted for a full 4 seconds!

Honestly what a joke. It’s actually insulting that people wait at 9AM for this drop only for dickheads like this to wipe every card out in seconds. Disgusting

6 : Anonymous2021/03/25 21:42 ID: gs80d02

Local guy in Canada on kijiji had 5 AMD reference 6700XT for sale yesterday....5!

While my shopping card got 503 error while trying to pay..

He is down to 4 today

ID: gs9m352

It’s even more annoying that someone gave that guy money instead of having some integrity.

7 : Anonymous2021/03/25 20:41 ID: gs7s61q

Whoever runs their online store needs to get better or get replaced (likely has a really good contract in place if they're still there).

In the meantime, the best thing that can be done is NOT buy from scalpers. They're in more of a time crunch than we'll ever be. If they don't move that stuff fast, they lose money. If they pass the return date, they can't even break even. If us regular people can be patient and wait for them to start sweating, we can even get them for cheaper since they'll have far more to lose if they don't move their inventory before more are made. Case in point: the scalpers that lost hundreds daily because Nintendo came out with more SNES and NES classics while scalpers were trying to get triple price on eBay for nearly a month. A lot of them ended up going for cheaper than retail because there was no other way for them to move what was already past the return/exchange period.

ID: gs9m7ph

The sad and frustrating part is there will always be impatient consumers with lots of money that are willing to spend 250% over MSRP to get their product now.

Especially use Americans that are impatient with getting everything, which led to the rise of Amazon.

ID: gsa5yt4

Not disagreeing with you, but in all fairness Sears was Amazon before Amazon was even a thing. If you need proof of that, go find an old copy of the Sears catalog. Amazon Prime on the other hand...

Yeah, more money than sense and a need for instant gratification.

8 : Anonymous2021/03/25 19:39 ID: gs7jguy

Like i said, they are interested to sell all their products, and who buys them they don't care really.

9 : Anonymous2021/03/25 21:31 ID: gs7yw8m

Got it showing "add to cart" 1 minute into the drop, came back with "cant add to cart" and then the add to cart button died. This is insanity. Hopefully my 1080ti doesn't die during this madness.

10 : Anonymous2021/03/25 23:04 ID: gs8afza

Don't expect changes. Their current system allows all GPUs and CPUs they have to be sold, that's all they care about. Why change?

11 : Anonymous2021/03/26 01:46 ID: gs8teej

Please. Listen. To. This. AMD.

12 : Anonymous2021/03/25 23:09 ID: gs8b46y

Made it trough the 503 error bullshit to the final captcha but the big yellow button to confirm the purchase never worked it was like a big useless rectangle. My captcha kept timming out to finally sell out before I could confirm. Fuck you AMD

13 : Anonymous2021/03/26 09:43 ID: gs9vj6m

They should implement the EVGA system where you'd get a place on a waiting list and then, when the product becomes available, are sent a link in an email which is ONLY for you and valid for eight hours.

Only you have then the possibility of buying the product in the link. That's the way how to do it.

AMD's shop is a shit show.

14 : Anonymous2021/03/25 19:11 ID: gs7fe3y

I saw a captcha during checkout.

ID: gs8cxws

recaptcha v2 though, 100% bot solvable. It's faster for bots to solve recaptcha v2 than for a human to solve it, so effectively is actually removing more humans from successful checkout than if there was no captcha at all.

15 : Anonymous2021/03/25 19:08 ID: gs7ewy7

I just tried to order a CPU, and the site crashed with a 500 error. Impressive.

16 : Anonymous2021/03/25 19:34 ID: gs7iph2

Meanwhile in the UK website there doesn't seem to have been any stock replenishment at all. AMD may talk all the marketing crap they want about being "pro gamers" and what not, but this is absolute nonesense if they have no way to PROVE such a statement, and the lack of pre-order system, captchas or anything on their own site shows that clearly they don't give a hoot.

Or maybe there is literally no stock for us, hence no refreshes. I wanted a new Ryzen 5000 CPU and RX6000 GPU in my new gaming system, but in the end I got sick of searching and waiting and went 3700XT with a NVIDIA 3070. I wont be upgrading later, I do not plan to have that kind of money or time later when the issues are sorted. My wallet was willing, but their website (and every other e-tailer's out there) wasn't. "Pro gamer" my janky little toe!

ID: gs7pu6v

You won't see anything on AMD's official store because it's not currently serving the UK post-Brexit.

Which countries does the AMD Store ship to?

a. US, Canada, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden

b. We are temporarily unable to process shipments to the United Kingdom.

Presumably Digital River don't have the required systems in place for the new arrangements regarding tax and import duty, and are apparently in no rush to fix that given it's nearly April.

ID: gs7m9gr

At least you were able to get a 3070 😛

17 : Anonymous2021/03/25 18:57 ID: gs7d8qb

meanwhile, I couldn't even get the site to add the product to my cart.

ID: gs7fx0l

I think too many refreshes triggers antibot mesures. Oh, the irony!

18 : Anonymous2021/03/25 21:56 ID: gs821e2

The fact that you can add it to your cart, enter payment /shipping info, confirm shipping amount, get to the final page with the captcha and agreement, and press "confirm order" within a 2 minute period and then get taken to an empty page with no info and no charge to your card is a joke. This store needs an overhaul.

19 : Anonymous2021/03/26 01:41 ID: gs8st4h

I totally agree AMD should drop digital river. Today I was watching a discord and people were saying they were buying AMD cards, and I really wanted the 5900x. After several refreshes I wasn't seeing any stock these people were saying was in stock. I quickly made an incognito tab and the add to cart for the CPU showed up, and I flipped back to the normal browser and still said out of stock after a refresh. Okay, that's odd.... I checked out on the incognito tab and got my CPU today. That website was a joke. Also, the checkout process crashed multiple times and would not take my CC info, but PayPal worked like a charm. Just a FYI for anyone trying to get AMD direct, that might be a trick.

Also, they don't take account info during checkout, but will email your junk folder after you are done. From there you can ask for a password be emailed to you, and then go check your order with the order number and password. It was a complete disaster.

20 : Anonymous2021/03/26 02:28 ID: gs8y459

Don't have much to say other than I had to use AMD's website for an RMA and it was a fucking terrible experience (though the customer service I received from AMD itself was splendid).

21 : Anonymous2021/03/26 04:40 ID: gs9bc0u

Wow I guess I got insanely lucky a week ago when I snagged a 6900XT from their website. Didn’t realize that bots were so bad on AMD site.

22 : Anonymous2021/03/26 06:26 ID: gs9j7u7

Ohh so that is the guy who got all the cards while I got non and got temporary blocked from the amd website for trying to much. Nice.

23 : Anonymous2021/03/25 21:08 ID: gs7vxg5

The fact you think AMD cares about you is hysterical.

24 : Anonymous2021/03/26 05:51 ID: gs9gui8

Okay, I thought when AMD said they would sell direct on their website that they would have thought to put up good bot defenses. Guess not. This honestly should not have be hard for a technology company.

25 : Anonymous2021/03/26 11:09 ID: gsa1c6z

looks like the web store is an MVP. minimum viable product.

26 : Anonymous2021/03/25 20:58 ID: gs7ukdn

Customer service for the web store is poor enough that it's not worth using anyways.

My 5900X was smashed in shipping and I've been fighting with them daily (because they only respond about 3AM 4 nights or so per week). They have finally approved an RMA but I've wasted a ton of time dealing with them.

I'll never order from them again and honestly regret even purchasing their product regardless of superior performance. I love the actual product but I'm still feeling burned.


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