RX6800XT Bad performance in FH4. I saw the RX6700XT go above 180fps average on gameplay paired with a 5600 CPU. What’s my issue here? Also Cannot play Grid 2019 properly the game kind of stutter (any resolution) and it game crashes on Dirt 5. Did a get the bad silicon card?

1 : Anonymous2021/03/26 21:30 ID: mdyyoj
RX6800XT Bad performance in FH4. I saw the RX6700XT go above 180fps average on gameplay paired with a 5600 CPU. What's my issue here? Also Cannot play Grid 2019 properly the game kind of stutter (any resolution) and it game crashes on Dirt 5. Did a get the bad silicon card?
2 : Anonymous2021/03/26 22:46 ID: gsclx6g

One clear issue is you have Vsync on. Last time I ran the benchmark I got 209 fps.

ID: gscnmva

I don't think I have it on, might double check.

ID: gscpnhx

It literally says vsync on on the rightmost panel

ID: gscwcpx

You need to turn off all the fps targeting stuff and keep the framerate unlocked.

ID: gscwla0

And also you're running on a custom preset, I tested with the default "Ultra" preset. I was actually coming up against CPU limits a bit while it says you're GPU limited.

3 : Anonymous2021/03/26 22:19 ID: gschy2u

You should run some standard benchmarks like 3DMark and then look up results from people with the same specs (you can do that on the 3dmark results website) and see how your score compares. Easy way to find out if your system is underperforming.

4 : Anonymous2021/03/26 22:06 ID: gscg47a

8x MSAA?

ID: gsci3wn


ID: gsd72nk

You should probably read up on how MSAA works, the card isn't the problem here.

5 : Anonymous2021/03/26 22:18 ID: gschssd

Your numbers seem par for the course.

Hexus tested FH4 and their 6800XT and RTX3090 were only getting 169/170fps at 1080P, 137/153fps at 1440P respectively with the 3950X in their test rig.

Maybe the review you're looking at didn't have the graphics settings as cranked up as you do (or Hexus)?

ID: gscjlk1

It shows about the same performance yes. Thanks

6 : Anonymous2021/03/26 23:41 ID: gsctmwd

Dude, you're running 1440p maxed out + 8x msaa on a very good looking game at 139 FPS... You're basically running 5K ultra at 139 fps because of that overkill AA...

I'm even very surprised you're even getting above 100 FPS with those settings lol. Just shows how well optimized FH4 is.

Underperforming my ass, try those settings (including 8x MSAA) on any modern game and you'll be glad you're getting anywhere close to 60 fps. There's a good reason why MSAA is not used anymore...

7 : Anonymous2021/03/26 22:09 ID: gscgh4y

Try running GPU-Z during your FH4 benchmark and then look at what reason it says for GPU perfcap reason - that should tell you if the card is the issue and if so, what the reason is.

8 : Anonymous2021/03/27 00:40 ID: gsd1r8m

8x MSAA.. KEK.

9 : Anonymous2021/03/26 22:01 ID: gscfdk4

I’m assuming drivers are good? If so, if it were me, I’d tear the thing apart and see what I can see. Bad pasting? Missing a thermal pad? Depends on your comfort level. Also, my mandatory: Do you have enough power? 750w PSU recommended I believe. Does each of the GPU’s 8 pin ports have their own dedicated cable to the PSU? These GPUs HATE daisy chaining.

ID: gscg05t

I do have a Seasonic focus gold PSU 750 watts. And I might check on the GPU's cables then. Or just remove GPU and install it again. I don't feel comfortable removing GPU parts (I never done that).

ID: gscgoku

My UPS is 600 watts. Can this be the issue?

ID: gscga4j

Yea a lot of the issues with amd cards at this point appear to be chalked up to below required or unstable power delivery

Make sure your pc power cord is plugged directly into a wall plug instead of a multisocket and make sure each 8pin connector has their own plug instead of the daisy chaining mentioned above

If your power supply is below 750w then thatll also be a issue

ID: gscqm5t

I have always had my pc plugged into a multi socket surge protector zero issues. And I have a 5700xt but could be different for other people. I think his issue is might be v-sync.

10 : Anonymous2021/03/26 22:04 ID: gscfsow

" I saw the RX6700XT go above 180fps average on game play paired with a 5600 CPU"

Welcome to the "Rage" mode, Even if some boards have it most of the Board don't. And it is most likely that is doesn't work on older Boards like yours.

For the other things:

Update all drivers:

Chip set drivers for your board. GPU Driver. Update all the game you try to run.

Maybe search for optimal driver versions for a specific game.

If this not solve the Problem...well you can try this:

run OCCT for at least 10 min to check if any Errors occur.

With this the Hardware are tested to the absolute max (!) and if there any hardware error, it will occur during test

Settings (the wrench on top of the window):


Critical Temp 90°C (i would prefer 85°, but on air 85°C is easy reach with this hot head of an CPU)

IMPORTANT! Do not start this test with out set it, it can degrade your CPU if you do this to often.

The "official" for the R7 3800X should be 95°C but Tjunction can be far higher than that even if the Die temp is lower then 95°, so it will degrade eventually regardless, to prevent this abort testing by 90°C with this setting. If you cautions set it to 85°C. If their any hardware errors they should appear in the first minute anyway. because if they appear later than this check the Temp Graph on the right side, it will be likely a Temp Problem then.

Be aware that OCCT test the Hardware to their absolute limit, don't screw around with it for fun.

Test schedule: clicking on the infinity symbol will set a time limit. set minutes and put 10 in.

CPU Test setting:

Data Set: small

Mode: Extreme

Load Type: Variable

Instruction Set: AVX2

Threads: fixed

Thread count: 16.

GPU Test Setting:

Mode: Error Detection

Shader complexity: the max you can select

GPU usage Limit: 100%

If there are no Errors during this it is likely a Driver Problem.

ID: gsclyqc

I don't think you know what rage mode is.

ID: gscncj3

tbh i don't. but this difference shouldn't be there at all and therefore this is the only sense making explanation for it aside of an crippeling hardeware error on his part.

11 : Anonymous2021/03/26 21:40 ID: gscca09

It's the Sapphire Nitro + version.

12 : Anonymous2021/03/26 22:02 ID: gscfk81

maybe steam version? There are some issues on my pc, it is very inconsistent.

ID: gschr5m

Nope, it is the normal one. I sold my RX5700XT and got the RX6800XT for 2 months now. But I've been noticing this kind of issues with some games. Issues that I did not have with my older card.

13 : Anonymous2021/03/26 22:55 ID: gscn7jz

Is this on a clean OS install?

ID: gscnq7t

Nope, but I used DDU before installing and also used DDU each time I installed a new different driver. Right now I'm using the latest one.

ID: gscodfk

I think your issue is most likely software related.

14 : Anonymous2021/03/27 00:08 ID: gscxeh4

When was the last time you renewed your thermal paste? I've seen improperly seated CPU beat sinks as well as bad thermal paste cause similar issues.

ID: gsd8984

Both his cpu and gpu are less than a couple of months old, why would he need a repaste??


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