MSI RX 6900 XT Gaming X Trio Review – KitGuru

1 : Anonymous2021/03/29 15:16 ID: mfrsmy
MSI RX 6900 XT Gaming X Trio Review - KitGuru
2 : Anonymous2021/03/29 15:46 ID: gsp5af4

Very interesting results.

This card has the highest power limit from all aircooled card and as such performs the best... but there also seems to be a big issue with the cooler, as this card shows the highest delta between GPU temp and hot spot temp. That issue was present in the two cards they tested (the thought the first one might be defective, the second one MSI sent had the same issue). KitGuru suggests this is because the cooler uses direct contact with the heatpipes instead of a baseplate, and common sense suggests it's harder to get 6 heatpipes flat compared to a baseplate.

The temps reported were still in spec, but I wouldn't be too thrilled paying a premium for a card that shows such a big delta in the die, as it shows the cooler just isn't well designed. There might also be longevity implications as I know temperature differentials in materials can have some effects, but I have no idea if that applies to a silicon die.

EDIT: to everyone considering getting this card because of its out of the box performance, and assuming you have the choice of course considering the current market conditions, I would suggest just getting another high end 6900XT like the MERC or the Red Devil, Morepowertool is very easy to use (just requires you to be cautious, but it's not hard at all) and will get you the power limit you want. The 6900XT OCs tremendously well if you give it the +50W it needs to shine even more and the cooler is appropriate. I wouldn't consider this Gaming X Trio cooler appropriate for pushing the card.

ID: gspawcm

KitGuru suggests this is because the cooler uses direct contact with the heatpipes instead of a baseplate, and common sense suggests it's harder to get 6 heatpipes flat compared to a baseplate.

This is exactly what it'll be, MSI on their recent Ampere and RDNA2 TRIO cards aren't using a flat polished cold plate, you can see it in the later images. This will result in higher GPU Junction (hot spot) temps.

If MSI ever release a SUPRIM card for the 6800/6900 XT, expect that to have a flat cold plate, the version for the RTX 3080/3090 did and thermally they performed much better.

ID: gspojkx

Really disappointing from MSI. You shouldn't need to go to the most premium line for something as basic as a cooler making proper contact with the die. And that's coming from a 3090 Suprim X owner.

ID: gsplt6d

I've posted about this about my 6800xt. Once asking if a delta of 30c is normal and another me showing the not so flat heatpipes by using a razor blade(which got downvoted to hell), not scientific sure but it gave me an idea on what I'm dealing with. I did a bit lapping on the heat pipes just to try to even them out a bit with 2k sand paper and a straight edge, but that proved to be challenging due to the mount points getting in the way. I also increased the mounting pressure by adding some 1mm nylon washers.

Bw this and a vbios update for the 6800xt from msi I was finally able to break 2.6ghz on my card OCed. My Delta would still be at around 30c, 96c hot spot and around low 60s on core temp at just under 295w. (I haven't done a proper a oc run since I'm waiting for my mobo to release a stable agesa 1.2... ) while at 100% load it didn't show much change I did see a massive improvement in idle and low gpu usage scenarios Delta temps. Idle delta temps are now 3-5c and in cases of low GPU usage in games a delta 10c on average,

What really confused me is Igor's review, as he was one of the first to get to review the card. Where he claims he was able to increase the power limit with more power tool to like 330w.... When I tried increase mine (before doing the mods I did) to like 275 ish so i can get a 300w power limit hot spot temps where easily going past 100c as soon as I hit 300w. And would of course crash.

Edit: all in all, I'm still very happy with my card. I think for regular folks who don't necessarily oc the card, I don't think the big delta will have a major effect on longevity. Maybe set up a custom fan curve and you should be good if you don't want to mess with the other settings. But if you're into OCing then you might have to do a bit more extra stuff to push the card with out hitting the hot spot temp ceiling.

ID: gspu0e1

Silicon lottery.

My 6800XT Nitro+ SE does over 2700 Mhz effective and at 420W hotspot temps at 100% fan speed is 85C range.

ID: gspn8yt

Damn you've really done everything to get your card to work as well as possible, props.

The thing with this specific issue is, you could probably just get lucky and maybe the heatpipes turned out fairly flat on a specific card or batch, so I'm not surprised Igor didn't notice maybe his was flat enough to have a manageable hot spot.

It's really lazy from MSI. regardless of the specific SKU any Navi 21 card is a high end card, and should be treated as such. Skimping on completely overkill PCBs is fine, not everyone needs a bajilion phases for casual LN2 OCing, but everyone needs their cooler to make proper contact with the die.

We know having a baseplate is not too expensive because basically every other AIB goes that route. I think /

is right, MSI decided to create artificial segmentation by keeping the higher quality cooler design for the Suprim cards.

3 : Anonymous2021/03/29 15:43 ID: gsp4zd2

Another nonexistent card

ID: gsp6lw1

Another worthless comment

ID: gsqcuoj

Can't blame you, I've all but stopped reading reviews now. The best card is the one you can actually get your hands on. I didn't think I'd be keeping my 1080Ti for another year.

4 : Anonymous2021/03/29 19:24 ID: gspy28l

Lowest on the Acoustics charts but has the highest junction temperatures. I could probably just crank up the fans to get rid of the issue. But still, it shouldn't be this (for lack of a better word) unbalanced cooling. It would be interesting to see exactly what part of the card is hitting 100C


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