Digital Foundry: Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2: PS5 vs Xbox Series X|S – 120fps Is A Game Changer!

1 : Anonymous2021/04/01 14:38 ID: mhwpf9
Digital Foundry: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2: PS5 vs Xbox Series X|S - 120fps Is A Game Changer!
2 : Anonymous2021/04/01 20:28 ID: gt2k51p

Now we just need tonyhawks underground remaster

ID: gt3gkze

Plus, American Wasteland. Hopefully, Activision plans on continuing more remasters/remakes of the older Tony Hawk games now that Vicarious Visions has fused together with Blizzard. I don’t know which development studio under Activision will take up the mantle now.

3 : Anonymous2021/04/01 14:49 ID: gt1bg6s


“The game is effectively identical on both consoles”

There’s a single frame drop recorded on the Xbox Series consoles but not on PS5. (4K 60 mode)

Performance mode (120fps mode) both target dynamic 1440p. DRS is apparently confirmed for the performance mode, 1440p does seem to be the output resolution for the majority of play.

PS5 Has minor frame drops in the 120fps mode whereas the XSX doesn’t. PS5 minor issues are described as “not a big deal, but noticeable”

PlayStation 5 loads a second faster than the Xbox Series X & PC (PC depends on the specs that you have but DF tested it with a Core i9 10900K-powered PC running an NVMe drive with 3.5GB/s transfer speeds)

ID: gt1fp4a

DF said the output is the same on Performance mode? I thought they said it's due to their equipment that it outputs like that?

ID: gt1k6jj

It is the same. They don't have an HDMI 2.1 TV to test.

"I don't actually own an HDMI 2.1 screen, so system-level differences between Xbox and PlayStation manifest for me - on my Samsung NU8000, I can play at 1440p120 on Series X, but the output of PlayStation 5 takes a very similar image but downscales it to 1080p120. "

ID: gt1fych


ID: gt1izcj

Many (most?) 1440p monitors properly downscale from 4k. I’d figure he’d mention that if it was the cause of the 1080p because it would only be happening to some people.

ID: gt3iri7

120-110 drop is not even close to being noticeable. John even says himself that drops at 120 are not noticeable

4 : Anonymous2021/04/01 14:43 ID: gt1akgp

Also looking for a TLDR. From what I saw skimming through both PS5 and Series X are 4k native in fidelity mode.

5 : Anonymous2021/04/01 16:10 ID: gt1m6b9

Is splitscreen 60fps now?

6 : Anonymous2021/04/01 14:44 ID: gt1aq38

So, who won the latest dick measuring contest?

ID: gt1bprr

Gamers. Because no matter which box you have it’s a great experience.

ID: gt21y1q

No one. Both are great.

PS5 a tiny bit better in Resolution mode and Xbox Series X a tiny bit bettee in performance mode.

Both consoles run the game very well so I guess the winners are the gamers.

ID: gt2864r

Got it, PS5 or XBox, you gettin the big dick

ID: gt1tb3j

Unless it's the s...

ID: gt1hhpe

Tony Hawk

ID: gt1cwrm

the real losers of this dick measuring contest is the lack of HDMI 2.1 Capture Card.

ID: gt1f9kg


ID: gt1lk9v

Nobody since they are exactly the same, as are all the other games without running them side by side

ID: gt1zah2

I hate that's how people take DF videos. That's not the intent AT ALL.

ID: gt2387g

It's not the intent of Digital Foundry, but a lot of the people who consume those videos turn it into one.

ID: gt3gbam

is that really what you think DF videos are? reddit moment being confidently ignorant

7 : Anonymous2021/04/01 15:38 ID: gt1hsrs

VG Tech's more accurate analysis:

Fidelity mode: PS5 uses DRS. Highest = 3840x2160 and Lowest = 3552x1998

Fidelity mode: XSX uses DRS. Highest = 3840x2160 and Lowest = 3264x1836

Performance mode: PS5 uses DRS. Highest = 2560x1440 and Lowest = 2112x1188

Performance mode: XSX uses DRS. Highest = 2560x1440 and Lowest = 1920x1080

XSS in fidelity mode uses DRS Highest = 2560x1440 and Lowest = 1920x1080. in performance highest = 1600x900 and lowest = 1280x720.

ID: gt240kz

Permonce mode

ID: gt253cj

Found the comment somewhere else and copied and pasted it lol

ID: gt1n6gn

More accurate, or more fitting for the sub?

ID: gt1ned0

More accurate because he covers the upper bounds and lower bounds of the dynamic resolution

ID: gt1wbtq

We just want the numbers that's all

ID: gt1kvjg

performance mode of the XSS down to 720 at times, ouch! That's like PS3 resolution

ID: gt1m8nc

Nah it has better AA. You should watch the video. This is the whole reason tech people trying to convince you res isn't as important as image clarity. It's an uphill battle.

8 : Anonymous2021/04/01 15:21 ID: gt1fkef

Until Xbox starts using VRS and DirectML, I can see this becoming a common trend with the odd exception.

Gamers win, those without a 120hz display lose. But not by much as it still plays great at 4K@60fps.

ID: gt21xwc

Going from 60hz to 120hz isn’t a huge difference. The jump from 30hz to 60hz is far more noticeable.

ID: gt23sil

True, the higher your go the more diminished the returns are. But 120fps vs 60fps in games that demand a “twitch” response and having that lower latency feels great.

ID: gt396ji

Going from 60hz to 120hz isn’t a huge difference.

If you're blind

ID: gt2b5yx

The jump from 60hz to 120hz is the same as the jump from 30hz to 60hz (double). Unless you're one of those "the human eye only sees at 30fps" people.

ID: gt1m6po

Xbox games already use VRS e.g. Gears 5.

9 : Anonymous2021/04/01 15:06 ID: gt1djui

PS5 loads faster than PC and Xbox.

ID: gt1gzgq

By less than half a second ... negligible difference in speed thus far

ID: gt2aapi

Still pretty fucking cool, I'm really glad Sony focused on the SDD speeds. I can't wait to see a Last of Us type game with NO LOAD SCREENS.

ID: gt1epnq


ID: gt2hh5e

I think you might have misread something, their PC with an nvme loaded ever so slightly faster than Series X|S. It was the xbox one x that loaded 3x slower.

10 : Anonymous2021/04/01 14:42 ID: gt1agt2

We need more testers, to build up competition. Monopolies have always been a bad thing imo

ID: gt1mcbf


ID: gt1nzdl

Channels other than DF, I’m assuming, doing the same thing

ID: gt22ak2

Uhm there are. NX Gamer, IGN, VG Tech and so on and so fort.

They don't get posted quite as often as Digital Foundry because those are considered the most importsnt when it comes to gaming tech.

But if you really care you can easily look up other sources

11 : Anonymous2021/04/01 20:30 ID: gt2kd0h

They should have tested some Created Parks. Those have Lag on all systems, so it would be nice to see to what degree

12 : Anonymous2021/04/01 21:03 ID: gt2ombo

Remember everyone, if you make any sort of clarity measurements in the 120fps mode... they will find you.

13 : Anonymous2021/04/01 23:25 ID: gt35h66

Just wish they'd add a free skate mode to online.

14 : Anonymous2021/04/01 14:41 ID: gt1ac47


ID: gt1drj2

On the top of the comments atm


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