Can I get the rx 6800xt

1 : Anonymous2021/04/01 14:39 ID: mhwq69

So I am building my fisrt pc and I am trying to get the rx 6800xt for the build. I have a problem though. I am moving out of the US in 2 month and I am going to egypt and I will live there. There is now way I can get a gpu from egypt since it is not the best in computer specs. So can I get the rx 6800 xt before I move out. I am moving at like 6/25.

2 : Anonymous2021/04/01 15:01 ID: gt1d0ez

Join a stock notification discord or follow a stock livestream, twitter etc.(I won't name them here because I don't know the subs rules about them). I used one to get a 3080 and 5900x back over the winter, you just need to be hyper vigilant about being near a phone/computer at all times. Pre-make Best Buy, AMD, Amazon, and Newegg accounts with your info filled out so you're ready when a drop happens. Best of luck

3 : Anonymous2021/04/01 15:20 ID: gt1fias

Either do what

suggested or alternatively - and I'm going to suggest this at the risk of being lynched by by the PCMR crowd - if you're planning on building your first PC anyway, you might as well look for a prebuilt or ordering a PC from a System Integrator instead. That seems like the best way to get GPUs right now.

Not sure of the US alternatives, but in the UK we have PCSpecialist. These sorts of companies will probably be your best bet.

ID: gt1t1ri

I do not think so. Before pre builds were more expensive for a worse quality than building by yourself. Now It might be a reasonable choice, because the whole syatekt might be cheaper than buying a single gpu from scalpers

ID: gt1uzeb

In a normal market I'd agree. Not in the current one.

In the current market pre-builts or systems from system integrators can be the best way of getting parts.

4 : Anonymous2021/04/01 20:20 ID: gt2j2ec

I have a reference 6900XT (brand new, never opened) that you can have for MSRP (not into scalping, was about $1,080 total with tax) if you can't get what you're looking for by the time you move.

5 : Anonymous2021/04/01 15:23 ID: gt1ft90

Well as i said i am moving away so i am planning to get all pc components from america because it is obviously cheaper than anywhere and i will assmble it all in egypt since I can’t really travel overseas with a full on pc setup

ID: gt1wgdn

I mean, you could travel with it as carry on, as long as you make sure to set it up in a case small and light enough that passes as carry on.

ID: gt2vn8u

uuh what do you mean?

An assembled pc takes up less space than having all the parts for themselves..

ID: gt2vvse

Well yes but all the parts alone can be scattered around bags but the pc itself has to be in one specific bag. Oh and I will not buy the case from here because it takes up so much space.

6 : Anonymous2021/04/01 15:58 ID: gt1kgyc

I would guess no. I have been trying to get a 3070, 3080, 6800, or 6800 xt for over 3 months now using discord servers and an Amazon bot, but have failed. I am assuming you don't want to pay more than $900. If you are willing to pay ~$1,200 than you should be able to.

ID: gt1kos8

I think i can buy for 900$ by june probably

ID: gt1l0zk

I wouldn't count on it, but I wish you luck. Ohh I guess I also assumed you don't have a nearby microcenter or can't camp out for hours multiple times a week waiting for a restock.

7 : Anonymous2021/04/01 17:35 ID: gt1xlmc

Visit the newegg shuffle every day. That's how I got mine. I never installed the mobile app. All the stock drop discords are garbage, in my experience.

ID: gt29kv9

In your experience, do the drawings typically happen at the same time everyday or its just random?

ID: gt35yj4

10a-12p Pacific, Mon-Fri, when they have stock. I've gotten 3 ryzen 5000 cpus, and one 6800 xt from three different drawings.

8 : Anonymous2021/04/01 19:32 ID: gt2cv8t

I'd just try to get something that works.

9 : Anonymous2021/04/01 22:56 ID: gt324sh

I ordered a ryzen edition prebuilt Aurora R10 with the 5800(not x) and 6800xt, make sure u add killer wifi because it takes less time, and it took four days from order to delivery. I am loving my prebuilt and will move it to my own case after the warranty ends in 12 months.

10 : Anonymous2021/04/01 17:12 ID: gt1ugn6

If you got a stimulus check just pretend the gpu was free, courtesy of Uncle Sam.

ID: gt1y0ft

They pay you with your own money that you already earned but paid as taxes. Nothing is free.

ID: gt2vmwe

That's a simplistic view of economics but I digress. It's money you didn't have, and now you do. To be used how you see fit.


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