PlayStation is somehow enabling games which are compiled on extremely old SDKs to detect that they’re running on PS5 and unlock the framerate.

1 : Anonymous2021/04/04 02:18 ID: mjmwq5
PlayStation is somehow enabling games which are compiled on extremely old SDKs to detect that they’re running on PS5 and unlock the framerate.
2 : Anonymous2021/04/04 03:30 ID: gtbajjt

This would be hilarious to see on LA Noire with its 30fps motion capture lol

ID: gtbyovy

Halo 5 renders character models at 30fps but everything else at 60. It's weird, but it's better than just playing at 30fps. Besides, you can still render those 30fps character models at 60fps - it's still smoother if the camera is moving.

Or just interpolate the animation frames.

3 : Anonymous2021/04/04 03:08 ID: gtb8dv3

I hope this makes it so games like Horizon and Bloodborne can get a 60fps patch easier

ID: gtbqg6g

I'm betting that they aren't updating Bloodborne because of the rumored remaster

ID: gtc7feq

I’ll happily pay full price for a bloodborne remaster

ID: gtcw52j

Is this actually a legitimate rumor going around? If this happens, I will be so happy lol

ID: gtbdtg4

My consensus is that horizon zero dawn is probably gonna get a re release with forbidden west just like miles morales and Spider-Man ps4

ID: gtbf15u

My consensus

Do you have multiple personalities?

ID: gtbh9gp

I doubt it.

The reason Miles came with Spiderman remastered was because it was the same map.

Horizon is going to be another 40-50 hour game, not an 8 hour game like Miles Morales.

I could see Horizon getting a 60fps patch when it's free similar to Ratchet and Clank though

ID: gtbe0oc

Doubt it. Miles Morales used the same map as Spider-Man but just modified so it was easier to enhance Spider-Man as well. Horizon Forbidden West is an entirely new area.

ID: gtbp0vl

kinda clueless as to why it hasnt gone 60fps yet. we have a PC release that has been patched many times and runs awesome now vs its release. i get 4k60 easily with a 3080 all max settings so im sure there can be a compromise for ps5 to achieve something similar.

4 : Anonymous2021/04/04 06:43 ID: gtbp5qv

I want to play Death Stranding at 60fps.

ID: gtc7i1r

And haptic feedback please.

ID: gtd3xaa

God yes. I’m dying to play it again but just waiting incase they come out with an upgrade.

ID: gtcwwvf

Probably one of the best games for haptics

ID: gtbszsb

apparently coming soon with an “expanded” edition

ID: gtbu1uj

I know. I hope it'd have a free upgrade for actual PS4 users.

ID: gtc60m6

Dude it's fucking magical. I hope you guys get it soon.

ID: gtc0mve

The PC version is fantastic and even has DLSS support.

ID: gtcavyz

That sweet solid 144 fps.

5 : Anonymous2021/04/04 03:11 ID: gtb8pfl

Unfortunately you can't just unlock framerate on all games and call it a day. Certain games would be completely fucked when things are timed to framerate. Take Dark souls without dsfix as an example. Would definitely be cool for ones that are compatible though.

ID: gtbgv1o

Dark Souls starts off okay without it but quickly becomes a shitshow. I installed dsfix and it instantly felt like there were no issues. So yeah, your example is perfect.

ID: gtc50pp

Without dsfix:

That's a nice ladder you have there, be a shame if your FPS was 70.

ID: gtbmdjp

I don’t understand the tech side of it, but I know you can’t beat The Last Guardian with an unlocked frame rate. If you play the disc on ps5 without installing any patches, the game runs beautifully at 60 FPS. But there are a few moments during certain cutscenes where the game freezes. The only way to progress at these moments is to download the patch, play to the next save point, then uninstall and reinstall game. Totally worth it, the game is so beautiful. But it would be sweet if the developers could find a way to unlock the frame rate without the crashes.

ID: gtbxfkx

On the programming side, many things are tied to a game’s internal clock, that clock updates every frame, and if they didn’t take framerate change into consideration, the internal clock would speed up the more FPS you have and mess things up.

ID: gtbbiv7

It seems odd to me that one random guy can make 60FPS Bloodborne work but sony/fromsoft can’t.

ID: gtbc3p4

They absolutely can, it's just that they won't. It's a damn shame really

ID: gtbkqhe

Didnt that guys 60FPS totally show why they havent when it broke a bunch of the clothing physics?

There is more additional work there than just unlock framerate.

ID: gtbq6qg

Didn't the guy say it wasn't easy and could be glitchy because of the way it was coded originally?

ID: gtbc310

Nobody said Sony/Fromsoft can’t. What is being pointed out is that there seems to be a way easier method to unlock framerate - hence, why a 60PFS patch for Bloodborne could be more likely. Before, a 60FPS for BB meant additional work, to get rid of the framepacing issues and most likely would have ended in a remastered version anyway.

But who knows what will happen.. maybe it will be a simple 60FPS patch in the future or a remastered PS5 version. Or nothing lol.

ID: gtc3462

It's probably more about...where do you draw the line? Bloodborne has been a free monthly game and likely doesn't make any money through sales any more. Developing a patch isn't all that would need to be done as it would need a large amount of testing afterwards.

It's a little bit like...I don't know what you do for a job, but how would you feel about finishing a job however many years ago but now someone is saying it isn't finished and they want you to make it better for free?

ID: gtbmgv2

People are always bringing this up but the list of games with logic tied to 30fps is very small. Just think: most third-party games from last generation got PC ports, where 60fps is a must, proving that the engines could already handle it. Dark Souls/Bloodborne are exceptions because FromSoftware employs shitty programmers. You could maybe make the case that Arkham Knight and Mafia 3 would have issues too, but even there the PC ports were eventually patched to handle 60fps. I seriously doubt a framerate patch would cause developer headaches for 90% of games

6 : Anonymous2021/04/04 12:05 ID: gtc8yoy

2015: "Bloodborne fix plz"

2016: "Bloodborne fix plz"

2017: "Bloodborne fix plz"

2018: "Bloodborne fix plz"

2019: "Bloodborne fix plz"

2020: "Bloodborne fix plz"

2021: "Bloodborne fix plz"

ID: gtcki9f

I tried brother, I tried to upvote you a thousand times.

ID: gtcmtnh

Like seriously fuck

ID: gtdcoxl

We are all in this together bro

7 : Anonymous2021/04/04 04:37 ID: gtbg9t3

Uncharted 4/lost legacy hopefully

8 : Anonymous2021/04/04 05:50 ID: gtblnuj

I want Assasains Creed Unity with 60fps

ID: gtce9in

Unpatched Disc?

ID: gtc2964

my man

9 : Anonymous2021/04/04 03:07 ID: gtb8bic

I’m playing the PS+ collection as the games are updated with higher frame rate modes. Waiting on Bloodborne before starting.

ID: gtba5l3

You might be waiting a long while. Might as well play it now since Bloodborne is one of the greatest games of all time. I’ve put hundreds of hours into the game and have never cared that’s it’s 30fps and it’s never hurt my enjoyment of it.

10 : Anonymous2021/04/04 04:25 ID: gtbfar9

All I want is to play the original GOW games on my PS5.

11 : Anonymous2021/04/04 11:44 ID: gtc7g5u

Is this theoretically possible for let's say AC Odyssey/Origins? I'd love to play those on 60 on PS5

12 : Anonymous2021/04/04 06:05 ID: gtbmoq5

The Last Guardian. Please.

13 : Anonymous2021/04/04 14:58 ID: gtcowi9

Is bloodbourne that good.? I got it free and it took me ages just to design my character at the start. Does the game get more interesting?

ID: gtcrzxy

The game doesnt tell you anything but theres a lot to do.

14 : Anonymous2021/04/04 02:35 ID: gtb5517

Xbox’s Gameboost is one of the best things iv seen for any game tech. It tricks the system into thinking its 30fps while doubling the writing speeds and turning it into 60fps. No need for updates or devs to come back. Reading this i feel its the same thing but im kinda confused by the wording.

ID: gtbb4vv

I haven't looked into the xbox system at all, but just based on your comment I am confused. What writing speeds? Also, doesn't this cause issues with games that have a hard coded approach to stuff like physics and other mechanics?

ID: gtbj3my

It's only for select titles, 10 so far. They only added the feature a few weeks ago with a view to expanding it over time.


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