Days Gone director on Bloomerg reports: “thanks for reaching out with all the support. I’m not able to confirm or deny anything, so please understand if I like one of your Tweets all it means is I saw it and appreciate it–and nothing else”

1 : Anonymous2021/04/10 14:00 ID: mo583u
Days Gone director on Bloomerg reports: "thanks for reaching out with all the support. I'm not able to confirm or deny anything, so please understand if I like one of your Tweets all it means is I saw it and appreciate it--and nothing else"
2 : Anonymous2021/04/10 14:07 ID: gu1lbaq

Isn’t he one of the people that left Bend? If so I’d take that as confirmation it didn’t work out

ID: gu1qakj


ID: gu2n4nh

He also likes posts that only say "well this confirms the report os true" and "Sony should have given the game a sequel"

This is a tweet only there to protect him from possibly breaking any NDA

3 : Anonymous2021/04/10 15:05 ID: gu1rrsd

I feel like this whole thing is some massive revisionist history. When DG came out, it was largely regarded as a meh, largely forgettable, C-tier game. Now it’s being regarded as a great game that had massive potential to be a flagship franchise.

ID: gu1sa4g

Yeah some of the comments I saw yesterday were ridiculous. "Sony is only going to make third person action games!" than in the next sentence say " I can't believe they won't do a Days Gone sequel" which is a third person action game. All while complaining about no new IPs while the article says Bend will be working on a new IP

ID: gu2481s

That article is just weird seriously. Like they complain that they don't do a TLOU remake and a sequel. And the conclusion is that they play it safe. Because they're not doing super safe things. Make no sense.

ID: gu25mqf

The "Sony is only going to make third person action games!" argument has always been silly to me. Sure, it'd be cool to have something akin to Fallout/Skyrim (a first person western RPG) with the polish of a Sony exclusive, but let's not act like Days Gone, Horizon, God of War, and The Last of Us play anything remotely like one-another when the action picks up.

ID: gu24s5i

It's Bloomberg, and it's Jason Schreier. What do you expect? The two things he's famous for are reporting on controversies and creating controversies. This is very much the latter.

Of course Sony is dumping its money into its biggest brands and most successful studios. Consoles sell at a loss in the first few years of their release and it's a massive investment. They have huge costs to recoup and a major turn around to make and they're not going to risk the salaries and pensions and confidence of their staff, partners, and shareholders taking risks right now. Especially with this last year.

Gaming media is all a hype/gossip market, and with so little gaming news, people addicted to it are desperate to jump at every little thing. But this is such a non-story. This isn't Sony choking out the little guy cause sOnY hAtEs ArT!!!! This is Sony being smart about navigating a big ship through bumpy waters.

But I feel like none of this matters. Gamers have long proven that they prefer drama over perspective, that they'll champion tabloid junk as journalism, and they'd rather have loud opinions rather than informed opinions.

ID: gu1vmo5

I also have yet to see a comment entertaining the thought that maybe their pitch for DG2 just wasn't very good. Not every idea is a good one. Maybe it was passed on just because whatever they were pitching for the sequel wasn't a good idea.

Edit: Okay I've seen comments suggesting that. I didn't notice them in previous threads on the subject.

ID: gu1x0wo

theres also the thought that maybe the idea wasn’t the best and could be improved on with innovation in the genre, just cause they’re not making a days gone 2 right now doesn’t mean they won’t for the whole generation. i’d rather it be this way we get something new and then maybe a sequel if bend gains some more prestige and talents

ID: gu2k4xv

I think maybe since the reception was kinda meh at first Sony wanted to wait to see more reception before they greenlight 2

ID: gu1uona

I played it for the first time on my PS5 with very low expectations

I wasn’t blown away by the story since it was flawed in some ways. The gameplay may have been repetitive (I mean, you could say that for a lot of games).

But what stood out for me was the cutscene quality and the characters. They were done really well imo.

Also, the fact that the “secret ending” With O’Brian wasn’t either a part of the main ending or at least alluded in some canon way really baffles me. They could’ve worked so much from there for the sequel.

ID: gu1vvdw

But what stood out for me was the cutscene quality and the characters. They were done really well imo.

It was better than - for example - an Ubisoft game, but they were a massive downgrade from pretty much every other Sony first party game.

ID: gu1z3ml

Due to the meh feedback, I skipped over it at release. I ended up finally checking it out a few months back and really legitimately enjoyed it. As someone else pointed out, the game was improved quite a bit post launch. As more people check out an improved version of the game, it stands to reason more people will enjoy it.

I agree that it's not triple A, but I still really enjoyed it. Remember how much Uncharted 2 improved over 1? If done right, I think a sequel would be incredible.

ID: gu3az74

Do you consider Ubisoft games to be AAA? Cuz this is easily better than most of those, at least on par. AAA doesn't just mean "game of the year worthy", it just means huge budget/huge studio support. Although I think Days Gone is worthy of the former as well.

ID: gu2hurt

It is AAA!

ID: gu3mspk

Man, i loved that game. Imagine my confusion when i saw the reviews. I legitimately thought I’d see a whole bunch of people hyped up about it.

ID: gu1vgnx

It’s not my type of game but my understanding was that people liked it. People had fun with it. It just wasn’t lauded by game reviewers.

ID: gu20242

DG seems to have really grown in popularity through word-of-mouth recently. I know I finished it (and got the Platinum) just a few weeks ago based on initial interest and a few comments on Reddit.

It’s a flawed game, no doubt, but it seems like a fair amount of people have enjoyed their time with it. I was/am really looking forward to a sequel that could really expand on a lot of the mechanics (no pun intended) and tighten up certain areas of gameplay.

ID: gu1z55q

I mean it can be both tons of great games go over looked until they go on sale and then only much later gain a following.

4 : Anonymous2021/04/10 15:16 ID: gu1t42e

My problem with Days Gone is just it’s repetitive nature towards the end and just how long they drag the game out. Never seen a game literally climax that many times and just keep going (giggity).

Other than that it’s a very solid game with great characters and tight gameplay. Not to mention it’s beautiful.

ID: gu2a6c4

I truly think the PS5 gave the game a new lease of life with its 60fps game boost, which is probably why people are clamouring for a sequel now.

ID: gu1z9t7

It was a repetitive drag at the beginning of the game for dozens of hours.

ID: gu1zw2y

How long is the game? Damn. I started it a while ago expecting a 20 hour game

5 : Anonymous2021/04/10 20:38 ID: gu2v8dx

This story seems blown out of proportion. Bend went to Sony with a pitch for a sequel, they didn’t like it and turned it down. They have them backup on another game while in between projects, Bend pitches new idea at some point that Sony agrees to, now they are working on new game. That is about it, right?

6 : Anonymous2021/04/10 14:58 ID: gu1r277

It came out after the Zombie thing was done to death. Its not a bad game and it definitely offers something unique but its not exactly a standout title.

ID: gu1sue7

Exactly that. Compared to Sony’s front runners (TLOU, Uncharted, Spider-Man, Horizon Zero Dawn etc) it’s just not as good

ID: gu2c170

People praise Days Gone now. I thought it was decent at best, highs and lows. But it has absolutely fuck all on these games.

7 : Anonymous2021/04/10 16:11 ID: gu1zvr9

Not every game needs a sequel honestly. It very well could be that the new Ip is just a better idea. I mean how many sequels from books to movies to games are just bad? I’m excited for a new IP. And hopefully they learned a lot from the hectic development of Days Gone.

ID: gu21xlt

The secret ending that hinted where the franchise was going was extremely exciting, I agree that not every game needs a sequel but in this case Days Gone definitely deserved it.

ID: gu2f6f3

Definitely a unique take in regards to zombies. Don’t think I’ve ever seen it before, so I agree the secret ending was novel

ID: gu2mk7v

I’ve never been into the zombie genre. The main reason I picked it up was that I live in area and I thought it’d be neat to play a game based in the cascades.

I ended up enjoying the game. Dumped a lot of hours into it... But that ending really got me excited. I am still hoping to see where they go with that development. I have a hard time listening to all these replies saying there wasn’t anything unique about the game.

8 : Anonymous2021/04/10 14:05 ID: gu1l34x

Would be awesome if the report was completely wrong and Days Gone 2 was in development.

Anyone know what the sales figures are for Days Gone? Or have a rough idea?

ID: gu1pdhz

It definitely could be as the report was simply that a pitch in 2019, immediately after the release of the first game, was turned down. When the game launched, it was in rough shape and receiving mediocre reviews. It has since been patched extremely well and went on to sell better than expected. A pitch being denied 2 years ago certainly doesn't confirm that there isn't a Days Gone 2 currently in development.

ID: gu1ltxs

The Wikipedia article gives a good idea of sales...

8th best selling game of 2019, sold more at launch in Japan than HZD and God of War did at launch and also sold well in the UK.

There’s the PC port coming soon too so that will add more to the sales.

Seems strange to me that they green light a PC port but then cancel the sequel!

ID: gu1mhtf

My guess was the pitch for Days Gone 2 was declined.

This isn’t abnormal, and they very likely could make a sequel some day. But if that Bloomberg article meant anything then it looks like it’ll be a new IP (which I don’t mind too much).

I just hope Bend Studio will make a stunning new IP, and maybe some day make a sequel. Such an underrated studio.

ID: gu1napf

Idk why people are so concerned about Sony turning down a pitch. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo turn down pitches every day, it’s just part of the business

ID: gu1mcdl

The sequel was not cancelled, it was pitched and shot down in 2019 soon after the first game released. Since then Bend had been working with ND on TLOU multiplayer game and the next Uncharted. And according to the report last month they convinced Sony to take them off Uncharted to work on a new IP which is what they’re working on now.

9 : Anonymous2021/04/10 15:59 ID: gu1yfhj

Hold on, the idea of sequel being shot down is just normal business at game studios lmao.

Does anyone have remotely any idea how game dev works lol

Also Sony is literally allowing them to work on a new IP, so whats the issue here

ID: gu2sm1v

People that start studios usually don't want to be relegated to another studios b-team. It's totally reasonable.

ID: gu203zi

Some people have this idea that Sony runs a charity where every developer gets to make all their ideas. Wait till people learn about all the cancelled Blizzards games, or the literally millions of game pitches that don’t even get concept art made before being rejected. It’s the life of the business.

10 : Anonymous2021/04/10 14:41 ID: gu1p047

It's a mediocre game that I enjoyed a lot...however I'm sick to death of zombies in any form of media

ID: gu1qin8

Yup, look at the caliber of franchises that Sony continues : GoW, HZD, TLOU, Uncharted, Spider-Man, etc. Days Gone is enjoyable, but it’s also a tier below what Sony expects from its exclusives. The horde mechanic is unique and worth experiencing, but the game world and the story is bland.

ID: gu1qplo

They're not zombies. There're freakers and they run!!!!

ID: gu1u9td

i also always thought this game never got the attention it should have gotten. i for example had zero interest in this as soon as i saw that this game is mainly shooting focused. like, shooting a lot. but for some strange reason, it got all my interest after the 60fps patch came out.

i took my disc, put it in the 5, and that was it. i was completely drawn into that game.

the 60fps does this game really well and was somehow a "game changer" for me here.

11 : Anonymous2021/04/10 15:40 ID: gu1w0lf

Just finished this game an hour ago... Such a brilliant game. Loved every bit of it. Never been so scared of anything ever like coming across a hoard. I'm gonna miss this game.

12 : Anonymous2021/04/10 15:10 ID: gu1se3m

I was a big fan of Days Gone, mostly because I live in Oregon and loved seeing all the local charm in the game (actually from Bend).

That being said, it wasn't a particularly great game. Lots of jankiness, definitely unpolished in many areas. And the length! Everytime I thought it was close to ending it just kept on going. Game could have done with being 35% or so shorter.

13 : Anonymous2021/04/10 21:53 ID: gu33r0k

I don't quite get the risk-averse complaint people are talking about?

How is a new IP risk-averse compared to a sequel of a game that got labeled as mediocre when it came out?

14 : Anonymous2021/04/10 18:13 ID: gu2elsm

I’d give DG a solid 6-6.5/10, honestly. I would’ve liked to see a sequel, although it’s not too painful if they decide to go another way. I wouldn’t even care if Bend just becomes a support studio for another massive project for a while, they’re talented for sure, but they’re definitely not capable of living up to the other first parties.

15 : Anonymous2021/04/10 23:01 ID: gu3b59o

I know this thread is far too old for this comment to gain any positive or negative traction, but I can't help but feel that Days Gone deserves a sequel. The original was flawed, but I still felt it was better than the cookie-cutter crap 3rd parties were putting out and definitely better than anything Xbox had to offer.

I know this is reactionary, but I'll die on this sword... I always thought that reviewers needed a game to disown because they didn't want to seem partial to Sony IP. I feel like the user meta scores back that up, as most players thought it was a good game. People who say "I thought this game had mediocre reception, why are we suddenly upset?" obviously only followed the major reviews at the time.

I really hope people are right about the pitch for part 2 sucking because if the game is being axed only based on the reception of part 1, it's a shame.


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