[AdoredTV] What Everyone Missed About Ryzen 5000

1 : Anonymous2021/04/10 15:06 ID: mo6ere
[AdoredTV] What Everyone Missed About Ryzen 5000
2 : Anonymous2021/04/10 15:27 ID: gu1ug9v

Finally someone confirms my starcraft 2 tests.

Honestly unless you are a top 1 percent player or a posthuman entity with genetically enhanced reflexes, Zen 2 is just as nice as Zen 3. Unless it's starcraft 2 or modded stalker or serous sam 4 lol.

ID: gu2bcmh

There’s way more cases than this.

GW2 runs way better on Zen3 which first comes to my mind.

ID: gu2vdcx

MMORPGs too, most are a decade old at this point and they are taxing in massive content. RTS/city builder or anything involving hundreds of units too, and sim games tend to be quite CPU bound. And of course, competitive games. Could throw in low budget run of the mill early access game running on UE/unity.

ID: gu3897z

Went from 3600X to 5600X, my emulators felt a lot less laggy.

ID: gu39o2z

Finally someone confirms my starcraft 2 tests.

I tested sc2 extensively from day 2 and posted some of those results here on the first week of launch

Unless it's starcraft 2 or modded stalker or serous sam 4

Add most MMO, RTS and sim games to that list

ID: gu2oo6t

What is the draw to stalker? It has a huge following but I remember the base game being hard to play, hard to shoot, and hard to navigate.

ID: gu2qx7a

Everything you just said is why there is a draw to it.

ID: gu2rvdi

It is like Far Cry or Fallout 4 except good.

I don't think Navigation is hard in it. Its a lot more logical than Western AAA games where things are based on abstract testing and not real world locations

ID: gu1yezw

nah zen2 is "slow"... had to throw the sucker out when I got the 6900xt 😛 But to be frank I think next part that will be thrown out is the 6900xt so I kinda regret throwing the 3700x away 😀 hehe

ID: gu2bv9h

Why dont you "throw" it my way, lol. I'll even pay the shipping! :0)

ID: gu2z257

I'm away from an area that has good service...what's the TLDR for SC2?

I remember back when the g3258 released and people were OCing the hell out of that thing playing at 720p.

ID: gu373n5

Average fps was 97% higher and 1% lows 55% higher, for the particular test.

ID: gu3v57u

I'd say in a game like cs you would want zen 3, even though my 3600 is good the extra single core performance of the 5600x would help greatly.

3 : Anonymous2021/04/10 21:43 ID: gu32pkd

So refreshing to see a video discussing CPU performance in games where frames actually matter.

4 : Anonymous2021/04/10 19:02 ID: gu2k8ue

It's a shame this is getting downvoted because AdoredTV, Alex did a good review here and tested current vs last gen performance in a way most other reviews failed to cover.

ID: gu2vps1

Didn't even know Jim left the tech scene, but it's strange to give a channel away, especially since it isn't even really active anymore. Not sure if it makes the new owners any favor.

ID: gu38j1d

The AdoredTV website actually launched back in May of 2019 while Jim officially left the tech scene in October of 2020 so it's not like he just "gave away" the channel when he left. He was working with the guys running the website for over a year before he left the AdoredTV channel.

I do agree that launching the adoredtv.com website was a bit weird especially since the AdoredTV brand was tied to Jim so to have other people use that brand seems a bit strange.

ID: gu3dyxc

Some people just see a post woth Adored and automatically downvote no matter the content

5 : Anonymous2021/04/10 23:15 ID: gu3cmnn

I had a huge gain in SC2 with my 5900X compared to my 2950X.


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