PowerColor RX 6900 XT Red Devil ULTIMATE features higher binned Navi 21 XTXH GPU

1 : Anonymous2021/04/13 13:19 ID: mq23lq
PowerColor RX 6900 XT Red Devil ULTIMATE features higher binned Navi 21 XTXH GPU
2 : Anonymous2021/04/13 18:04 ID: gueah46

More info here (use google translate if needed). It seems they got a new BIOS that upped the power limit from 300W to 330W.

The results are good but my XFX 6900XT BLACK with morepowertool set to 330W matches it. And my card matches it while gaming stable compared to their's who they say would sometimes crash and needed LN2 to be stable. But I do think my card is a golden sample, got 11290 in port royal on air, 21402 GPU score in TS, gaming stable (for hours and hours). All the while at 1.175v not 1.2v. I could push it harder and probably beat this card if I went for the benchmark validation and not stability like they did. Most 6900XT I see while not necessarily as good can get fairly close without LN2 as well.

So maybe these XTXH dies while not anything special give you some guarantee you won't have a dud.

What I really hope is that we get access to these BIOS would make it more convenient and might even allow some added vcore.

EDIT : yup just beat their Time Spy. 21 618 GPU score lol, I should tune that 5900X I'm getting the same GPU score as the top score on 3Dmark but my CPU being stock holds the overall score back. that might even be gaming stable haven’t crashed yet but I doubt it. I'm not even bothering with max fan speed for the sake of my ears. So yeah these dies probably aren’t too special unless I just got lucky with mine.

ID: gufj426

I have a 5700xt i'd like to squeeze some more power out of.

I've got it a 2ghz @ 1050mV with a 1860 mhz VRAM.

Any places you can lead me that have good instructions for getting more power out of it with tools like morepowertool or REDBIOS?

ID: gufqdtt

I never owned a 5000 card so I'm really no expert on how to get the most out of the Navi1 gen sadly.

What I do know is that most of the 6000 series morepowertool work was pioneered by IgorsLab, so after a quick google search I found this on their website which could be a good primer on morepowertool. The annoying thing with IgorsLab is that articles are written in German and machine-translated to english so they can be a bit tedious to go through, but for the 6000 series it was super worth it for me.

ID: gufqkbs

Fuck me! I just took delivery of standard 6900xt red devil. I am mad as hell.

ID: guft2dc

Why? You got the top of the line GPU. it doesn't matter really if you don't have the fastest 6900xt. You have the GPU. 3-5 fps up or down does not matter at all.

ID: gufrt6q

Don't be man just use morepowertool, give the card 330 TGP (you know that's safe now, as that's what this Red devil ultimate uses with the same PCB) and see what that nets you.

My card seemingly beats it despite being a good old XTX die (highest clocked XFX 6900XT variant but I doubt that makes a difference), so I don't think these XTXH dies are insanely binned, or if they are it's not too strict and some regular XTX could do the same.

I do think this new XTXH is a guarantee you'll get a good die but isn't necessarily miles ahead of the regular XTX. My regular XTX card performs extremely well looking at the numbers I push in 3Dmark compared to the rest (top 1/2% in every benchmark I'm checking), which I think is part silicon lottery luck but mostly it's people not using morepowertool.

3 : Anonymous2021/04/13 13:33 ID: gudab2r

Hey look, another GPU for people to scalp !

ID: gudg3vn

For even higher prices

ID: gufduom

Gotta love how it seems to be a never ending cycle.

4 : Anonymous2021/04/13 14:22 ID: gudgcqn

Any news about the power limit? Also the memory clock limit seems to have been increased to 2190MHz from 2150MHz.

ID: gudqsj2

This seems to be the card a reviewer mentioned recently that has unlocked clock limits and higher power limit.

ID: gue3yku

Say what? Any chance you can dig up that review/article/video? Unlocked clocks and a higher power limit?

ID: gudsz7e

Isn't touched really. Not in any significant way. More Power Tool remains the only way to push power limits up.

ID: gudiufk

This doesn't look like it's binned at all.

I haven't touched an RDNA2 GPU that couldn't do 100, 200, 300, 400 more Mhz on the Core than stock...

My 6800XT Sapphire Nitro+ SE did 2750 Mhz stable on core. My Toxic 6900XT does 2700 Mhz.

Also where did you see memory clock higher than normal? The current driver limit is 150 offset which brings GDDR6 6000 cards to 550 Gb/s bandwith on 256bit bus. The GPU-Z screenshot shows 500 GB/s.

ID: gudjljj

This was taken from HotHardware's review: "And with a little tweaking we found that we could easily max-out the memory clock on our card to 2,190MHz (17.5Gbps) with Fast memory timings enabled. With a mild under-volt to 1,175mV on the GPU"

This also suggest that the GPU can go over the 1.175mV limit on current 6900 XT cards, as the author tells us it was undervolted to 1.175mV. Honestly, I'm taking all this with a grain of salt because there are no pictures of the stuff that I've mentioned. It might just be that the author is misinformed.

ID: gudp68a

Hey everyone, get a load of this guy with his TWO 6800XTs /s.

ID: guefbmf

Do you edit bios? I had two 6900xts, limit was closer to 2550; that was plenty fast enough but I'd get game crashes above that

5 : Anonymous2021/04/13 16:38 ID: gudyrfz

That ultimate logo slapped on looks so scuffed lol

6 : Anonymous2021/04/13 14:53 ID: gudki3h

Fuck it! I just bought an RX 6900 XT Red Devil. Now you are telling me there's a better version.

ID: gudn6fo

Well that's only the case if we will be able to get a hold of those unlocked drivers that were given to the reviewers and if they are exclusive to the XTXH die. If they aren't exclusive or they won't be available at all, then there isn't much difference to this GPU.

ID: guesqfa

There's literally no difference between this and using MPT to set the higher power limits yourself.

ID: guf9a2f

You're probably fine really, I'm beating their numbers on air (not their LN2 numbers though of course) with a 6900XT MERC + morepowertool set to the same power limit

Morepowertool is really the key to unlocking these cards, the 7nm process is so damn good I'd wager most 6900XT can easily get 2.6ghz+.

ID: gueua9q

Only matters if you're hardcore overclocking. I think the "Ultimate" version will cost an ultimate premium too.

7 : Anonymous2021/04/13 15:47 ID: gudrt39

I think I’ll upgrade my 5600XT in 2023.

8 : Anonymous2021/04/13 17:50 ID: gue8jem

So you're telling me I wont be able to purchase one....

9 : Anonymous2021/04/13 14:43 ID: gudj4sq

I wouldn't mind one of these new GPUs... But I really prefer HBM. AMD still can't properly power manage GDDR with mixed monitor configurations... 50W idle power is NOT acceptable.

ID: gudn330
ID: gudnh22

Because reviewers only use one monitor.

I use one 240Hz for gaming and one 60Hz calibrated IPS monitor for video/photo editing... with HBM I have 11~16W idle, with GDDR (any AMD card) I have ~50W idle... which is a VERY long running issue with AMD.

ID: guf70b6

That's pretty odd - I don't know how I'm getting 33W idle on a reference 6800...

ID: gue3n8q

37W idle for a 6800XT on my end. That's with 3x 144hz 1080 displays (AOC 2590FX). I upgraded from a Vega 56 which would idle at 3W at the desktop.

I don't have a screenshot for the Vega, but can show the power use for the Navi card at least (wallpaper engine disabled so it's not influencing the power use) -

The difference is that the Vega keeps the HBM in idle clocks - there's enough bandwidth when idle that it doesn't need to raise clocks at all. The 6800XT has to run the memory at 2000mhz constantly to keep up, and that's where the extra power burn is coming from.

This might change with a different set of monitors with different parameters or a lower refresh rate.

ID: gudjxhf

Where do you read your idle wattage?

ID: gudlkl1

I personally have extensive power monitoring and a large selection of cards and monitors to compare.

I monitor my hardware using Linux sensors and a custom app, UPS, and per device monitors.

ID: gudty5n

6700xt user here running a 1080p60 and 1440p144Hz monitor here, one hooked up via DP, the other via HDMI, this is what idle looks for me with VRAM shifting between near 0MHz and 1100MHz as far as I've seen. And this is with a Twitch stream open on one of the monitors. Are you sure it's primarily not a Linux thing?

ID: gudun9g

It's very common on Windows. Mixed resolution doesn't do it, mixed refresh rates do. People who have the problem have to run their faster monitor at a lower refresh rate to get proper idle... I use 240Hz on the desktop for smooth scrolling, though 120Hz wouldn't be too bad.

HBM video cards aren't impacted by this.

ID: guevnfq

This isn't an AMD specific issue, FWIW.

ID: guf0oez

Definitely isn't, but nVidia has had a better grasp on it traditionally. HBM not having the problem makes me very happy, so I hope AMD does another graphics-focused GPU using HBM.. considering they could use two HBM2 stacks and the IC I would really love to see it.

10 : Anonymous2021/04/13 18:35 ID: gueem2r

Awesome! Can anyone share a link to buy one.

11 : Anonymous2021/04/13 20:40 ID: guev8e6

And to think that not long ago AMD was far behind Nvidia on clocks, it's amazing.

12 : Anonymous2021/04/13 20:52 ID: guewtsz

MSRP $5000, still sold out within 0.1s

13 : Anonymous2021/04/13 17:41 ID: gue7b8c

My precious!

14 : Anonymous2021/04/14 00:29 ID: gufmn8e

hey amd... i want a 75W gpu... not a 750w gpu :/

15 : Anonymous2021/04/14 00:40 ID: gufnujg

Who gives a shit??? Not like we can buy it.


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