6700xt vs 3070 $300 plus difference

1 : Anonymous2021/04/13 23:37 ID: mqef4n

is ray tracing and dlss that important that it's worth paying the additional few hundreds for since both cards are around the same performance wise? will I regret not having the nvidia technology say maybe two or three years from now. Guess what I'm needing is some convincing to buy the 6700 xt over the 3070. I want the 3070 but the value doesn't seem there for me. Also is there a chance the 12 gb vram and amd driver support will eventually make the 6700 xt match or even exceed the 3070 in a few years? Trying to make an informed decision on which gpu to buy in a prebuilt

2 : Anonymous2021/04/13 23:58 ID: gufj2an

I don't think it's worth it yet.

I suggest only buy at MSRP.

The next generation of GPUs are suppose to be double the performance per watt

3 : Anonymous2021/04/14 00:01 ID: gufjf5d

At $300 I see absolutely no reason why you should go with the 3070. By the time, if at all, DLSS/AMD's alternative and Raytracing becomes the standard, these cards will be a couple generations old. Rasterization performance still is, and should be for a while yet, the deciding factor. On that topic, the 3070 does outperform it slightly in a lot of titles, but not in all. Definitely go with the 6700xt if that's the price difference.

As a side note, ray tracing is damn near unnoticeable from what I've seen in the vast majority of the few titles that actually support it. You really have to stop and look.

ID: gufjnfj

I mean on ebay you get buy a 6700 xt for like 900 but the 3070 always is above $1100. Even for $200 difference not sure if it's worth it based on what you said above.

ID: gufmdmn

$900 is way too much for a 6700xt or a 3070. If you can, wait till the prices drop. That's ridiculous. And yeah, I wouldn't spend $200 more on a 3070 either. $50, sure. $100, I'd think about it. $200? Not a chance.

4 : Anonymous2021/04/13 23:40 ID: gufgz3d

nobody knows if ray tracing and dlss will catch on more so you either make a gamble or not

5 : Anonymous2021/04/14 00:04 ID: gufjpp7

DLSS makes games look worse but have better framerates so you can turn on raytracing to get 30 fps and pretty lighting and ugly textures.

AMD's drivers always start out terrible and get better with time. Their software side is complete shit. That's AMD FineWine™

ID: gufn2wv

the short time i had the 6800xt.... i'd say their launch and the software was seemlessly wonderful...

it's never really any better or worse than what nvidia has out of the gate. it's far from shit.. if amd's software shit, then nvidia's certainly isn't a winner by any stretch.

ID: gufnacs

The entire world depends on the coding skills of Chinese and Indian teenagers. Coding prodigies are snapped up, given salary, and locked in some backroom to do government black ops, mediocre coders are forever.

Just look at the 5600xt/5700xt launch. It felt like 1/4 people who bought the cards were having ridiculous levels of blackscreening.

Before I upgraded to Ryzen I was running a pair of RX480's that I had to run like 10 month old drivers for because every single one since introduced massive random crashes.

6 : Anonymous2021/04/13 23:54 ID: gufij7t

no worries. Amd will have alternatives to DLSS Coming out soon. RT is already available for amd cards. All hail AMD!

ID: gufir6n

Like at msrp obviously I would pick the nvidia card but at current inflated prices, I'm just trying to see how people can justify the additional price for the ampere gpu, unless it destroys the amd card which it doesn't.

ID: gufj8gw

if i were you, i would go with 6700xt any day if the price difference is whopping 300!

ID: gufns9m

The price floor for any card right now is dictated by what miners are willing to pay, and the 3070 has significantly higher hashrate. I'd personally go for the 3070 and make back the difference over a few months of mining when you're not gaming but that's also a pretty hefty markup for the actual performance difference.

7 : Anonymous2021/04/13 23:46 ID: gufhnc0

I know it's hard to tell, just wanted to get people's opinions on why they chose amd aside from availability and price difference.

8 : Anonymous2021/04/13 23:42 ID: gufh5wu

Nobody knows honestly.


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