US NPD HW – PlayStation 5 is the fastest selling console in U.S. history in both unit and dollar sales (lifetime sales with five months on the market)

1 : Anonymous2021/04/16 13:07 ID: ms2raz
US NPD HW - PlayStation 5 is the fastest selling console in U.S. history in both unit and dollar sales (lifetime sales with five months on the market)
2 : Anonymous2021/04/16 13:13 ID: gupy51a

Well that clears up that people here were upset a couple months ago that they were using a dollar measurement instead of units

ID: gupzasp

Tbf that post was weirdly written.

3 : Anonymous2021/04/16 17:21 ID: guqvtca

Meanwhile, IGN is legit banning people pointing out the dissonance between the article they wrote a few days ago and the PS5 increasing sales numbers.

And then they let the comments section run amok with Game Pass comments

ID: gurtvys

IGN is Xbox heaven atm.

They are promotion Xbox like there is no tomorrow and shitposting Sony like there is no tomorrow.

Imo, they are getting paid under the table.

ID: guryt6d

Possibly. There is a definite, coordinated Pr effort by Microsoft to push the “arrogant Sony “ narrative.

Turns out backwards compatibility is a bigger selling point for the system you already have the game on.

4 : Anonymous2021/04/16 15:49 ID: guqiymx

I’m still having a tough time getting one that isn’t from a scalper

ID: guqqr2u

I don’t understand how they haven’t reigned in the bot/scalping issue yet. I can only conclude they don’t give a shit as long as the units are being sold.

But why are they not sending stock to physical stores?

ID: guqt50a

They would be per not the pandemic. Why send a lot of stock to a store when it's easier to keep in the warehouse.

Also no one care's about stopping scalpers or bots because they stores still make their money, it's really only an issue around gaming and shoes.

ID: guqt5ju

Theres not a way to deal with the issue.... theres bot protection you can have on a website but thats not gonna do much. Scalpers are never gonna be a solved problem.

5 : Anonymous2021/04/16 14:12 ID: guq5kwr

Oh, that’s weird, very concerned game journalists have spent the past month talking about how Playstation’s strategy isn’t working and they need to be more like Xbox... almost like they’re all full of shit

ID: guqbqkl

Imagine telling the market leader to follow the one thats been in last place for almost a decade

ID: guqof83

It's actually two decades lmao, 2001-2021. Even the PS3 outsold the 360.

ID: guq72qa

They both have strategies that work well for their respective player bases, and that’s all that matters

I swear this past month was full of FUD, some of which had been massively over-represented

ID: guqaaeo

Hit the nail on the head, I don't know about everyone else, but I'm seeing a lot of influencers pushing a narrative that PlayStation is anti consumer and should adopt a game pass clone. Jim Ryan said back in 2019, Sony's plan was too focus even more on AAA games, you simply couldn't do this with on a subscription based model it's just not profitable, also alot of people like myself like to own their games instead of having them tied to a subscription, nothing anti consumer about that at all

ID: guqgwsx

Nothing to see here, just Microsoft trying to generate artificial hype for their gamepass player.

ID: guqyk9d

Microsoft has been getting caught red handed using astroturfing for 2 decades. One of the only companies to get caught a single time, let alone the nearly 10 times Microsoft has been caught in the act meaning it really begs the question of just how frequently they must do it to slip up so often. This past couple weeks has been a grade A example of astroturfing/FUD. They literally do this on the regular, no reason to put it past them. People are buying up the ps5 like candy and despite more units by the millions out there, they are still reselling for a significantly higher upcharge.

The ps5s year one line up even assuming none of god of war, horizon, or gran turismo make it this year already beat out the ps4s. All this non sense of Jim Ryan being a bad leader is nonsense. He led the ps4 to bear dominance in the eu and oversaw the best console launch of all time.

6 : Anonymous2021/04/16 13:45 ID: guq24kd

Would have really loved to have seen the numbers these next-gen machines would have been pulling in if there weren't a pandemic.

ID: guq75we

Are you thinking along the lines that the pandemic is causing extra demand or decreasing supply, or both?

I'd love to have seen the numbers if there wasn't a chip shortage, but everyone was still stuck at home, now those would have been insane.

ID: guqcg6w

Probably a bit of both but mostly less supply.Gaming has grown to even higher and higher amounts as time passes, but covid increased the demand for anything gaming massively.

However, the supply is nowhere near enough to meet the insane demand of anything gaming related

ID: guq7lpw

I’d argue the lack of supply is higher than the increase of demand so it’d still be difficult to obtain the consoles.

7 : Anonymous2021/04/16 13:15 ID: gupydmv

But I thought Playstation is doing poorly and that Jim Ryan is bringing the company in an imminent collapse

With that said, Miles Morales, Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us 2 are still topping charts, and they are on a single platform. And people are wondering why Sony want to focus mostly on their big horses.

ID: guq363s

Which isn’t even true considering most of Sony’s big franchises right now have one or two total games. GOW is the oldest and most prolific but it’s latest entry is a new IP in all but name and it’s protagonist. On top of that we know ND, SSM, GG, Bend, etc. are all making new IPs in addition to the sequels to their previous titles. It’s not like they’re making endless sequels to the same couple IPs that have been dry for years like most other publishers have been doing the entire last decade.

Frankly none of the concerns that have been raised make any sense. Like what are people actually complaining about besides the heartbroken Days Gone and Knack fans?

ID: guq4v7l

I agree. And Days Gone 2 not being green lit right away when its lead write

games champion left right after Days Gone released, it took 7 years to make and the team of 45 at Bend at the beginning of development has grown another 100+ staff. I would have liked another Days Gone but with all the changes at Bend I am excited to a new game from them and maybe a Days Gone 2 in the future

ID: guqeijz

Don't talk shit about Knack bro.

ID: guqrm0a

Even Jason Schreir (the dude who wrote that article) said on a podcast recently on the MinnMax Show that it was blown out of proportion.

He also said that TLOU Remake could be a good thing for Naughty Dog devs because after they crunched for many years making TLOU2, the remake could be a breath of fresh air for them since remaking a game is easier than making a new project, also giving them a job to do while Naughty Dog is writing the next game is better than releasing them according to him.

He said he was just trying to explain what happened behind the scenes, that's all.

ID: guq8o4p

Finally, someone with sense! People just believe all the nonsense the media spins instead of doing their own research.

ID: guq6knv

Honestly, when I read into Jim Ryan’s view of PlayStation’s future vs Sean Layden’s, it was pretty clear why Sony’s board of Directors decided to back Jim Ryan. The guy clearly knows where this industry is heading.

Sean Layden wanted to keep the company the same, and Ryan wanted to pivot in order to ensure PlayStations continued dominance in the console market. His whole pitch was to get rid of PlayStation’s Europe, America, and Japan divisions and consolidate the brand into a single entity in order to allow PlayStation to move fast and react to competition in a timely manner.

Jim Ryan also understands the value of PlayStation’s ecosystem and unlike Layden, has no interest in tearing it down by allowing cross platform play to become the norm. When you are the market leader, you don’t destroy your moats (PlayStation Network) in order for it to be easier for your customers to switch eco-systems. If all your friends play on PlayStation, you won’t even consider an XBox as a your primary console and Jim wants it to stay that way.

As a gamer, am I thrilled that Jim Ryan plans to start investing in the walled garden approach? No. But as a shareholder, I’m backing Jim Ryan over Sean Layden every time.

Competition has never been stronger this generation, from XBox becoming a service instead of a console maker, to Google and Amazon jumping into the action. Even Apple and Facebook are positioning themselves to be major players in the VR space. If PlayStation is to stay the market leader, it needs to double down on its eco-system, not abandon it.

ID: guqcbzl

You hit the nail right on the head. The future of Playstation is as the Apple of videogame consoles where there is crazy interoperability within the ecosystem and you are guaranteed a ultra high quality premium experience as long as you stay in it. Let Xbox gamepass become the Google Play Store equivalent of videogames. Win-win for everyone.

ID: guq4hbe

Yeah really.

The fear and loathing over the last couple weeks has been so bizarre to me. Strange how the narrative could change so quickly and be based so loosely on actual facts.

8 : Anonymous2021/04/16 13:32 ID: guq0ge4

Can anyone who's managed to get one recently attest to whether or not it's easier to get one now?

ID: guqh5ct

I’m having a different experience than the other commenters. Last month I decided I wanted a ps5 so I downloaded HotStock. Within a few days, and only on my second try, I was able to get one.

I didn’t do any prep, I just happened to be typing a text when the HotStock notification came in - so I clicked it and spammed the Add to Cart button and it worked.

Since then, I’ve tried to get some for my friends (not selling them, just helping other gamers) and it seems totally impossible for me now. I’ve tried several drops for weeks, with multiple tabs/devices, arrived on the website early, etc., and I’ve had no luck.

ID: guql5mn

It depends on geography. In the UK, they are nearly impossible to get. I’m signed up to a few notification groups on telegram and on multiple occasions I was on my phone when the notification came in and still wasn’t able to get one.

ID: guqse36

My girlfriend has, for about a month now, been following multiple Twitter accounts to keep up to date with inventory releases at various online stores, has the cart waiting to go the second they drop, and still is unable to get any. She’s not as fast as bots.

ID: guq1eju

Southern US(Gulf Coast) I’ve got 3 since March 5 from Best Buy. Almost everyone who wanted one in our condo community has one(around 5 of us).

From my perspective it has gotten a lot easier. I even saw one on Walmart’s shelf a few weeks ago.

I bought the other two for my Nephews.

ID: guq4rer

From my perspective it has gotten a lot easier. I even saw one on Walmart’s shelf a few weeks ago

Damn that would be a sight to behold.

ID: guq1v83

Is definitely getting easier to get them, production is ramping up I expect by the end of summer is probably going to be widely available.

9 : Anonymous2021/04/16 16:08 ID: guqlokh

I haven't even seen one. They've been completely unavailable.

ID: gurjdba

They’ve been extremely hard to get, my scripts can barley keep up against other bots

10 : Anonymous2021/04/16 16:05 ID: guql5gx

This generation is starting with a massive journalism positivity towards Xbox, which is super annoying. Don’t get me wrong the series X is amazing , but if you read articles about the ps5 it sounds like it is the biggest piece of shit in the industry. Gamepass can’t win over an argument about everything, yes there are good games in it, but I rather like to actually own my games and play those absolutely amazing games on my ps5

ID: guqohxk

Yeah, it's a good thing Sony doesn't listen to gaming journalists, they're doing their own thing, i like the fact they are focusing on PS Plus, i can pick great AAA games each month and play them when i feel like it, i don't have to rush the games and be afraid they leave the service next week or something.

ID: guqqfuw

I've gotten in arguments with people because I said I like paying for my games instead of renting them, lol I don't get it.

ID: guqvrnm

It's an illogical thing to say, because it's not one or the other in the first place.

ID: guqzmc1

Praise their pay less shoes game subscription all you want, still isn't selling boxes.

11 : Anonymous2021/04/16 14:59 ID: guqbz6k

Doesn't this also prove that there were MORE PS5s available for purchase and sold through than older generation, say PS4, and all that "there are none out there, PS5 is a myth" memes are ridiculous.

ID: guqcs4c

I'd be surprised if production has been able to function at 100% this whole time, but it does lend to my opinion that the shortages have also been because demand is extremely high. Bots, as always, aren't helping the situation at all, but the "outrage" about the difficulty in getting one has to also match the desire for people to want one.

ID: guqg7wo

Doesn't this also prove that there were MORE PS5s available for purchase and sold through than older generation,

Maybe in the USA. The uk is going the whole of April without a single drop. It's not alone either, stock has been low in all of Europe.

There's a chip shortage, even things like cars are affected. Sony cut their own estimated sale because they couldn't produce as many as they thought.

12 : Anonymous2021/04/16 17:30 ID: guqx2c3

'Playstation is basically dead'

13 : Anonymous2021/04/16 13:54 ID: guq3abb

Was there ever any doubt it wouldn’t be?

14 : Anonymous2021/04/16 13:51 ID: guq2wvy

the best get better

15 : Anonymous2021/04/16 14:26 ID: guq7ex2

And people want to fire Jim Ryan ... you people are crazy


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