Mortal Shell Frame Rate Finally Fixed On PS5 With Dynamic Resolution Update

1 : Anonymous2021/04/19 19:40 ID: mu8onx
Mortal Shell Frame Rate Finally Fixed On PS5 With Dynamic Resolution Update
2 : Anonymous2021/04/19 19:50 ID: gv4blpp

Good to hear.

3 : Anonymous2021/04/19 21:16 ID: gv4nhtx

PS5 is a beast. DJ Khalid - Another one.gif

4 : Anonymous2021/04/19 19:51 ID: gv4bth2

Wonder if this gen will ever reach a Native 4K resolution with solid 60 FPS

ID: gv4fbay

Astro’s Playroom runs at native 4K with 60fps, but other than that you won’t see many games at native 4K simply because upscaling techniques are already really good and are getting better

ID: gv51jp9

Yeah and AMD has a DLSS equivalent nearly ready for Xbox X and PS5

ID: gv4h4ma

They can hit 4k without issue, but who needs Native 4k when most of these solutions give you comparable image quality with much higher performance? I’m fine with leaving Native 4k to the less graphically intensive games like the indies and sports titles. 60fps needs to be the target this generation like it was back on PS2. We must push the tech forward.

ID: gv5hgvm

This is it. I don't want native 4k, I want the clean image and extra performance that comes with a good temporal reconstruction solution.

ID: gv4fwbn

Maybe with FidelityFX (AMD DLSS) we will get really close to or at least not noticeable by the eye.

ID: gv4drv4

Probably dealing with this stuff till mesh shading takes off. Also before anyone pees on me there has been all kinds of talk about how Sony has their own mesh shading variant and UE5 is a thing hahahha but seriously I don't expect any changes till a game is made with UE5 and mesh shading

ID: gv4rjfj

Doesn't matter. It comes down to other visual aspects, native 4K won't be the thing next-gen will aim for anymore.

ID: gv5ie75

See, the thing is that native 4K is a waste of power when you have upscaling techniques that can make an image that is essentially indistinguishable from native 4K and upscaled 4K. This way you get the best outcome possible, you get "4K", FPS, and better overall graphics/environments.

The same applies to PC gaming too. Just because your rig can push 4K 60 doesn't mean it's ideal.

ID: gv4f9n2

With GPU shortages/console shortages in general? No. You're not going to get native 4k with newer games @60fps for $500-$600

ID: gv51139

What does that have to do at all with GPU / console shortages? The PS5 hardware is what it is.

ID: gv53k3g

There are native 4k60 games on PS4 pro. There's nothing stopping devs from reaching 4k60 except their own ambitions for graphical quality. It's exceedingly easy to make a 4k60 game as long as you set realistic goals for how it should look.

ID: gv5djlo

Xbox gets it more often than PS5 so it’s possible. Hitman 3 runs at native 4k@60 on XSX. PS5 has less power but I’m sure it will hit it in some first party titles.

ID: gv5fnok

All I want is 1440@120fps for shooters

ID: gv5k4yf

Of course, just depends on the tech/fidelity/game logic demands of the game

ID: gv5mnxr

how can you follow this sub and want something so useless and stupid?

5 : Anonymous2021/04/19 21:49 ID: gv4rysk



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