NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139 ‘Extra Content’ trailer

1 : Anonymous2021/04/19 12:12 ID: mtz97w
NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139 'Extra Content' trailer
2 : Anonymous2021/04/19 12:38 ID: gv2p75i

Cant wait for this

3 : Anonymous2021/04/19 12:47 ID: gv2q58c

Is this extra content that default comes with the game or only from preorders?

ID: gv2qyt9

It’s free DLC

4 : Anonymous2021/04/19 13:10 ID: gv2sori

Anyone know if this will be 60 FPS?

ID: gv3i8h3

Automata is 60 so I'd assume this is as well

ID: gv2ualp

from what i read online, it will be 60 FPS

5 : Anonymous2021/04/19 13:07 ID: gv2scva

So does that mean I can play as 2B the entire time by using her costume?

ID: gv32em7

I hope so but unlikely! With automata they locked costumes behind a near end game dungeon, so by the time you get the costumes there wasn’t much game left..

ID: gv354im

It looks like it's a character from Nier but in 2B's outfit.

ID: gv32erv

I think its kaine with 2b's costume..

ID: gv3akrc

Is Kaine thick though?

ID: gv30n66

Now I want to know that too!

ID: gv3vg4w

It’s gonna really clash with the design of the game, but yeah it looks like you can use her outfit on Kaine

6 : Anonymous2021/04/19 14:48 ID: gv350cr

The next month or so is going to be great between this, Returnal, and RE8, though I'll be playing those games far more than that.

ID: gv3jxsk

Mass Effect!!

ID: gv3ombs

Oh shit, that to!

7 : Anonymous2021/04/19 14:36 ID: gv33dot

Was hoping this would say if Chapter Select is being added like what was in Automata. I’ll be a little bummed if we still have to restart the entire game to play all the side stuff.

8 : Anonymous2021/04/19 13:26 ID: gv2uie5

I liked automata, but I wasn’t sure I wanted this til now

ID: gv34y2a

If you really liked Automata's story this will likely be a must play. It tells so much of the backstory leading up to the events of Automata with some of the most interesting characters ever in a game.

ID: gv3c838

I liked Automata’s story alright, but the combat’s what really hooked me

9 : Anonymous2021/04/19 14:45 ID: gv34nd6

Wow that looks pretty great. God I loved the original game on 360. I enjoyed the story and characters much more on Nier than I did on NieR Automata, and I loved everything about NieR Automata, so with what looks to be a much better battle system closer to Automata's and with the graphics cleaned up a lot this could really be something special. Just like Automata, you'll want to do the extra playthroughs for more story content. I really loved the story this game told. Yoko Taro said he was inspired to make this game by 9/11 and the Iraq War if I remember right and it has a lot of interesting things to say.

10 : Anonymous2021/04/19 15:23 ID: gv39wcj

This is what I need to break out of my shooter slump

11 : Anonymous2021/04/19 16:14 ID: gv3h1p7

Since this is a prequel (I think?), would it make more sense to play this before Automata? It was next on my backlog but I’m not sure if I should wait and play Replicant first.

ID: gv3hsio

At this point you might as well wait for replicant to come out and play it first. It was released before automata anyway, so that would’ve been the proper order. The story is still should be the same with the remake.

ID: gv3u4y2

You can play automata without playing replicant/gestalt, but there are some characters and story elements that are explained by them. Since we’re so close to release I suggest waiting on automata and catching up on the drakengard story.

Very well done summary of the story. Obviously HEAVY SPOILERS

Edit: I should mention this is the entire story summary, not just drakengard. If you want just drakengard Clemps has a decent look at it. Or watch the cutscenes

12 : Anonymous2021/04/19 20:13 ID: gv4eqxh

This will work on ps5?

13 : Anonymous2021/04/19 23:35 ID: gv555ui

Was the version number really necessary?

14 : Anonymous2021/04/19 23:38 ID: gv55gbu

Ver 1.227474stfu

15 : Anonymous2021/04/19 20:41 ID: gv4imbn

Kind of lame there are no PS5 enhancements, at all.


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